Team Satan at Work

Oh dear, here we go again.

The London based “Team Satan”, the “best” circle-fakers, in the (not so) fine “land art” business have been at it again. This time they have been commissioned by Harlech Television to prove that they, and others like them, are capable of creating complex and convincing crop formations.

From the air their effort appears, at best, crude. On the ground however the thing is a complete shambles, as the photo below clearly illustrates. Team Satan claimed that it took them four hours to make this “complex” crop formation, and that I can believe: in front of you it looks clumsy and rushed. As soon as I stepped into this arrangement of irregular shapes it was obvious that the authors of this work had paid absolutely no attention to detail. All the laid areas are extremely messy with zero coordination and no fluidity, just as you would expect from a bunch of people smashing their way through a crop field in the dark. Maybe they think if they make a mess, with lots of standing bits in-between we will all be so awe struck by their phenomenal skill and ingenuity that we won’t notice that all the individual standing sections are out of sync with each other.

Standing at the centre of the formation and rotating oneself through three hundred and sixty degrees is the best way to appreciate the glaring errors inherent in its construction. Each of the inward facing wedge shape sections in this part of the pattern is hopelessly flawed, some of them are as much as one foot to eighteen inches adrift from the intended position.

This never happens with such ugly regularity in real crop formations: as the photo below, taken at Gog Magog Hill in Cambridgeshire, clearly shows.

One would assume that the sections in Team Satan’s creation are all supposed to be the same size and shape. The fact that these crucial elements of the design are all dramatically different in both size and shape speaks volumes about the capability and credibility of the individuals involved in the creation of this formation. On the one hand they claim to be capable of producing sophisticated, original and flawless designs. On the other hand, when given the opportunity to prove it on camera they fail so hopelessly that it leaves me wondering what their real motivation is. They must be well aware that anybody who knows anything about crop circles would not be at all convinced by this effort, on the contrary, this shocking mess can only provide more proof that these people are nothing more them hapless circle fakers with an agenda that renders serious crop circle research and investigation obsolete.

No doubt the public will get a few cleverly edited images to marvel over and most people will have the long awaited answer to the phenomenon delivered direct from those nice fellows at Harlech Television. What a shame!

Pictured below: the rough handiwork of Team Satan.
Photo: Charles Mallet

And for comparison: the real thing on Gog Magog Hill in Cambridgeshire.
Photo: Charles Mallet