Iranian Source Reports Plot to Attack US Nuke

Congress has been pressing the U.S. intelligence community to investigate claims by an Iranian defector that Teheran planned to crash an airliner into a nuclear reactor in the United States.

Several members of Congress were said to have been alarmed by the information and one has met with CIA senior officials to press for an investigation. So far, the CIA has refused to question the Iranian defector, a former senior official in the 1970s.

Rep. Curt Weldon, vice chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, has met the unidentified defector several times in Paris over the last 22 months. Weldon said the defector has been accurate in predicting several important developments in the Iranian regime since February 2003. The developments were said to have included those in Iran’s nuclear weapons programs and support for Al Qaida.

The informant, dubbed Ali, was said to have been in contact with two dissidents in the inner circle of the Islamic republic. They were said to have reported a secret government directive by Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei who presided over the nation’s strategic weapons programs and financed and controlled groups deemed terrorists.


The above report should be viewed in the light of reports about Iraq and the threat posed by Saddam Hussein and his Weapons of Mass Destruction. All of which turned out to be completely false. Even though in 2003, then Secretary of State Colin Powell presented the UN with this evidence in order to justify invading Iraq.

Having said that however, it should be noted that a psychic friend who warned about the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq long before it was even thought of, is now warning about a North American city being destroyed in a nuclear blast. This he says could happen in the next ten years or so but he cautions, the nuclear device is already in place. Secreted by covert operatives working on behalf of the Wolfowitz cabal. The detonation of such a device would prepare the way for an all out nuclear strike on Iran. Just as the events of 911 prepared the way for the invasion of Afghanistan and ultimately led to the invasion of Iraq. Ed.