The Voice of the White House January 23, 2005

“One of the most cruder flim-flams of recent times is the Bush plan to “reorganize” Social Security. Our Beloved President has no interest in helping anybody but himself with this outrageous scam. The money he wants to have put into “savings accounts’ will be funneled through ‘official agents’ selected by himself on the sole basis of how much money they will put into his privy purse. If Congress is moronic enough to pass this, they will all be put up into the Japanese Cherry trees come spring by an outraged public. It is clearly obvious from watching him at work, talking with his top aides and reading confidential memos that Bush is a bigger crook than his friend, Ken Lay. And, by the way, Kenny Boy will never go to trial during the final years of the Bush administration because he paid Bush off personally when the latter was Governor of Texas and no one in the Baboon Palace wants him to develop a loose tongue.

I read a wonderful, very confidential, memo from the Secret Service recently which I will share with you. It seems that when the Bush family was in England, they behaved like Texas trailerpark trash. The funniest episode was when one of the slutty Bush children went to a pub to get sloshed, did so and during the course of her descent into alcoholic stupor, urinated on the pub floor and started screaming how much she wanted to perform oral sex on Prince William. The pub owner called the police and it took all of her Secret Service guards to get her up and into an armored limousine (the Bush family always travel in bulletproof cars these days) This report, from a British official source, stated that a very apologetic Secret Service guard indicated that they could not make any effort to stop the Imperial Daughter’s antics because they would be subject to instant dismissal by the doting and oblivious Emperor. According to this, one of the guards referred to the Daughter as a “f—–g slut” but then this is only a value judgment, not a fact. At least Prince William was spared the attentions of a charming and cultured young maiden commonly called The Python inside the Beltway.“

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