It’s the End of the Beginning of the End

Reflections in a Petri Dish – June 12, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

It’s staggering. It’s stunning. Things like this just heighten the absurdity that is epidemic on all sides of us. China is also building large cities with no one in them, somewhere to the north of what everyone else is south of.

I can’t make head or tails of any of it anymore. So many things are happening on so many levels. From the cultural, to the financial to the governing bodies, reeking with corruption, like a burning landfill in a third world country; the remnants of civilization are picking through the wreckage. Whole cities in the US are falling into disrepair. Calamities are hitting right and left. Massive inflation is coming because you can’t print money 24 hours a day, without the price of everything rising, as the value of it all descends into a dark pit whose bottom cannot be plumbed.

The very idea of uniformed thugs strip searching babies that can’t even walk; beating retarded people into the ground and identifying them as terrorists. How can such a thing be? How can the airports of the so-called greatest country on Earth be in the hands of twisted Neanderthals with scanners and surgical gloves, running their hands up in and over the genitals of travelers? Strange days have found us.

People are being jailed for not paying their bills. Wherever you look, the energy behind these crazy fascist activities turns out to be Israel. The scanners and the TSA are the brain child of Michael Chertoff, who now makes his living off of the scanner industry. His head looks like a death skull. His dual national associates are at the top of the shit heap of government and industry. Goldman Sachs is looting the landscape and there is no reaction, no response. It just goes on and on.

Larry Silverstein owns the Sears Tower in Chicago. Rhambo Emmanuel is the mayor of Chicago. Bubonic Plague has been married with e-coli. Fear strikes at the heart of the public from all directions. Stupidity militates against awareness. The TV drones on with endless banalities, hawking products that few are able to afford any longer. Yet each day arrives and somehow the horror show limps along toward its destined meeting, with whatever spark will ignite the tinder of terrible destruction. Fires rage out of control across the American west; tornadoes… god knows what is waiting in the wings. Somebody found some strange fungus in three of the Joplin casualties. This fungus comes about when dirt becomes imbedded under the skin. What the heck does that mean?

As the currency presses go berserk, billions are poured down the toilet in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and… the point is to enrich the munitions manufacturers, gain geopolitical advantage and to nail down stolen resources, which can’t be properly delivered because those who live in the Graveyard of Empires are going to be working with a vengeance to blow it all up. Are there dozens of other ways that all of this could be handled? Of course there are but the point is to do it from the most wacked perspective that can be arrived at, because those operating the machinery have gone insane.

The Apocalypse is raising the blinds on the collective vision of those who have been working to see; who have been engaged in efforts to serve their fellows. The blinds are coming down upon the eyes of those who are preying upon their fellows. It is as if you are in a car and you block out the whole right side of your view for reasons unknown and you motor on with no awareness of what is in the blind spot.

It’s a dual use apocalypse. It is granting sight on the one hand and it is creating blindness on the other. For those being made blind, there is no awareness that this is taking place. The adjustment of vision immediately transforms into normal, as if it was always so.

Look at Congressman Weinersnitcher. Here is a seven term public official who has invested his life in coming to the position he is in. He had ambitions to be mayor of New York City. Out of the blue, this paragon of Zio-virtue sends a tidy whitey bulge photo to a woman he follows on Twitter (I don’t go anywhere near Twitter because I am not a twit). Then it comes out he’s been doing this kind of thing with other women and then it turns out he was communicating with a 17 year old girl; although that’s perfectly legal from my standpoint, it’s a clarion horn in the social spectrum. It’s a big, loud braying jackass of a failure in reason.

Consider this… there is no justification or rationale for what he did and he could have engaged in a variety of similar escapades, with little fear of exposure, so long as he took a clandestine route. Now this man takes his whole career and flushes it down the toilet behind a series of actions with no discernable payoff. He basically stepped out of concealment and with a bullhorn shouted, “Destroy me”! There is only one possible explanation. He was made insane by the force of The Apocalypse, hammering on that blind spot.

Newt Ging-Grinch has a $500,000 line of credit at Tiffany’s. What? He wouldn’t cancel a luxury tour and he’s running for president and blowing off engagements with the public. He charters a private plane to ferry him around but can’t afford $35,000 for a contact list of Iowa residents. His wife is looming over the top of professional campaign workers and turning the dials in all directions, as if purposely intending to screw the pooch but maybe that’s Newt’s job… a little dog day afternoon. What is the cause of this behavior? It is insanity brought about by our friend, The Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse has increased in intensity. I can feel it trembling in my being and it is something difficult (but not unmanageable) to stay in command of. New powers of perception that I didn’t have before have opened up in the last few days. I am assuming this is happening to some of the readers too. All of a sudden I can tell what’s going to happen in a film with near 100% accuracy. This went on all evening last night as I worked on other things, which is what I do; run a film and then operate on a project. It has some kind of awareness effect that allows part of me to be distracted while something from somewhere else pours through unhindered.

Yes, it is accelerating, which means that more and more Weiner’s are going to be acting out, without being aware of the consequences. It’s going to be entertainment, the like of which we have not seen before. Brazen acts of amazing hypocrisy (Nancy Pelosi) are commonplace. Over the course of this cosmic vaudeville, there is no awareness of the actual state of their being. Some pending Sarajevo, with a surrogate Arch Duke Ferdinand, is lumbering across the landscape and looking for a place to land and combust. The forest we can’t see though is tinder dry. Drunk and blind destiny walks the corridors of power around the world. Lucky Larry Silverstein is sitting somewhere and saying to himself, “Why not? What is anyone going to do when they can’t even send the Justice Department to Wall Street”?

The Apocalypse vibrates. It radiates. It permeates, granting vision and blindness. There is no defense against it. It will have its way. The predatory ghouls who have abused us for so long are being forced out into the open and soon, a series of incidents are going to have them whistle-blowing each other. “He did it”! The state of the government and those governing is in imminent danger of total meltdown. It would not surprise me if Hilarious Clinton or any one of these Nimrods took off all their clothes and ran screaming up Pennsylvania Avenue. It would not surprise me if Orin Hatch was suddenly video-taped with a sheep. I wouldn’t bat an eye if Chuckie Schumer suddenly walked away from his office and descended into the New York subway, looking for a place to take a nap.

Others may have their interpretation of the cause for the behavior we are seeing. To me it is a clear as the sandy bottom on the Caribbean Sea. I can see the fish swimming aimlessly to and fro, just like the politicians and financiers of the moment. The Apocalypse is vibrating in the water. The water surrounds the players. A certain kind of rapture of the deep is taking place. It’s time to visit the concession stand and get some refreshments. The main feature is about to begin.

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