“Satan’s Cheerleaders”

Letter to Henry Makow Ph.D. from Dan

Dear Henry,

This picture (below, Ed.) is a common sight in Austin night life.

I’ve been going to Austin since the 70’s, and lived there from 1990 to 2000.

The original U of Texas football team hand sign, was done with fingers folded, except pinky and thumb. After all, the sign was supposed to represent the Texas Longhorn breed of steer, which has distinctive horns that run horizontally from the top of the animal’s head.

This sign the Bush family, Clinton, and others are seen making is with the thumb folded into the palm, the pinky and index fingers pointed straight up. The ‘mark of the beast’.

The UT sign goes with the saying, ‘hook ’em horns’. But in Austin, you can actually greet anyone with this latter hand sign and openly say, ‘hail satan’. I am not kidding about this.


Dan adds:

The girl in the pic knows she is doing ‘hail satan’. She’s a member of an Austin performance band called ‘Satan’s Cheerleaders’

By the way, Satan’s Cheerleaders is an Austin institution, they have been around for 15 years—they change the personnel of the band every few years as members age.

I haven’t been able to find a pic of the original ‘hook ’em horns’ finger and thumb position, but Austin old timers told me the distinction years ago. ‘hook em horns’ was done with the thumb outstreched, instead of the index finger.

Texans know the difference and will tell people that as soon as they move to Austin, as people told me.

I haven’t been to a UT game lately, so I don’t know if the original finger position has de-volved into the index and pinky over time, but I doubt that.

Bush is clearly enjoying being blatant in plain view, and proving once again that the public is dumb and naive, and will believe anything he says.

The hand ‘sign of satan’ is a common greeting in Austin. And it’s got nothing to do with the football team.

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