Madness at the Break of Dawn; keep on keeping on

Smoking Mirrors – June 11, 2011

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The madness is incredible. I see on the news where in two separate incidents, the police beat up mentally retarded people. One of them was severely retarded. They just went looking for them. They accused them of being terrorists. What can this possibly mean? It defies understanding. It is beyond comprehension in a time that is already bizarre and absurd; “those whom the gods would destroy”. One of them had a toy hammer and the police said it was a terror weapon.

Now we find that the e-coli thing is a government tactic. Which government would that be? Well, it can only be one of them, because the other countries are already controlled by that one. Israel is going after Germany. Wow. You may feel I am making an assumption here. I tend to think there is no other possibility. It’s not the terrorists; they don’t have access to Bubonic Plague. We should be seeing something major coming down the pike any day.

Then there was mention of the president mentioning Hillary Clinton for head of the World Bank. We get notice that Hillary is into this. Then we hear from the State Department that she won’t be getting the appointment. It’s all going bananas. It also appears there are at least two major power operations, in opposition with each other right within the administration.

This Apocalypse thing is incredible! I’ve been in this town for ten years and now everyone is smiling at me. Everyone is helpful. Before this, many looked at me with suspicion and were surly. I can’t get over it. Meanwhile the world is beyond unreal. We are on Looney Tunes planet.

After years of persistent bad luck, my books are all being published by this wonderful woman who put a publishing company together. Someone redid all of my blogs. Another fine lady with the help of a few other people has set up a commercial website for me at and I don’t know what to think. I feel better than I have felt in a long time also. Many moments are filled with the most bizarre serendipity. Things are so strange that I can’t compute. I just have to go through it. It is such a pleasure to be with all of you at this time, even though we are separated by distance. Thank you all for your tremendous support and all that attends it.

I can see the power of the malefactors diminishing by the moment. I can see Israel moving toward deserving trouble and loss. I see Israelis leaving Israel in droves and I have prayed that the location would be increasingly distasteful to them and so it is. It’s as if some force is doing exactly this.

The madness, oh the madness; things like this are routine. Congressman Weiner was sending pictures to a porn actress. When she was asked why she was involved in this she said, “I felt like I was slumming”. Now, that says it all.

I haven’t made a post in a week because I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to say. You know and I know as much as we need to know about how batshit crazy it all is. I go to write something and I say, “I said that already”. I go to link something and I think, “I linked this same kind of thing already”. You deserve better. You’ve supported me through these years, through my occasional bouts of strange highway. You’ve said so many nice things to me that I don’t see a reason for. You deserve better and I’m going to try to find some way to give you something better. This was supposed to be Origami’s turn and there I could have said something different but here I am at Mirrors. Obviously, I’m confused (grin). I collapsed from exhaustion the other night; just crumpled due to not sleeping for several days and doing hard manual labor. I must have really been tired, because since it happened I am sleeping at 12 hour stretches AND taking naps and I’m starving, even though I’ve been eating.

I mention this for a reason. I think all of us are receiving downloads of new and not seen before, energy and intelligence. Those of us working for positive change in the world and in ourselves are getting things directly related to this. I can’t even begin to list some of the things that have been happening to me, because they are so far out. For those of us working for increased negative change in the world and in ourselves, we also are getting amplification juice to that end. We’re all getting juiced in respect of what we are up to.

In Japan they are burning nuclear waste. Doesn’t that go right into the air? Newt Ging-Grinch; his entire campaign staff quit. Have we EVER seen that happen before? Word had it that Hilarious Clinton was being slotted for the IMF and had Obama’s backing. That would be a slam dunk. Next thing you know she’s not going there. Pelosi is demanding Weiner’s resignation, while her career has been mostly about amping up her husband’s bank account through the powers of her office.

Consider this, when a person is in a serious disconnect with themselves as a large portion of the world’s leadership is, without any pretense of concealing it; which is how it used to go and continuing on as if what had been happening wasn’t a warning but a cheer of encouragement, you may be aware that this seriously mirrors certain states of mental imbalance that eventually lead to a break in one’s mental state. The American leadership is approaching public meltdowns as Weiner’s case shows, along with others mentioned and unmentioned. Look for much more of this same thing and even more outrageous examples. This is truly The Apocalypse. Those who are mad are being pressed out of themselves into demonstration, while the curtains are being raised. Those on the opposite end are feeling the thrill of cohesion entering into their being.

It is as plain as day to me. Everything is so evident that it is stunning. The comical nature of it all- outside of the tragedy resulting from heinous action- is turning the world’s stage into a sitcom. The last gasp of an oppressive government is ridicule. Fear precedes it. As the power to deceive diminishes, the power to create fear diminishes. Following general ridicule comes breakdown.

The housing crises continue. Predictions are being made for another 6% drop in value, which means it will be more than this. The dollar is increasingly more threatened and the stock market is falling. Nothing is or has been done about the criminals in the financial realm, so the previous policies go on unhindered. One of the reasons certain things are against the law is that they upset the balance of the process that operates the system. If you don’t address the conditions with the power of the law they just continue to degenerate; accent on ‘degenerate’.

China and Russia, who are experiencing economic losses and increasing indirect threat, are working sotto voce against American interests, so it is just a matter of time before the whole thing comes down, with America extended around the world in expensive wars that cannot be won, in conditions that must be maintained, in order to justify the original intent that was all manifested by Israel. Nothing is done. This is like having an injury or illness that demands treatment but is not receiving any. What is the guaranteed outcome of this?

Meanwhile, all over the place, Nature is stirring the mix; massive flooding from record snows, wild fires beyond that experienced by certain areas before, animals are exhibiting signs of madness, as domestic dogs form in packs and go on killing sprees, birds attack people and much more than I can put down here is either going on or starting to.

You might say this is all just a logical progression of the way things have come about and that there is no invisible mystery to all of it. To me it is greater and greater confirmation that the cosmos is standing above the orchestra, with a baton in movement. This is good news because it means there is a conscious intent and direction to all of it and implies a dual outcome, based on one of two main mindsets in operation. Those of you who are working for the greater good are going to be experiencing quantum leaps in consciousness and otherwise …good luck. If you’re not engaged in synchronicity with the movement of the baton then, change or be changed. Transform with some degree of ease or a powerful progression of dis-ease.

You can’t have it both ways and one way is coming through, gathering in the positive expressions that have led up to this arrival and destroying what no longer has a place in the scheme of things. I hope, with having nothing to say that I haven’t said before that I managed to occupy your attention in a way other than redundancy. So many of you have written me about, “where are you”, that this is my way of saying, “here I am”, hoping for inspiration and feeling a great deal of gratitude from such a devoted readership. Aloha in the deeper meaning of the word.

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