The Voice of the White House January 14, 2005

“I see the story about the censoring of the death toll in Iraq is having an effect on the Internet. I will dig up more facts for you but for the love of God, do not put down anything that would connect this ugly business with me.

Bush wants the elections to go forward so he can claim a spurious victory (in spite of a certain bloody civil war between the Shiites and the Sunnis with the guaranteed involvement of Iran) and then withdraw all of our troops in Iraq. They will be brought back stateside and given R&R time and then prepared for the new war on Iran.

This is lunacy but so is the basic thesis of the Bush government. The Iranians will fight, will probably nuke Israel at the first overt sign of an invasion, are in connection with the Russians and have millions more of citizens than Iraq.

Bush and his people, including Congoleeza Rice, have no standing in the world and are viewed everywhere as thugs, assassins and bullies. Any “adventure” into Iran to please our Israeli friends, would put the cherry on the sundae as it were. There would also be plenty of nuts on this sundae but then this entire administration is chock full of nuts, believe me.

And the ones that aren’t loonies are on the take and make Bernie Kerick look like Mother Theresa. Cheney is stuffing his pockets, Bush is stuffing his pockets and so are others at elevation in the White House.

The Imperial Inauguration is coming up and rumors that thousands will moon the Imperial cavalcade have everyone here on edge. People trying that will be arrested and probably, privately, beaten soft. More later….

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