Prince Harry the Nazi

As David Irving commented earlier: “let’s just hope that nobody will remember that Prince Philip (the Duke of Edinburgh) has or had four sisters all of whom were in Nazi Germany during WWII, married either to SS-Obergruppenführers, Nazi gauleiters, or Hermann Göring’s chief of Intelligence, the Prince Christian von Hesse; and that as for the father of Princess Michael of Kent, he was of course an Austrian SS Obergruppenführer.”

For the record however, a reader informs us that: “Prince Philip was more or less abandoned as a child. He had two choices. He could live with one of his sisters in comfort or move to England and live in relative poverty. Even though a young man at the time, Prince Philip… turned his back on his sisters and opted to move well away from them to England.”

Which is fine as it stands but doesn’t change the fact that the father of Princess Michael of Kent was an SS Obergruppenführer. Nor does it alter the fact that the descendents of those persecuted by the Nazis; the modern Israelis are treating Palestinians with the same brutal contempt that the Nazis meted out to their forbearers.