Voice of the White House January 10, 2005

Like the seabed off of Indonesia, we are having some subterranean movements here. There is a growing desire on the part of many Congressmen, Republicans and Democrats, as well as top level military personnel to put an end to the bottomless pit that Iraq has become. We cannot win there because we do not have enough troops and we cannot justify a universal draft. That is the basic idea. Congress is getting an increasing number of very negative remarks from their supporters about the continuing slaughter in Iraq, a possible draft, the Bush tinkering with and attempted destruction of Social Security and, among other matters, their disgust at the pending appointment of Gonzales the Torture Memo King as AG. Congress is up for mid terms soon and the public, aside from your trailer park and Jesus Freak trash, are becoming increasingly unhappy.

Strong rumors circulating on the web that the actual death toll in Iraq is almost 4,000 is not making Bush’s position any more secure. It’s funny but when he won (by a slim margin) I have never before seen such an arrogant, gleeful person. Bush does not understand politics and thinks that all America, except for queers, niggers and left wing crazies, (as certain high level White House personnel say in private) loves him. Nixon had the same position at the beginning of his second term and he really got up on his high horse and blew it. I can foresee Bush trying to sack the Pentagon brass because they are getting pissed off with his lunatic plans but the Generals are not cabinet members that do not please Imperial Majesty. The next few months will be very interesting. Bush will not allow the Iraqi elections to be called off and everyone here with the exception of Rove and Rice, can see that terrible chaos will result because of the internecine religious squabblings in Iraq. Bush thinks if you close your eyes and tap your shoes together, all will be correct. I have never seen someone as out of touch with reality as this man and it frankly is beginning to scare the hell out of many of us professionals….”

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