The Blood Drinking, Zombie Cannibals are Imploding

Reflections in a Petri Dish – June 3, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I said it recently and I will say it again; “Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad”. From the Zio-Con Weiner, ‘tidy whitey’ boy, to Sue Wallis in Wyoming who wants to slaughter horses for food and is connected to a slaughterhouse and the lobbying industry, the insane are rising up among us, consonant with the degree of self interest that motivates them. Self interest is a primary driving force behind insanity. Arrogance, fascist oppression, intentional poisoning with laboratory agents made by corporate and government practitioners of the scientific black arts, are all mad as hatters.

The money men are losing it. The politicians and police who serve them are losing it. The economy is losing it; strangled by the machinations of the few, who cut off the flow to the rest of us. A system must operate as a system from all levels. When it becomes perverted it begins to die.

Yet another greedy swine, Stephen Swartzman has gone nova with mind parasites. Read the article on what this raging egotist has been up to; one million dollars for Rod Stewart to sing to him; Patti Labelle singing that he’s got the whole world in his hands and look at those in attendance. This is like the man who made the faulty body armor and then paid ten million dollars for his daughters Bat Mitzvah. You can find the lineup of musicians who played at that for huge sums of money, while soldiers died on the battlefield, in wars that were engineered by the drinking buddies of these men and women. You can look at the pictures to the right of the article and read about the behavior of celebrities, who are also insane and acting like it.

I spoke about Satanism in the last posting at Smoking Mirrors. As anyone would know, Satanism is very big in Hollywood, always has been. Here’s a Christian forum thread that talks about all sorts of things and you can find pictures of Sammy Davis Junior, John Travolta. Jayne Mansfield and a host of others, getting photo-ops with Anton Szandor Lavey, by utilizing the search engines. Of course, Scientology qualifies as an ancillary engine of similar cant. If you read the Laurel Canyon stories, you’ll be knee deep in all sorts of oddities and speculations about lifestyles and deaths of the famous.

Stephen Swartzman is Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones is a satanic organization. My mind comes around on occasion to a Massachusetts Senator, who presented himself as one thing and now is an agent of another. It’s foolish to tell yourself they do this for money and power. These might enter in as motivations that brought them into the club but after that they do it by directive. They do what they are told.

These things flourish in times of material darkness and glamour. It’s like the way certain bacteria spread in warm, dark environments. This is exactly how it is. The world you move through is ruled by these cabals and is the explanation for the madness being manifested by TSA and all of the governing authorities who have their marching orders handed to them. They are in the club.

Every so often I hear from a misguided soul who has these outbreaks of writing in all caps; a sure sign of mental derangement. This person insists that all Masons are bad. This type of person is a dupe of the very thing they imagine they are exposing. They are actually working for the dark side when they seek to spread this kind of BS. All Masons are not evil. All Christians are not evil or insane. All members of any of these larger aggregates of humanity are not evil. When you study the tenets of these organizations you learn that they are vehicles for higher understanding, when they are operative in their original form. They are parts of the building blocks of society and you don’t have a society, without organizations and groupings of like minded souls seeking the expression of their beliefs. Whether it is Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, it is essentially a benefic construct, when it seeks to express the higher reaches of human imagination and possibility. The deeper interpretations of things are not known by the general public. They get the moral codes and rules of life by which to abide and in good times it is a good thing.

You hear all sorts of things on the internet about Albert Pike. Here’s a brief bit of evidence of what goes on in the interpretation of occult things and the performance of occult orders.

There is a system. There is more than one system, whereby things can be made to happen and can be prevented from happening and so on and so forth. The world you move in has its foundations and features because of this. It’s because of the tool and die people and the dreamer people that you have what you see around you. If all of this is evil, then you are evil too. It doesn’t work like that. There is a system and it can be manipulated in various ways and the understanding of how to employ these manipulations, is in the hands of organizations that have physical and non physical residence in certain locations.

A system becomes corrupt when those controlling it are corrupt, which is why a high moral standard has always been demanded by those seeking to enter into the mysteries. The mysteries of light can be perverted by the intelligences of darkness and this is more so or less so, depending on the tenor of the times in which you find yourself.

There is a great deal that I do not know but one thing I do know is that everything is under control for the purpose of demonstration. This is how those in the general public, evolve into inner councils and the like. There’s more than one of these things, going on for centuries, for the performance of a ‘demon’stration. They come up against each other. They are populated by corrupted and not corrupted agents of varying agendas. This is the thing about humanity finding its way; being shepherded and also driven in a variety of directions for particular purposes. Keep this particular phrase in mind, “By their works ye shall know them”.

In darker times, the inner chambers of ‘whatever’ can become corrupted by the self interest and profit and control seeking entities, who are always busy looking for ways to turn you into either an omelet or the bad guy; when they are the bad guy.

Some people think they are very clever. They paint themselves as the victims of histories and policies that they caused and promote. You can look right at it, if you have any objective reasoning and see what’s going on. It’s been going on for awhile. There are more facts than anyone needs to get the ball rolling and the ball is rolling, just like those precision engineered balls that rolled down the viaducts in ‘primitive’ Peru, with lazar like precision in composition, which sort of ties into the new discoveries that the pyramids were wired and might have been a source of power.

The disease of evil is in a terminal phase. It looks for quick fixes and cures and most definitely it is looking to lay blame elsewhere and create distractions to take your attention away from the fact, that it has done what it has done …and so all sorts of odd outbreaks of viral threat by certain cabals are a warning to non cooperating countries; Eric Cantor coming off against his Tribe associate Weiner, shows that there is dissension in the ranks. Certain scaly dinosaurs are agitated in their lower parts because of their conspicuous consumption of the world’s goods.

Evil never wins but it does horrific damage on its way out. It does it to maintain its profits and to increase them. It does it to distract from its actions and it does it for pleasure because evil takes pleasure in the misery of others and evil is assisted by powerful non human energies that can accomplish all kinds of mischief through perverted magics for the purpose of: gain, control, position. These lodges, orders, organization follow humanity in its quest toward self realization. Some dramatically assist in this and some operate for their own purposes.

The Apocalypse is pushing the evil out in all of us. It is pulling up the curtain and it is ushering the players forward. The players think they are operating according to their own intentions but this is not so. This is a dramatic rendering, that the world needs to see, concerning what has been being done to it. These shameless predators cannot help themselves. They announce themselves and.. and…? Something has gone wrong with the program. One would be entertained and informed to watch that great film, “Time Bandits” and pay close attention.

All Masons aren’t evil. Masonry isn’t evil. It is the men in high positions who have corrupted the light, who are evil and deluded in their pursuit of power and privilege and the more they take for themselves; the more they take from you. Hopefully the reader will get the message that is being presented here and not be off tilting at windmills and imaginary dragons. There are dragons real enough to be concerned with. Systems and orders are based on verities and some endure and some do not. Some are benign and some are not. Some are compromised. Many good people are about and working for the good of all. We are in the middle of enormous transformation, so it is good to be focused on what is enduring and what is basic.

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