Alleged “Racism” Used Hide Even Greater Evil?

“Racist behaviour is unacceptable. The constabulary is now taking a proactive stance in relation to racist offences rather than waiting for people to report them to us.” Chief Inspector Dean Walker

Chief Inspector Walker was commenting on a covert surveillance operation to look for “racist” behaviour amongst the patrons of ethnic restaurants. Of course it may be no more than a coincidence but the operation took place in the Gloucester area; and the Gloucester police were seemingly oblivious to the spate of killings carried out by Fred West over the previous decades.

Moreover, a few years after Fred West’s supposed “suicide” another murderer was caught and convicted in Gloucester. Jeffery Blacklock was tried and convicted for killing Janice Holbrook whose body was found in a ground floor flat in 26 Cromwell Street, Gloucester: which is, by strange coincidence, directly opposite Fred West’s old home of 25 Cromwell Street.

All of which reminds us of a contact of ours. For over 20 years he’s been investigating the murder of young Genette Tate and come to the conclusion that she was killed in a bizarre black magic ritual. When he delivered evidence of this to the police some officers, particularly the more junior ones, seemed very interested. But the higher he went the less interested they appeared, until the most senior officers simply dismissed his evidence out of hand. But then they probably had more important things to think about. Like mounting covert surveillance operations in Indian takeaways to catch people, for example, imitating and mocking Indians — as stupid as that may be. After all that’s far more important than the ritual abuse and murder of children and young women.

See “Fred West: Caterer to a Coven” on this web page for some further perspective: