Higher Love and Mastery of the World

Visible Origami – June 1, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Love motivates me. I study myself constantly and the same goes for studying other people. I rely heavily on vibrations when determining people’s motivations and whether they can fit into my little world. In the eleven years I have been in Europe I’ve had less than a dozen visits from people. I never go out looking for companionship or conversation. I often have nothing to say to people because their minds are either made up or they don’t care anyway.

Love is a vibration. I think of it as cosmic vitriol, or the universal solvent because Love reduces everything to itself. It motivated creation (if one can say that and if it wasn’t random-grin) and it maintains creation. It also destroys creation out of Love. Death, for instance, exists for people trapped in the briar patch of attachments and ignorance. It’s Nature’s way of saying you’ve gone as far as you can this time around. Life’s only about one thing and death is the answer to it when you fail. As important as this one thing is, it is the very rare individual who takes it seriously.

Things that I am going to say today should be glaringly obvious. I would assume, as far as the readers here go, that these are things we take for granted and would give a reflexive “yes” if questioned about them but… we seldom put them into practice, because of ingrained behavior patterns. This is why governments and societies seek to program us. Most of the world is running around on auto-pilot and going in circles. That is the treadmill of redundancy that defines the ordinary human life. As a child and for a time as a youth we have a certain freedom and latitude in our thoughts and feelings. All too soon, this begins to close up, until be are just going through the motions. We think we are acting freely and expressing ourselves the same as well …but mostly not; mostly not.

Love motivates me because it is fluid. It’s like water on a rock. Think of the rock as your behavior patterns and not just from this life. Some ingrained behavior patterns are deeply set. They can be worn away over a long period by the wash and drip of the waters of love, or they can be hot-housed in their trend to disappearance, by certain determined and consistent activities and focus of the mind. Everyone is being acted on by the world and what responds within them. Few are consciously engaged in it. Our awareness of our state of mind and the meaning of events and conditions is very important. We don’t think about awareness, save for the times when circumstances demand it. If we did, we’d be connected to the force that materializes everything we encounter and verifies our reactions and conclusions about meaning.

People don’t explore the nature of love very often. They mostly just experience it; should it happen to come along. People define Love as something it is not, mistaking it for desire and conditions of attachment when it is the primary liberating force. If people were to study Love, they would find that it is conscious of itself. I’m speaking of real love, not what passes for it in the field of contemporary attractions, in a time of darkness. It is the perversion of this force that accounts for all that is wrong in these days. That is why there is so much fear because of the absence of real love. They displace each other- Love and fear-, and cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

Love, like anything, increases in power and presence by the practice of it. Just as no water comes from an outdoor well, when you first start pumping, Love does not suddenly appear when you (metaphorically) snap your fingers. Just as with an outdoor well, when the water first comes it is often dirty and discolored. After a time it runs clean and with greater force and you can take your hand off the pump and the water continues to run. There is a great deal of literal truth in all of this.

We’ve heard all the sayings; “Love is all you need”, “God is Love”, “Love rules all”. Well, I don’t have to list the many similar sayings that have been around since we’ve been around. Yet… we don’t routinely speak and act in the awareness of this. The job of the world is to take our eyes off of it. The world is actually employed in certain strategies to our detriment. This is something else we’re not generally aware of and should be, because then we could look out for it.

I knew that I was going to be somewhat successful at certain things because Love motivates me. Love impacts and impresses on life and you can see the truth of that in the lives of any number of people who have passed through here and whom love motivated. Love has a lasting impact on conditions, without and within. It is somewhat overwhelmed in these times, or appears to be but… appearances are deceiving. Love can be very surreptitious and unpredictably insistent. Everything that goes counter to Love, makes itself vulnerable to the power of Love by its actions.

Love is an investment bank and for those whom Love motivates and inspires, the investment grows. It can take considerable time for Love to materialize, because Love has to set the stage and also test the carrier. It has to modify and shape the carrier because Love doesn’t accept bad representatives. Love has to reduce or eliminate self interest and a host of qualities that diminish and compromise it.

Love is the greatest power on Earth. There is no greater. It holds and motivates the planets in their courses so that the will of Love can be fulfilled. Love speaks to us in music and when it is not speaking to us in music, the times are dark, as they are now. Love is the dawn that rises upon the darkness and Love is rising. As I said, Love is conscious and knows of its own existence. It has an agenda and it weaves every other agenda together to demonstrate itself. Love is the essential heroism, because it does not think of itself and since it cannot die, it is fearless. I could mention that fear smells to animals like anger. There are many interesting relationships and coincidences in life. We should be more watchful and inquiring.

When you inquire of Love, love speaks to you at your level through experience and often through the words of others. Love can appear in people and be the voice of the divine and you look a moment later and it’s just what’s his name again. I’ve had this happen and I am sure some of you have as well. Love is the key to a magical land that exists, within the dimensions of this one, but is unseen without the eyes of Love. Love grows with application. It grows and grows and grows and it consumes, turning the bearer into itself. We should know these things and we do but there is a disconnect, a cognitive dissonance that intrudes between Love and ourselves. Open your eyes. Well, the eyes open automatically as the heart does. Love knocks on the door of the heart all day long and presents situations in life for Love to respond and grow into. This all goes on in the magic land of Love when we inhabit it. Otherwise we live in a world of fear and confusion. Love will make you suffer from its absence so that you will seek it.

Love takes everything we have and anyone not willing to make this sacrifice will not get love. They will get a simulation, which reflects their level of self interest. Love takes everything, because Love is the liberating power and you cannot be half free or somewhat free. That is the measurement by which you are bound by the things that deny Love expression in you.

When Love takes possession of you, or has worn you down to where you cannot resist, Love shines from your countenance and it veils itself too, because Love is a master of disguise as it goes about in its work. It has to be because there are many who would kill love, though Love cannot die. Those who imagine they have killed Love, have done no more than to water the Earth with their retribution. That is why the highest act of Love is sacrifice. It sacrifices itself over and over again on in the hopes that you will realize its presence and power. Love is always looking for a ride but we’ve got our car filled with other passengers. Love rides shotgun.

All these things should be evident, plain as day, but they are not. Take a walk through the world and observe the absence of Love. Love is around but it is concealed from the sight of those who will not allow it to possess them because of fear. Ironically, the only time you need to fear is when Love isn’t present. Next time you run into Love- and you will, invite Love along and see what happens.

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