Vampires Are Real

Smoking Mirrors – May 29, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

It is not hard to understand. The point is there and everything else follows. You only have to look at this and you can find it anywhere you go; fundamentally or superficially, in the world at large. The march of the corporations and bankers who drive the cattle (that be you) is pushing to profit. Wi-Fi laptopping in Starbucks, comes from quarter inch, permanent dents in the heads of black women in The Congo, hauling baskets of strange minerals, that make your computer games and cellphones work. I could list from West Papua and back again. I could talk about millionaire sport’s figures, that live in Gold Coast communities, from Santa Monica to Marbella. I could show you the crumbling construction sites along the Spanish coast, that got made and left unmade, with inferior materials, or go to Trump licensing, Las Vegas style enclaves, in Florida that don’t get built and deposits don’t get returned.

You can look at all the Monsanto (My Satan), bio-engineered food industries that morph into fuel industries and then travel to soybean billionaires in Brazil again. You can look at all the munching and crunching, of a select few, who feed off of the industry and pain of labor imported from places, where they can’t grow food and then they turn them into mercenaries, who murder the people, who have the dents in their heads, from the pressure of the ropes on their foreheads, from bringing the Game Boy minerals, to the computers that operate at the Starbucks, that fuel the society of the moment, which you can see on your TV and… Lady Gaga will be doing the sound track, while thrusting her unwholesome, leather strapped- Madonna wannabe- “it’s the same thing only different”,’ new and improved’ and so on and so forth into your face… and you can get the picture or maybe you don’t get the picture because of all the smoke and mirrors and because you want your shit packaged and cheap.

Wars are being fought over all of these things, including the land people live on, who were there before the people who never were there to begin with, came in and made Chop Suey out of them and sold them in the flesh markets of Bangkok and Shanghai, metaphorically speaking; different people, same Hell. Well… so it goes.

Maybe you give a shit and maybe you don’t. Maybe you see where you can leverage a condition of destruction into commercial advantage and maybe you think; “why not start a conflict here, or there and then sell them the weapons and make a movie about it and also steal everything they have by loaning them money, against the equity of their existence? Yeah, it is like that. That is what is going on and that is why the police state thing is happening and why everything is all fucked up. It’s all fucked up because of the way some people operate, within a system that is supposed to function. Well… if it functions long enough for you to make a profit off of it, then the ends justifies the means and so on and so on. What it all comes down to is something like this.

In a time of darkness and this surely qualifies, the best thing to do is to be out of the line of fire, because the process is completely corrupt and being manipulated by people who don’t care, one way or the other, what happens to anyone else.

You look at people like Reid in Nevada and McConnell in Kentucky; Pelosi in San Francisco, helping her husband stock the larder and Sarkozy driving people off the beach when he wants to swim. You look at Blair, in charge of The Middle East, as if he were the guy to fix the situation and you look back and you look back and all you see are vampires feasting on the battlefields. You see ghouls and cannibals, having lunch in Corfu and there’s no holocaust like the every day holocaust, of the millions turned into food, for those who set themselves up as the victims in the first place.

You shouldn’t be allowed to operate a vehicle if you’re drunk. Some of us can be drunk and know better, because we’re not double and triple drunk. Drunk is one thing. You figure maybe you should pay more attention and I’m living proof that one can make that happen in bad times, when you didn’t have enough self control to stop drinking but at least you knew you were impaired and you were cautious. I am that kind of a guy and ever so grateful that I don’t do it anymore. I’m even more grateful that I’m not extra drunk on my own power and influence so that it doesn’t matter what I do because, “don’t you know who I am”?

Well evil has had its day and now evil is trying to get out of Dodge or stay in Dodge and hope that everyone else will be drunk enough to let that continue until evil can dry out a little and get its shit together but that’s not how it works for evil. Evil isn’t smart; not really smart, or it wouldn’t be evil in the first place. There are too many people who aren’t drunk, or who used to be drunk and are now even more of a problem because of this apocalypse thing and these people work for you, serve you, see you and don’t like you. They have the weapons that you gave them to protect you but you aren’t protecting them. I suppose we could just go back to Spain again or run the whole route we just ran earlier and just wait for Donald Trump’s hair to catch on fire.

Systems come and go and they all operate on the foundation of Nature. When systems go bad, which they tend to do, because of the way that vampires operate, Nature gets pissed off. Sometimes you can harness Nature and you can make her your bitch but the thing is you have created a bitch, when you could have made something else and now you have to deal with that and don’t get me started on how “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned”. I stay very wide of that sort of thing, believe me. I have seen the power. You just keep doing what you are doing and see what happens.

The very thing you are calling out to for help, is the monster you have turned it into. I think that might be why Kali looks like she does. She was my girlfriend for awhile but we parted amicably and I got to be with one of her fairer sisters, Saraswati. That’s working out well.

It could all function a lot better. Of course some of us should be richer than others. I have no problem with that but when you try to squeeze everything out of the process, the process will no longer function. You always think you have some kind of time delay and I guess you do but sooner or later the note comes due. You can only abuse people so much. What’s wrong with you? It is easy enough to do with less than you have, in order to maintain order but you just have to have it all and bring in the FUBAR.

I’m content with very little. There’s all this open space and yet, we have to be crowded together to maximize the profit. I don’t understand the need to eat lunch twice. I don’t eat lunch to begin with. I don’t eat breakfast even. I get that one meal a day and that’s enough for me, maybe a little something else now and again but I don’t live to eat. You do and that is going to eat you.

Throwing Blankfein under the bus, isn’t going to help, as much as it might be appreciated. I can only hope they will get a clue. I don’t really understand them; I do understand them but I guess I don’t see the payoff. Maybe it’s just a matter of taste. It could be the difference between msg AND corrosive salt potato chips and hand cut potato fries. Is it what we enjoy? It’s got something to do with values and integrity is in there too, that is also a matter of preference. I think of that Don Henley song, The Last Resort. Why has it got to be so hard to do the right thing?

I’m not a tool and die man. I’m a dreamer. I envision things but I’m not a technical guy. I do not understand how things get like they are but I suspect it’s all about having more than you need and some kind of satanic thing about things being fucked up, when they don’t have to be. The better way is always there, if people don’t want too much at the expense of others. It’s possible to do all kinds of things, as long as you’re not greedy. I’m willingly to work and use my ingenuity to take care of a lot more people than myself. I don’t care if people get something for free, in the process of showing them how to make it. I don’t want most of what these people want to sell me and I don’t think you do either. It doesn’t have to be all fucked up but it is and that’s a crying shame.

I figure the only thing to do is to try to be an example of what we could be if we didn’t want more than our share. I can do with less but that doesn’t seem to be the program. So… other forces come into the mix and you can’t wallow in luxury at the expense of what is indigenous. Sooner or later you are going to piss them off and the least of us has a better friend in the end, if we want that friend. We will surely see how it goes and that’s waiting in the wings. Some kind of judgment is coming and time is running out.

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