Emerald Tablet and Times of Transformation

Visible Origami – May 28, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘May your noses always be cold and wet and may you know where to step’.

The more I move through this world, outwardly and inwardly, the more I fundamentally do not know. I have a general idea about everything and specific understandings about things I personally encounter and all of this comes up against some sort of code that I have, which measures my willingness or reluctance to enter into it. The code is a barrier of protection, for what might be called the integrity of my system. There are things I will do and things I will not do. Yes and no are wardens at the gates and then, there are operating permissions.

It is kind of like, well, you can go in there but you can only do this and that and this door leads to that corridor, which leads to that stairwell, which takes you to the different levels of what is possible in the complex of that activity. You could look at it like sex, because everything, including technology, is based on it. The same thing that cools things down, heats them up, after a different manner. Everything is adapted to the human body because that is the operator of the systems and sequencings. I get all of this theoretically but I’m not a tool and die man. I look at Ramana Maharshi as a tool and die man and Paramahansa Yogananda as the other side of the brain. One could say that Sri Yuketeswar looks like a tool and tie man and maybe that has something to do with lineage and traditions. You’re free to follow those back to the source.

People make noise about the caste system in India. England has a caste system just as pronounced. There is never a time when there isn’t a caste system because reincarnation is a fact. It doesn’t matter to me what people believe on that score; what is, is. You want to debate about it, go find someone who does that kind of thing. Argument is an indication of insecurity. You either know something or you don’t. Generally, I don’t. I have an idea here and there and I know that certain moves will bring predictable results; otherwise I couldn’t even prepare my tea in the morning.

There’s that complexity that comes in according to disposition. Some people like cats and some people like dogs and some like both and some don’t like either and so on. I am a cat in some ways; taken in a street talk understanding and so I like dogs, while also having a lot of the nature of dogs, as it tends to be refined into human expression, given that I believe in loyalty and appreciate love and those qualities one can associate with creatures that come into the mix. Snakes also would have to be a consideration. I am neither attracted to, nor generally afraid of them. They have their business and I have mine. I only mention this in relation to types of phobia. Some creatures disturb us more than others. Snakes don’t bother me that way. This can be interesting stuff but it has more to do with the personalities that get up to the right and left brain activities of this world and let us not forget monkeys. The monkey is your mind, as the dog is your desire and there are all sorts of things going on in these worlds that have been going on for endless time.

Birds surely play a part and there are siddhis that yogi’s get, which allow them to understand and communicate with The Devic Realm, where animals come from. All you would ever need to want to know about all of that can be found in the Alice Bailey editions of Pantanjali. It’s all right there; this is your real tool and dies operation. That’s your blueprint if you want to know how it works and how to work it. It will cost you time and effort and possibly get you into a whole lot of trouble but it is there. Serious students know what I am talking about. I’ve looked into the mechanisms of the west on that account; what is called the occult. It’s not for me, though I’ve done some traveling in both directions, I’m a piker and wish to remain so. Unfortunately… things get given to you anyway and you need to watch out for that because the immensity of power is immense. Look at the world and note what I am saying. I wouldn’t want what most of them are up to and I have access to it, by the way, so, let us think well of ourselves and those who seek a less traveled venue, to the exclusion of god only knows what and you can put an exclamation point on that.

Let’s be clear about something. The world is run by magic and magical lodges are behind what goes down out here. From politics to Hollywood, it’s the same thing and all those religions that superimpose themselves on natural planetary movements of solstices and equinoxes and the varieties of Wicca and what not, are all operational. There are all sorts of orders. An intelligent inquirer will memorize The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus; like the Witter Bynner translation of The Way of Life, it’s a code book for eternity. You need nothing more actually, but people have their preferences about the forms their moralities come in and the glamour they like to attach to the legends and allegories upon which life is based and which life acts out around you all the time. Shakespeare did this and it shouldn’t be a surprise that his persona is a mystery. Who would imagine that his daughter would be illiterate?

Everything you want to know is there to be known but you need to be well aware that there are all sorts of things you should not know because hardly anyone is ready for it. Some of us have these things handed to us, simply as a result of progress on the road of love in the search for truth and the sacrifices made thereof. It takes a truly unique individual to understand that all of those things offered- which are very real- are not desirable. They may be very useful here and there but.. heh heh. I know what I’m talking about in this one regard. Everyone who walks this road seeking the ability to do something to change the world, winds up on that mountain with all the cities of the world laid out before them as something to be had, according to tales you have read, sooner or later. Persist and see what I mean.

I have often mentioned that all you have to do is go somewhere private and, maybe take a little water or go where there is some and address the universe without ceasing, for several days. It varies according to the person involved but it is the utter intensity that matters. That and what you are after. It’s all in Pantanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms and other places and the dark side is well aware of these things, though they never get The Grail.

All this talk about Mason’s and ‘orders’ by people on the outskirts, is just a lot of conjecture about hand signs and all that. It is part and parcel of the equipment of both sides and just cause you see Pike or anyone showing hand signs or saying anything doesn’t actually mean anything unless you know what’s going on. The game of the darkness is that the finger points at everyone. When I was in prison I saw black guys holding their hands a certain way, having to do with reverse kundalini and I had mine another way but there are so many similarities. This has nothing to do with color, simply the state of the times and place of conditions. My fiercest protectors were from the criminal ranks and were the baddest of the bad or I would have been god knows what, like it was for others in there so… one never knows. Power is a very funny thing and it all comes from one place, for the purpose of demonstration, under the aegis of something we will never be able to compute or define and I am grateful for that, given the propensity of some of the players.

I’m always listening for ‘the ringing’. I look for a sound to come, when I read something. It tells me if there is authenticity, or just some degree of bullshit …and power is modified by the bullshit that is employed, which is how and why evil destroys itself. Some agent from that org that has a hard on for me dropped in lately to call me a Nephilim, in a derogatory sense. I’ve no idea about any of that. All I know is what I am after and that I don’t know. I don’t spend my time in these areas. I don’t know what connections there are to this or that. I just pursue the ineffable and continue, hoping to lose my shortcomings. If I’m up to anything, I would have to say I am most concerned with not being reactive and in trying to gain a higher understanding in the progression of my days through this passage of time.

At this point I am left with what I think; what I see, what I feel and I have no way of knowing how accurate I might be. I get the sense that a number of disparate agencies and entities are looking to close the deal, while holding up massive weights of bullshit and juggling a lot of balls. It reeks of over extension. It reeks of one’s grasp exceeding one’s reach but that’s how this system works. That’s the name of that tune. It’s another kind of sound and the one I hear most of the time that resonates with something other than what I want to be engaged in. I think it’s all going to come down on their heads and that includes all the silly fools who believe in them as well. As for what you might do, or I might do, well, surely you have some sort of plan (grin)? So it goes, as it goes, might be the way to end this piece and my blessings upon you in your endeavor. Don’t get lost in the underbrush.

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