Unwritten Rules One Must Follow to Publish on Indybay or Most Places in the United States:

#1) You must believe everything that the Zionists say about the Holocaust.

(Sorry, I don’t believe everything the Zionists say about anything, including the Holocaust. I believe that like any historical event, it must be backed up with facts and it should be freely researched and debated. Zionists are denying the freedom of speech concerning the Holocaust. Also, the Zionists use the Holocaust as a license to kill Palestinians and steal their land. On top of that, the Zionists use the Holocaust to elevate Jewish suffering above all others’ suffering.)

#2) You must not object to paying the “kosher food tax” every time you go to the store to get your groceries.

(If you don’t know what the “kosher food tax” is do a google search on it. Sorry if I don’t think I should have to pay any religious group every time I go to the grocery store.)

#3) You must believe that the war in Iraq is all about oil and corporations.

(Sorry, but it’s obvious the war is about Zionists’ ambitions for Israel and Zionist power, not oil which we can certainly buy without an expensive war. Corporations don’t have to rely on Israel to maximize its profits either.)

#4) You must believe that Israel is the poor, teensy little victim in the Middle East and that the Big Bad USA is using poor little Israel for an aircraft carrier to protect US interests in the Middle East.

(Sorry to burst your bubble, but this doesn’t even make sense one little bit. Arab countries have oil to sell and we have the money to buy it. We already get it at discount prices compared to the rest of the world. And there are also many other sources of oil around the world that we utilize. The fact is that Zionists are using the US as a cash cow to further the Zionist agenda, where Israel will be the power center of the world with Jerusalem as its capital. Yes, there are really Zionists who believe this and they have a lot of money, power and influence in the USA. Don’t kid yourselves! Stop looking the other way! Stop trying to justify Israel in any way, shape or form other than transforming it into a true democracy with completely equal rights for all regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or sex. And support the Palestinian right to return!)

#5) You must believe that Judaism is only a religion.

(Look at the facts, what other religion must your mother be in that religion in order for you to really be a member of that “religion”? It’s all about DNA in Judaism. That’s why you can be a “secular” Jew (non-religious, atheistic, agnostic) and still be a Jew. Obviously Judaism is an ethnicity with its own culture, and there is a smaller minority that are actually religious, such as the Neturei Karta who believes that Zionism is the exact opposite of Torah-true Judaism. Nonetheless, even the Neturei Karta do not embrace intermarriage with non-Jews. Therefore, it is more than a religion. There are different sub-groups of Jews: the Ashkenazim that come mostly from Eastern Europe and are not actually Semitic; there are the Sephardic who come from Spain, and Morocco and other Arab groups, and they are generally actually Semitic, like the Palestinians. But it is very much so connected to DNA (ethnicity) rather than Christians openly seek converts from all countries and ethnicity’s (whereas Jews do not, except for political alliances, but not necessarily true converts, which in general they actually discourage because of the DNA issue).

#6) You must not acknowledge, nor especially be critical of the fact that Jewish power and influence surpasses any other ethnic group or religious group in the media and even in areas of our government such as US foreign policy, especially at this moment in time.

(How can you deny this?)

At any rate, this is just to let you know that obviously certain kinds of articles are “kosher” at Indybay and why that is.

And another thing, it goes to show how rather depraved the editors of Indybay are to let comments by the completely Zionist psycho “GENUINE anti-racist” remain unhidden while others that are critical of Zionism get hidden. This implies that the editors of Indybay actually condone Zionism, violence against others for what they believe, vulgarity, hatred and disrespect of women, and they display a hatred of legitimate criticism of Zionist power (except they allow a few “kosher” authors to post some just to try to present a “balanced” and fair position). I think the editors of Indybay are rather disgusting because of their lack of judgment and common sense, concerning what to hide and what not to hide (or delete).

Although Indybay tries to present themselves as an enlightened, free, open, non-censored, progressive collective, non-racist, non sexist…what they really prove themselves to be are phony progressives, phony peace activists, haters of women, haters of free speech and totally screwed-up.

They also think that no one should try to open dialogs with any group or organization that they think is not “kosher”. Sure it’s OK with them to write for the racist US mainstream media, but to circulate articles to all kind of groups, not only Jewish White Supremacist groups but also Christian White Supremacist groups, in order to open the dialog is not “kosher”.

The editors of Indybay are also closet Zionists, the worst insult of all, since it means there will be endless war for Israel. If you don’t confront the facts and issues or at least openly debate them instead of “hiding” them, YOU, are part of the problem.