Voice of the White House December 22, 2004

December 22, 2004: “ Mounting rage in the White House over the mess tent bombing in Mosul. The public is infuriated that terrorists could penetrate into what is billed as a secure military base and blow up a mess hall full of troops having lunch. There is mounting pressure on Rummy to resign but Bush does not want to let him go. Talk about Rummy authorizing torture of Iraqi POWs but In fact, the orders for this came straight from the Oval Office. If Bush fires Rummy, Rummy might reveal this little piece of nastiness and Bush would look worse than he does now. This reminds me of Nixon’s second term in more ways than one. Bush was strutting around the Monkey Palace, boasting of his “stunning victory” over the evil Democrats and thinking he had four more years to further destroy this country when he started to discover that the next four years would not be a cakewalk. Eventually, he will go too far…I think he already has…and the citizens will yell to their Congressmen with the result that Congress will either rein Bush in and clip his wings or risk a public revolt that would result in their being pried away, kicking and screaming, from the lucrative public hog trough.

Also, Bush’s Rove has made many promises to the Jesus Freaks, promises that cannot be kept. They are now beginning to bitch and whine about his perceived inaction and eventually, they will turn. The economy is shot to hell but it will be Iraq that will get him. There is a lot of real nastiness out there and torture and murder is only part of it. Rampant corruption is something else. I thought members of Congress are bad…don’t drop a hundred dollar bill in the Capitol rotunda when Congress is in session or you will be trampled to death in the rush…but Bush himself has no problem stuffing money into his offshore bank accounts. I said it once and I will say it again: This is the most corrupt administration since the Grant one. Well, I am keeping this short and dare I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas?”

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