Signs of the Times 2

Crop circle at Cannings Cross in Wiltshire, England

The crop formation pictured below was cut down shortly after Charles Mallet photographed it at the end of June, 2001. According to Charles it was a big one, consisting of some sixty small circles spanning over 315ft of wheat. Located at Cannings Cross near Devizes in Wiltshire, an area that the inhabitants of ancient Briton ascribed an almost sacred significance to. In response they built various stone circles such as at Avebury, earthen mounds at nearby Silbury Hill and the less well-known Merlin’s mound at Marlborough. All of which begs the question: could the ancients have recognised something latent in the land itself that is now expressing itself in crop circles? Were they in fact aware of a consciousness resident in the actual landscape that was once revered as the Earth Mother?

Below: a digital reconstruction of the aerial view of the formation.
Image courtesy

Below: a view from the ground.

Photo Charles Mallet