Masks of Deception in the Carnival of Broken Dreams

Smoking Mirrors – May 25, 2011

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Sitting here this morning, if you count a little after noon as still morning, I’m thinking this posting will be a little about you, a little about me and something about the world in which we now find ourselves. I’d like to clarify a few things about what goes on here; what these postings are all about; both more and less than many people may think.

A couple of days ago I wrote about Dr. Ron Paul, congressman from Texas. I made mention of his recent comments on Israel. Those opposed to what he said, noted what it was that bothered me about his comments. Those in support of him pointed out everything but what was troubling about what he said. The way words are arranged says a lot about the intent of the speaker. Words can be arranged in many ways and things can be implied that allows the speaker to avoid a certain state of confrontation, without giving in to a mindset that convicts the speaker in a way that indicates pandering on his/her part. I did not go into detail about what has been troubling me about Ron Paul for some time. I should have but I write so many of these things and I write them quickly and within certain, near exact space constraints.

It’s not just his odd syntax arrangement, concerning Israel, which sets off my antenna. It’s not just the fudging of the Bin Laden issue. It’s mostly his comments about 9/11 truthers and the definite conspiracy that exists concerning 9/11 and which anyone but a moron or a shilling flack is well aware of by now. The engagement of Israel at every level of 9/11 from the force behind PNAC, to the quick removal of all 9/11 evidence by specific companies, as well as the security firms engaged in protection at all 9/11 airports, puts Israel front row center in the operations end of 9/11, from the removal of evidence, to the following sustained cover-ups and suppression of informed dissent and inquiry. If anyone were to be informed, to have questions, it would be representatives of the government, who have access to a wide resource of information and whom we presuppose possess a certain level of intelligence.

I’m not putting links into this post today. I am relying on the reader to go to a search engine and listen to Ron Paul’s comments on 9/11 truthers and to consider the obvious conspiracy that shrouds the whole affair. One need look no further than the near total control of AIPAC and other engines of strong-arming Israeli influence in the affairs of all western nations, to see why the truth does not come out and why members of government are reluctant to inquire. The truth is that most people know that 9/11 was something more than has been reported by the Zionist controlled media. Everywhere you look, the hand of Israel is active. They can even imprison a 91 year old man for war time atrocities, with no evidence. They do as they please for the moment.

I write here for all who may find their way to what I have to say. I write automatically from a place within that I do not edit. I operate on trust with that which speaks to and thru me. Sometimes I would say things differently and be a little more circumspect about what I do say but I’ve learned to step aside. The majority of readers here resonate with what gets said and that is because I am usually not saying it. I’m just letting it pass through.

In earlier times I was active in saying a lot of controversial things and I quickly came to the attention of TPTW, who engineered a scenario where I was present at the sale of some marijuana. Two ounces got me two to ten years. It was originally supposed to be 20 years. I wasn’t a dealer. I was never any good at that. I kept on at what I was doing without being deterred in the slightest and every time I was released I took off and informed the authorities that I hadn’t done anything wrong. Of course, this served to make me a hunted fugitive and greatly extended my time inside. The authorities don’t like it when you tell them to kiss your ass, which I did. Eventually, association with an archbishop of the Old Catholic Church led to a full governmental pardon.

Some years later I was performing my Lenny Bruce/Bill Hicks type routines on stages in Hawaii. The authorities came after me again in the same way. This time I was able to prove government malfeasance and remain the only person in the history of Hawaiian jurisprudence to do so; facing a virtual life sentence at the time. I would not cooperate and remain one of two people who never did, during the eight year reign of the specific district attorney who later admitted this. Hawaii had the highest conviction rate in the nation and I beat them with a court appointed attorney. They still don’t know what hit them but I know who was responsible. It would have made a riveting movie. It was supernatural. I trust the force that guides and protects me and I have good reason.

When I saw George Bush coming, I saw massive thunderstorms of fascism and evil on the horizon. I knew that if I remained, it was only a matter of time before I got sewn up good and proper. I was not inclined to behave and doubt that I ever will be. I follow reasonable laws and ignore the unreasonable. I follow the laws of Heaven and I refute all else. It made sense to fight from afar and that continues as I write these words.

Over a number of years, many readers have come here and found reason to return. Most agree with me and some do not. Sometimes I write things for the sheer controversy in order to spark commentary. I’m neither right nor wrong consistently; such things can’t be accurately measured and what do you measure them against? I expect the reader to measure my words against the state of their own heart and not against the evidence the world presents to the contrary but that’s okay too.

I look at the political spectrum of the US and I watch the interplay of forces. I note the statements from leading Zionists that they will lead the opposition against them. I see it in the evidence of each day. I see the choices given for those who believe they are informed and thinking outside of the box and I observe all of the possibilities of choice given to the electorate, depending on their view of how things should be. Very seldom do I note the presence of courage or truth in those seeking to represent us. Some of the alternatives given are people with no chance at being elected. Are they conscious players or mere figure heads? I don’t know the answer to that. I do know they’re not going anywhere.

From what I can see there is no recourse except for revolution and the best case scenario for the public is to step away from the machinery and refuse to participate, effectively bringing the system down. The public lacks the organization and will to do what they should and so conditions are forcing them into tighter and tighter corners, until they will have no choice. Meanwhile, Nature has entered the mix and that is going to increase and increase because the cosmos is offended by both the actions of psychopaths and the brain dead, sleepwalking of the masses. The cosmos will not allow things to continue as they are. It’s only a matter of time and that accounts for the appearance of The Apocalypse.

I don’t wish to offend those who are supporters of Dr. Paul. I know how desperate you are for someone to believe in. I could take safer routes in my work here. I could be a great deal more mainstream and less divisive. That would certainly increase the audience but it would dilute everything else. Most people come into this life seeking to live a particular life and some few achieve that but most have to make concessions and compromises and eventually don’t even know who they are anymore. They sit perplexed in the autumn of their life, wondering about everything and often abiding in a state of self loathing. Some of us have chosen another path, anticipating that there is more to life than the satisfaction of our ambitions and the feeding of our appetites. Some of us have less choice in these things than we think, being ever painfully routed to whatever it is we are ‘supposed to be doing’.

Most of us live in fear that unless we stay on the rails and remain diligently employed in the Carnival of Broken Dreams that we will cast to the side of the highway and forced to live under bridge abutments. I am not the only one who is living proof that this is not the case and that the cosmos will and does take care of those who seek to serve the greater good; however imperfectly we accomplish that. If there is any difference between people like us and the rest of the world, it is that we know there is more than meets the eye and we have learned to rely on it. I continue to be taken care of by mysterious means, while rejecting the conventional choices that rob us of our autonomy and change us in ways where we can no longer recognize ourselves. It’s a risky business and can be very difficult in the beginning, as ones capacity to believe is tested over and over again. Life is trial and testing, except for those with a temporary free ride.

Some very painful conditions are about to come upon the world. Because the world will not see and respond to the lies that obscure all that is decent and good, it must be shown and the veils ripped aside by various changes in global circumstance. Denial is no longer any kind of a defense and there is no protection in ignorance. The plague of self-interest is coming to an end and only those who recognize the force of the coming age of universal brotherhood are going to prosper in any way. The power that has maintained things as they are is being withdrawn and all those who have profited from the darkness of this vanishing time, are going to be thrown into peril and confusion. It can happen very quickly and only continues as it does for the moment for the purpose of instruction, revelation and the gathering of evidence.

I’ve gone past my space constraints today but that’s okay. Let me conclude by saying that everything which is happening, is happening to bring things back into balance. If you are personally acting in accord with this, it may go well with you. If you are not you will be jerked back into balance or jerked right out of here. The tornadoes hitting the Bible Belt are no accident. The massive arrogance of your leaders is no accident. They’ve being manipulated by the cosmos to expose themselves. The rampant ignorance and bombast of the public, in relation to obvious truth is no accident. They are also being pressed in this direction in order to see, in a lasting and telling way, just how wrong they have been and how much they deserve the feckless leadership of those they have allowed to deceive them, by accepting the lies of fear and suspicion being broadcasted by agents of the darkness that turn them against their fellows. The light is breaking and for some that is going to be a painful affair. For others it will be liberating. What is happening is happening, according to a time table that allows for a degree of free will to influence the nature and severity of what is to be encountered. Let us hope the desire for change comes before the changes that insist upon its arrival.

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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