The Fall of Ron Paul and the March of the Psychopaths

Visible Origami – May 23, 2011

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Let me see if I have got this right. Nearly every single central bank is Zionist owned. Until they did a facelift at The Federal Reserve, everyone on the board was Jewish. Central bankers start the majority, if not all of the wars, so that they can enslave the combating nations and make huge profits on whatever is possible. Israel was founded by the most powerful central banker on the planet in order to grant protections through dual nationality and other perks of having a sovereign nation, so that crime could be practiced without fear of the usual reprisals. It was a state founded on deception and historical revision which displaced 700,000 inhabitants, who were already living in Palestine and they have been practicing genocide on them ever since.

Members of congress have to sign a loyalty oath to Israel or they will be sabotaged in their electoral pursuits. Israel was behind 9/11 and all of the following wars that were justified as a result of it. Bin Laden publicly said he had nothing to do with 9/11.

Israel started every war they’ve been involved in and where provocation was needed she practiced false flag events and then used the Zionist owned press to impress lies into the mind of the public. Israel attacked an American ship, killing many Americans in an effort to start a world war. Israel is presently lobbying internationally to have attacks launched on Pakistan and Iran.

Ron Paul has been in congress for 12 terms. He’s a financial expert. He has run for president collecting large amounts of money and then simply dropping out of the race. He has now stated that Israel is a friend of America. He says we are giving too much money to Israel’s enemies. He says he wants the Federal Reserve audited. He is a financial expert (or did I already say that?) and he must know that Zionists control the Federal Reserve but he says nothing about that. Has he always been like he is or has be been ‘reached’ finally? Israel is an enemy of the United States and controls her government at all levels. Israel controls the media. Israel sends American youth to die in her wars. Israel has bankrupted the US through gratuitous wars for profit and through criminal behavior on Wall Street via Goldman Sachs and others. The congress of the United States is an enemy of the United States and it appears that Ron Paul is also an enemy of the best interests of the United States. Please refute what I have said so far at your leisure.

Israel attacked the aid flotilla and ruthlessly killed a number of passengers including an American. Israel is intending to kill more flotilla aid workers in June. The nation of Israel is a satanic entity that worships materialism and practices human sacrifice. After peace was declared and agreed upon, Israel dropped over half a million cluster bombs on Lebanon in a war they started. 94% of Israelis supported Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. Very few Israelis are Semitic. All Palestinians are. Israel confines the original populations of the land they stole in a concentration camp that has become the most populous place on Earth, due to the constant diminishment of their lands.

The Israeli security company ICTS was in charge of security at all 9/11 airports, the London Tube and The Madrid Train Station. I could go on and on here about known facts but there’s not much point in it, given that if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it is most likely a duck. Consonantly, if it drinks blood and behaves like a vampire it is, for all practical purposes, a vampire.

Obama got on his knees and performed felatio on all of the members of AIPAC on videotape. Everyone who works for him lined up behind him to do the same, there or anywhere the zippers came down. The world is in a state of outrage because Zionist bankers are looting the economies of the euphemistically named, free world. Something is moving in the hearts and minds of people around the world. Boycotts against Israel are mounting. The truth about Israel is coming out. Israel is becoming a pariah nation in the eyes of the world and Israel is planning massive false flag events to distract the hearts and minds of the world’s population from the truth of her behavior, everywhere there is money to be stolen through usury and political arm-twisting.

It doesn’t look good for the world to be under the heel of stormtrooper bankers, whose religious books refer to goyim (that would be you) as cattle and whose lives are unimportant, except as a servant class or blood sacrifices for the self chosen. In the meantime the cultural perception of what is acceptable, is controlled by a PC propaganda machine that purports to represent the rights of all people but whose main thrust is to support the behavior of those committing so called anti-Semitic acts against themselves, for the purpose of sympathy and legislative changes on their behalf. The education system is in their hands. Their progeny have first rights into all of the top schools and the curriculum is bent to serve their agendas. They collect a kosher tax on many foodstuffs and employ other hidden taxes and privileges, because they own the currency printing rights, which they have used to buy up all important agencies for the service of their elitist status.

The majority of them don’t believe in anything besides their own abilities to enslave the populations and here is where they are headed for trouble because the cosmos is alive and aware and orchestrating their doom. Otherwise, the people of the world would be toast. They eat crap diets. They get their news from the people who are abusing them. They are addicted to superficial entertainments. The lure of sleazy sex and the hope of material gain, drive them to the exclusion of other ambitions, except when they are praying to an anthropomorphic white guy with a beard, residing in a non-existent heaven. Their holy books have been altered to serve the interests of their slave masters, who laugh at them and charge for seating in their own temples, where Baphomet sits on the dais. This group of shape shifting psychopaths has been at work for centuries but now… now the old age is closing up and the summing up approaches. They know they are running out of time and the only solution, they think, is to plunge the world into global conflict. In this they are being assisted by the empty suits they shoehorned into the seats of power.

I don’t want to offend the supporters of Ron Paul but Ron Paul has revealed himself as an agent of this force because there is no way he cannot know what is going on because he is… a financial expert. I briefly supported Ron Paul but he never said what I felt he needed to say and everything else he said was not unlike what Obama said before he became the least powerful man in the world with the biggest appearance of it.

By the day, around the world, people are being thrown out of their homes and jobs. They are being reduced to fear and want in order to sap their will to resist. They are being diseased and murdered by stealth and the obvious venues. They are being poisoned and thrown into turmoil by the operations of those governing them and those governing the governors.

Most of the people who can see what is happening won’t say anything and the rest are dumber than a turtle on a fence post, hypnotized by perverted religions, or in deep denial of what is going on. Insane money junkies are betting for and against everything, while they manipulate the outcome. They are driving food and fuel through the roof and waiting upon global mega-death, to reduce the population congestion and free up the entire world for extended plunder. The big actors on both sides of the coming conflict are making their threats and shifting their game board pieces.

Tension fills the air. We await the inevitable, unless that is to be sidetracked, because everything really is under control and now, every act of evil turns upon itself and will amplify and accelerate to that effect with each passing day. I am convinced of the good that lives in the heart of humanity and of the existence of forces working to awaken it. These forces rule preeminent in the visible and invisible spheres and all arguments to the contrary are nothing more than the doubts being sown to divide the people against each other. Buckle your seatbelts because the storms are here and growing in power. Nature is not amused.

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