Dr David Kelly: Doubts and Suspicion Remain

There is a superb two-page spread in today’s Daily Mail, writes Rowena Thursby. It lists all of the key points pertaining to David Kelly’s supposed ‘suicide’ including:

· The mysterious untraceable detectives who were at the scene BEFORE the body was reported found and showed their ID cards to members of the search party who found the body.

· The mysterious men in combat clothing seen at the scene not only after the body was found but also THE DAY BEFORE.

· The police file on the case labelled Operation Mason which nobody is
allowed to see which is dated the day BEFORE Kelly died.

· The break-in at Kelly’s dentists and the theft of his dental records, and the reappearance of those records after identification had been made.

· The paramedics at the scene insist to this day that Kelly could not possibly have bled to death, there were only traces of blood, yet the inquiry ignored their evidence and concluded that he died from loss of blood.

· Kelly was left handed but his left wrist was cut! This alone would prevent a verdict of suicide on the basis of reasonable doubt in a court of law or a proper inquest. What’s more, if he cut his own left wrist a large spurt of blood would have covered his right hand, but that hand was clean! There must have been another party present.

· Medical experts insist neither the injury OR the pills would have been fatal.

· The evidence for suicide – the knife and bottled water, appeared AFTER the body was found! I.e. the search party did not see them but they appeared after the mystery untraceable “detectives” went to the scene.

· When the search party found Kelly’s body he was lying in an awkward position with his left hand bent backward “awkwardly” which would be consistent with a man held in an arm lock until he died by a strong man trained in restraining techniques. When the real police arrived he was sitting upright! Nobody serious about solving a crime EVER moves the body or interferes with the scene of crime!

· Cutting the wrists is only a common method of suicide in the minds of the public. In reality it is so rare that officially and statistically it never happens. It is a popular method of attempted suicide, but these attempts fail for known medical reasons. Nobody has ever attempted to use an old or blunt knife before, like the one that Kelly is supposed to use.

· A proper independent inquest has been refused, yet this is a high-profile case with many sources of confusion.

· The search for Kelly was launched abnormally soon after he was reported

· Dr Kelly exposed the case for the conquest of Iraq as a pack of lies after it had been approved by the top intelligence officials and politicians. That makes him a traitor and a threat in the eyes of British inteligence. Tens of thousands of Iraqis and many British troops have died in the effort to conquer Iraq. Against this background they were never going to spare one man like our David Kelly who dared to speak out.

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