When the Walking Half Dead become The Walking Undead.

Visible Origami – May 20, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Given that the world is going to end tomorrow, according to the numerological calculations of one kind of zombie. It stands to reason that something like this would be announced by the government, proving that religions and government have both come to the end of their tether of madness and proving that if their world doesn’t end on Saturday, it can’t be that far off.

Real life has now outdistanced Hollywood and network TV in the fabrication of unbelievable scenarios and what that means is that the engine of illusion that has spellbound the populace for so long, has now reached the limits of its possibilities. It can only get crazier and more unbelievable, until the system devourers itself just like the approaching wave of apocalyptic zombies will be devouring what’s left of whoever is left in the web nets of the engine of illusion.

You tell yourself that it can’t be as twisted as you think it is. There must be something wrong with your perceptions. Can government and religion really be barking mad? Can Butch Napolitano and the rest of the front crew of zombie fascists, really be sawing off one of the top branches on the crazy tree, while they are on the far end of it? Apparently this is true. It’s unbelievable but so has been the handling of Katrina, the Gulf of Mexico disaster, Fukushima and the wave of gratuitous wars engaged in by the former home of the brave and land of the free.

All those vaccinations and vomiting propaganda and they didn’t come up with either for the tsunami of insanity that is sweeping the globe. That’s the real pandemic of concern. The people in charge are out of their minds and you see that in the recent behavior of the Zio-Ogre head of the IMF and the general policies of every agency, governmental, religious and financial in these times. This is the doing of the cosmos. This is where you wind up after traversing all of the steps from seemingly rational to obviously bat shit lunacy. Ogres and zombies share similar dietary preferences.

You can’t look for material cause here. You can’t analyze the conditions of the times and come up with any rationale, for so much of the various juntas flailing around in the deep end of the pool. There is no sanity or sense to what is taking place. It’s not so much a matter of the world ending on Saturday. The world as we thought we knew it has already ended.

If you are an individual in the midst of this and are viewing it as it very much appears to be, what do you do? You can’t do anything about the mass of it taking place in front of your eyes and at a distance. You have to react to it from within yourself and make personal adjustments in respect of it. You have to hold to your center, while all about you are losing theirs.

This is not some temporary state of aberration. This is a world wide snake dancing into the cauldron of wild improbability. It can’t be happening but it is. I don’t know if pulses from the sun are causing this; some mysterious planet that we can’t see, the shifting of the magnetic poles, alien radio waves or some inexplicable, logical progression of materialism coming into fruition. Is it any of these, something else or a combination of things already mentioned? Who knows?

I get up every day in my reasonable way and go about my business. I look at the world through the lens of the internet and note its degeneration in turbo fraud and folly. I engage in things that the world would call crazy and yet I am not in its class at all. I do normal and understandable things, regardless of what distant planets, inner and outer, that I may travel to. I ingest things that open windows into strange and amazing realities that really would send most people over the edge and yet even when I do go temporarily mad, I don’t stay there. I make my way back in a reasonable and orderly way and I tell myself, “Yes, these things are out there/in there and now I’m here again”. I don’t get it. It’s too far out for me and that would be very far out indeed.

Where I live you don’t see a lot of crazy people. You hardly ever see a homeless person; every great while you see someone looking for change outside one of the grocery stores. You go to a larger town and you might see one or two people sitting in a public square with a hat out for donations; usually alcoholics or junkies or some stripe or another and sometimes the representative of a family of professional beggars, which you get in Europe because there is some kind of a tradition there. They’ve got themselves done up according to some mysterious motif that is suppose to generate income. My least favorite are the well dressed Africans that you see in Southern Italy, who occasionally haunt the supermarkets and switch off with a partner. They stay in touch with each other by cellphone.

Here the food costs less than it did when I was on Maui 12 years ago; much less in some cases. Here they subsidize food costs and keep certain areas of dwellings available for the lower income folks. It works. People may not be outright crazy here because they are more on rails of various compulsive behaviors, that are steeped in a certain degree of general depression, that I think comes from both a genetic predisposition, as well as having swallowed some amount of the big lies told to them about what happened in World War 2, when they were actually the victims. The censure and blackmail from these lies goes on to this day.

You don’t get anything here like you have on the streets and other locations of America and which is to be found in any major city the world over, but more so in the US and those cities infected by the US in their shared continent. It does seem that the greater the degree of oppressive and gratuitous materialism, the greater the degree of collective madness.

As I said, there’s little you can do about what is going on outside of you. You can be a healing presence to a certain degree and you can be a good example of the way in which a person handles that which is surrounding them but… mostly you can’t do much, except to seek and hold to your center. Whatever is coming down is coming down equally from within and without and depending on how far off center you are, on that depends how further spiraled out you become. The English tabloids are a good example of just how crazy a certain segment of the population can be and in the US they have similar rags that lost their main function with the invention of toilet paper. The insanity around us is truly matched by the evil of certain individuals and forces like Rupert Murdoch and those controlling the directions of government and religion. All of these individuals, collectives and forces have literally sold their souls to the dark side, for whatever profit they are finding there. I don’t see the payoff but that’s me.

It stands to reason with so much madness loose in society and its institutions that there are going to be mass acting outs coming in urban and other locations, where the entire population of one location or another, collectively loses it. It stands to reason. I wouldn’t want to be around for any of that. I’ve seen mob situations on occasion and it can be terrifying in its speed and unpredictability.

Consider well what you are reading here and seek your center with all due diligence because just as Nature is throwing all sorts of natural events at various locations, waves of madness are also swelling in portions of the human mind and I suspect these are powerful waves that can sweep up the unwary and carry them an appreciable distance before they have any idea what has happened to them. If you’re not seeing what I’m talking about, it is time to open your eyes before you wind up an appreciable distance from all things familiar, within and without.

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