“The Futile and Criminal Obliteration of Fallujah

“Having seen what appeared to be a depleted uranium (DU) missile fired at a building in Fallujah on CNN during the first week of the fighting, AFP asked the Pentagon if DU weapons are being used in Fallujah. ‘Yes’, Yoswa said, ‘DU is a standard round on the M-1 Abrams tank’. Because U.S. marines in Fallujah are very close to the poison gas produced by exploded DU shells, AFP asked Yoswa if anything was being done to protect the troops from DU poisoning. Yoswa seemed unaware of the dangers posed by the use of DU.”

“Marion Fulk, a retired nuclear scientist from Livermore National Lab told AFP that U.S. troops in DU contaminated battlefields are considered “throw-away soldiers.” The Marines exposed to DU in Fallujah, and elsewhere, face greatly increased risks of cancer, deformed children, and other health problems in the future.”

As harsh as this statement by Marion Fulk seems at first glance, this charge is exactly the term a retired Army Major used in March, 2003, during a phone call to me in describing the attitude the Pentagon had developed toward soldiers in the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Remember, in February, 2004, the Pentagon did something it had never done; it replaced an entire army with an entirely fresh army. Why did it do this? The best guess is that Pentagon officers knew that enough men in the original invading force were getting sick from D.U. poisoning that an entirely fresh infusion of forces was required. Now, this fresh army has been in the battlefield for nine months, and is in dire need of being replaced, for the very same reasons.

Unfortunately, our earlier warnings of the fatal dangers of Depleted Uranium are coming too true. Read all our articles on this awful reality by visiting our our Depleted Uranium section, including the revealing video from Congressman Dennis Kucinich.


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