Spies Linked to Beslan?

A foreign intelligence agency may have been involved in the Beslan school massacre, a Russian official has said.

The September attack on a school in the southern Russian town ended in bloody chaos and left more than 330 people dead, many of them children.

The revelation was made by Alexander Torshin, the head of a parliamentary commission investigating the killings.

He said it would be premature to name the foreign government suspected of assisting the terrorists.

But he added: “When we gather enough convincing evidence, we won’t hide it.”

Russian officials initially said the attackers killed at the school included nine or 10 Arabs, but they never provided any proof of that.

Shamil Basayev, a Chechen warlord who claimed responsibility for the raid, said the militants involved included two Arabs.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the school hostage seizure was part of a war against Russia by international terrorists.

Courtesy News Watcher

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