Voice of the White House November 26, 2004

In recent past issues, we have carried comments from a very well-informed source inside the White House. Some of these remarks, most especially one about Bush’s physical and mental problems, drew an enormous number of viewers and hundreds of inquiries, most especially from foreign press entities. Our source was the first to expose, and we were the first to make public, the accusations that the President of the United States was a man that suffered from serious psychological problems. He also revealed ongoing plans to attack Iran Since our initial publication of his postings, there has been increasing interest in the subject and herewith, we present additional input from inside the White House. If you have a weak stomach, do not read the following material. Not being able to either confirm of deny any of this information, we present it without comment or endorsement.

November 26, 2004: “Some general comments here about security at the White House:

Serious threats to the safety of President Bush are reaching monumental proportions, both in the US and abroad.

A projected trip to Canada with a Bush speech to the Canadian Parliament had to be scrapped when the Canadian authorities learned that members of that body fully intended to not only boo the President’s speech but to stand in a body with their back to him as a mark of repudiation for his comments.

His last speech to the UN was not greeted with boos but the media had to put in taped applause on their film of the speech because no one applauded Bush as a token of their dislike of him and his policies.

Motor trips were also scrapped when Canadian officials decided that they were unable to protect Bush from expressions of public anger and that US counterproposals to supply large numbers of heavily armed US security forces was “totally unacceptable” to the Canadian government.

Bush’s recent jeering by mobs in South America resulted in official state functions being cancelled and replaced with “personal meetings” with Columbian leaders in “a secure location.”

As one whose job is to review foreign news sites on the internet, I must say that there are a burgeoning number of violently anti-Bush groups advocating physical violence towards the person of the President.

The DoS people are having these inflammatory and dangerous sites removed by the governments of the countries involved but they keep cropping up again and again.

The resurrection by the Iranians of the Assassin cult is causing spastic colon not only here inside the Beltway but also in various major US business circles who have learned of it. The concept of training and sending forth professional assassins is not a reassuring one, believe me…..

Security, as I have said before, at the Inaugural functions will be tighter than anything Hitler ever had. This is not a good sign, folks, but make of it what you will.

If Bush used the next four years to mend fences, he would be doing the best thing for all of us, including himself, but he will not do this. He is on a tear now, fully assured by his sycophantic staff that all American loves him and that God Himself looks down with great approval on the President.

Reality is not one of the traits often expressed or considered inside the White House these days. It is more like a good old revival Holy Roller session. I keep my door shut as much as possible to prevent God-intoxicated staff members from rushing in, waving their hands in ecstasy and screeching about the Lord’s Anointed now in the Oval Office…(or hiding in the White House bunker)”

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