Some Kind of War, Coming to a Neighbourhood near You

Reflections in a Petri Dish – May 11, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting……. 

May your noses always be cold and wet and acute’.

Wars aren’t wars anymore. They’re entertainment. They’re entertainment for the people who promote them, for the people who profit from them and for the people who hear about them. Since they mostly concern some kind of brown people, they’re economical and cost effective; given diminishing food supplies, at the hands of hedge funds and euthanasia cults. They even have sponsors now, who know a good line of exposure when they see it. They’ve got musical soundtracks and supporting malls with surveillance, stocked with Israeli kiosks, selling Dead Sea cosmetics made in the occupied territories.

It appears Mel Gibson was right but then I knew that already. Whenever you’re right the hammer comes down. Otherwise, no one pays any attention, because it isn’t brought to your attention by the people who finance and profit from the wars that the larger population bases are subjected to.

Wars are going to become more and more fun, as morale goes into the toilet and they basically become a fashion show, with blood and semen on the ‘daily specials’ menu. Oh, is that me being intolerant? Well, as you can see, it doesn’t end with expanded rights and recognition of Zionist PC efforts. It goes on and on, until certain sexual and social mores become mandatory and then non compliance becomes a misdemeanor, then a felony and then a capital crime. It gives a whole new meaning to ‘getting and giving head’.

There’s some curious reading appearing these days. Is it true? Is it sensational lies dressed in intolerance and hate? Is it or is it not whatever it is? I don’t know. It just appears like the entire mainstream, landfill overflow of flotsam and jetsam, from a drowned and damned culture, on its way to the cosmic sewer. My suggestion to those of you responsible is to grab hold of the grates, street level, as you’re washed on your way down.

The most curious thing to me is the mindset of the ancient and enduring malefactors, who are engaged in the destruction of cultures and nations, one after the other, across the course of time, who do not think it will come down on their heads in the process. It all seems to be based on the acquisition of power, influence and money. The operative image is a flyblown corpse, teeming with maggots. Whatever they’re eating, it tastes good to the maggots, though it might not be all that palatable for you. Hey! It’s the Petri Dish. What do you expect? Origami will be on the way in a day or so and then you can focus on the front end of the process.

We have to write what appears in front of us and attended by the appetizers, side dishes and deserts. In this case, it would be; opening acts, collateral events and just deserts. There’s no way this macabre, fantasy continues for much longer, now that they’re molesting babies by feeling around in their diapers. They’re eventually going to discover the contents of what most babies diapers usually contain and then it becomes what; war paint and cologne? An army of scented shit golems, appears on the horizon with a handbook that runs longer that the works of Marcel Proust. Here they learn how to dip those special madeleines in the house wine, which ain’t wine. They learn how you should behave under penalty of death, since they wrote the book and it ain’t The Book of Love. We’re still waiting to find out who wrote that, though I have my suspicions.

It’s an eerie sensation, to watch the whole thing approach the bridge of dénouement. You keep thinking that it can’t become more absurd. You keep thinking the final outrage has to be right around the corner, coming up next week; already accomplished but not yet reported. You think, one more six pack of dead sea turtles; one more horrifying series of images, containing blasted bodies and grinning politicians, one more financial crime against the populations, one more ridiculous claim by religious leaders and the media, one more step into the insanity of reality TV, but it keeps going; a deranged Energizer Bunny with a tumescent attitude for indecency and violent outrage. “It just keeps going and going and going” and so do they and so do you.

United Pigfuckers, pig-eaters and pig players, joined together in a consortium of excess and the play by play is all written down in the rule book. Since this is Animal Farm, you don’t get to be one of the pigs, no matter how you might behave accordingly. After all, if so many of you didn’t behave accordingly, none of this would be happening. Ignorance and appetite are the biggest weapons they have along with the willingness to be willing to survive under any conditions, as long as you are allowed to keep surviving. Why isn’t this psychopathic minority swinging from lampposts by now? You’d be the go to people to ask that question of.

Business as usual, it just goes on and you go on with it. You don’t step away and let the monster dies from neglect and lack of attention. You pitch right in, doing your part, working at their industries and offering your children as canon fodder in the name of some goddamned flag that stands for all the abuse you keep taking in the name of patriotism and self interest because… you’re going to get your piece of the action. You do what you’re told and you don’t make waves and you’ll get a place at the trough.

Chuckie Schumer, member of The Tribe in good standing wants No Ride lists for passenger trains. Could it be any clearer what he is composed of? Could it be any clearer what a psychopathic piece of shit he is? He was born in a babies diaper and he likes it just fine. He’s supported in his efforts by another member of his clan, Joe Lieberman; Homeland Insecurity Senate Committee Chairman and Peter (genocide the Muslims) King is the head in The House. He’s what’s known as a Judas Goat.

Somebody powerful and invisible must be righteously pissed at this juncture. Somebody is watching Rupert Murdoch, Little Georgie Sorrows and Natty, Nat Rothschild. Somebody is watching and there is going to be a cosmic asskicking that hasn’t been seen in recorded memory. I’m convinced of this. I’m certain. Nature doesn’t like imbalance and Nature is the operative side of the invisible force. She’s got her powers back and she’s drawing up the plans, with her invisible helpers who are charting the landscape for some dreadful season of Carnival Destiny. The Dance of the Macabre is coming to Broadway and beyond. The Masque of the Red Death is on the double billing. It’s a multiple billing and it’s all about billing and what goes around coming around.

Why the ever mounting amplified absurdities and venal, psycho-sexual nuclear level offenses? Why are the allowed to continue? It’s so there can be no doubt when the moment arrives. There’s going to be no doubt. There already is no doubt and it’s just arranging itself for what’s coming round the bend, riding six fire breathing, black horses in a Kali Yuga harness. Diddling little babies in their diapers has nothing to do with the baby and everything to do with how you take it and take it you do and that means… it will increase in both spectacle and evil accent.

They’re after Pakistan now. I’ve been saying for some time that Pakistan is the prize. I’m not exactly sure why but it definitely ties in to China and Russia. On the one hand, we don’t want to pay our bills and on the other hand, we want the resources and we want to be King of the World, while we play the fool in the Graveyard of Empires. There’s a cosmic scheme to everything that happens because everything here is a lesson. This is the sole purpose for life on Earth. You learn or you don’t learn and if you don’t learn you repeat, just like the seasons do, through greater seasonal wheels that contain the smaller wheels and it’s all clockwork and cosmic imperative.

I don’t know where any of this leaves me or where it leaves you; there are so many of you. There are so many of you who came here because this is one of the great cosmic moments and times of amazing opportunity, but you forgot all about that the moment you came out of the chute and got a taste of the opposition and saw that opening at the trough. You’re all here because of something you forgot all about. Well, its reminder time and reminder time is only a short window but it will get more impactful, insistent and dramatic. Watch and see. What must be going through the minds of the rat crew and the passengers on the great, doomed ship of approaching destruction? I don’t know. It must be riveting, to be able to blind everyone to what awaits. That’s how it looks today.

End Transmission…….

The Tangled Woods


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