Disinformation Busted?

Everybody can make mistakes and this website is no exception.

On a number of occasions the Seeker has posted stories from Jihad Unspun, a website that claims to publicise uncensored, uncut information.

“In a world where truth is shaped by political agendas,” says a banner logo on its front page: “There is only one source for a clear view of the US war on terror.”

It looks sophisticated, compelling and committed enough. However, now it appears that there may be more to the website than is apparent.

In the past few weeks the Seeker has featured several stories which first surfaced on Jihad Unspun. They all concerned the use of chemical weapons by the Iraqi resistance on US troops near Balad. They were unconfirmed, but at the time all seemed important enough to be posted without waiting for confirmation.

However, weeks passed by and they all remained unconfirmed. Helping fuel suspicion that maybe Jihad Unspun was a false flag operation, used promote disinformation while masquerading as an “independent” Islamic website.

Apart from spreading disinformation it may also have been used to lure unsuspecting Muslims into operations actually set up by Western intelligence. Like the events of 911 where young Muslims where recruited for an operation which eventually led to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

We’ve subsequently pulled the stories in question and added the link to the story: Jihad Unspun exposed as CIA false flag site. Which explores other anomalies surrounding the website and the people involved with it.

We remain open minded as to who or what is really behind Jihad Unspun. But the fact is that so-called Western security agencies are increasingly using disinformation and false fronts to further their own agendas, a phenomenon that we are confronted with almost daily now.