Resistance Fighters Hit American Base In Balad With Chemical Warheads

JUS has learned that Resistance fighters took revenge for their fellow citizens of Fallujah early Sunday morning by hitting the American Al-Bakr base in Balad with 4 rockets carrying chemical warheads.

Sources inside the base confirmed the presence of a white substance after the explosions of the rockets which came at the time when a large contingency of American soldiers were preparing to leave for Mosul. Approximately 2500 American soldiers occupy this base, which plays a pivotal role in providing logistics and personnel support to American occupation forces in the northern, north eastern and north western zones of Iraq.

According to this inside source, 270 Americans were killed in the attack. Black Hawk and Chinook aircraft took over 3 hours to evacuate the dead and the wounded. The Americans have cordoned off the area with red tape and started to spray a liquid over the chemical substance to neutralize it. The specific chemical used is not yet known however the damage is said to have extended to surrounding trees, which were either burnt or wilted.

This attack came as a response to the American chemical attack on Fallujah a few days ago. At press time, there is not one word in mainstream press about this large scale attack. Curiously, a quick search on Google netted virtually no information at all on the Iraq war – a war that is taking American lives daily.

This report has not yet been independently verified and is considered preliminary at this point. We consider the source reliable and are therefore releasing this information publicly as we continue to verify its validity. If this report is proved to be correct, the stakes inside Iraq have just been significantly raised.