Mujahideen Hit US Governorate Building

Mujahideen and US forces continue to battle it out in Fallujah despite US claims of “victory” on Wednesday. Overnight, US war planes bombed the southern districts controlled by the Mujahideen and fighting continues n the southern outskirts of the city. US marine intelligence officials have issued a report warning that any significant withdrawal of troops from Fallujah would strengthen the resistance.

“The enemy will be able to effectively defeat (the US marines’) ability to accomplish its primary objectives of developing an effective Iraqi security force and setting the conditions for successful Iraqi elections.”

Reports in say the US intends to remain in northern areas of Fullujah and continue to battle for control of the city. This is good news indeed, as troops that remain in Fallujah means they are not able to operate elsewhere as the resistance grows across the country. Furthermore, with occupation troops concentrated in the northern areas, they become much easier targets for Mujahideen martyrdom operations.

The Mujahideen battle plan was to ignite the battle throughout the Sunni triangle. Occupation forces are now planning an offensive in Mosul, which lies to the north of Fallujah, as Mujahideen prepare to divert US attention further north.

In a dispatch posted at 7:30pm Mecca time last night (8:30pm local time) the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah reported that Iraqi Resistance forces had bombarded the US headquarters in the governorate building in the northern Mu‘allimin neighborhood of Fallujah as well as concentrations of US troops in the as-Sakani neighborhood with 12 Grad and Katyusha rockets yesterday.

The American governorate building was struck by three Katyusha rockets and two Grad rockets. Meanwhile, four more Grads and three Katyushas slammed into the American troop concentrations in the as-Sakani neighborhood.

The strike at the governorate building was the more accurate, as Mujahideen had taken the exact bearings of the building beforehand, anticipating that it would be one position they would want to occupy in the city. There are no reports in yet of damage or casualties.

Fighting was fierce on Wednesday evening and continued until dawn yesterday when it quieted down before it flared again last night. Sporadic fighting is reported on the southern perimeters as of press time.

Almost in confirmation of the above, US forces have denied the International Red Cross access to Fallujah. This is not because US forces wish to prolong civilian suffering in Fallujah, but because US forces are still not fully in control of the city, despite claims to the contrary. Allowing the International Red Crescent in would enable outside observers to confirm as much and report on the real situation in Fallujah and not just, as at present, so-called “embedded” reporters. Ed.