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Reflections in a Petri Dish – May 8, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Good morning, everyone. It looks like, what we used to call the bad guys, (b4pc) are looking for Shambhala too. I have always been looking for Shambhala. Some have been looking for Bin Dead, or Bin Laden, or have Bin going to get their hearts and/or asses hardened and broken on the way and tossed into a Bin liner. I had a reader there that I used to hear from. I hope he’s well. Diplomacy is an art that goes on forever. You can read any number tales from Maugham about consuls and the like and catch my drift, which also goes on forever (grin). Actually in person it’s an entirely different thing but this is the Petri Dish and we’re left here to hang it out further than elsewhere and “I’m still shakin it here Boss”

I noted they were bringing yurts. I’ve been admiring that lifestyle for awhile and I imagine (assume) that some LOTR fans will make the connection to The Nazguls who use whatever mounts are necessary or available for their frontier style, field work. Of course, if we didn’t depend on Big Ass Oil and Big Chest Nuclear to power our fluorescent horseshit, we’d be incandescent in other ways; geo-thermal or so very much more, just go ask Brother Tesla. The thing I like about that picture is that I don’t see any droppings; house trained? Or is that Central Square trained? I even put a free ad (only ads I do) on my page to help promote that lifestyle

Now… what I don’t see is whether, in their lust for acquisitions of all things plastic and pathetic; having tortured and turned Mother Nature into dangerous hybrids, like The Nazgul mounts, is whether they are just going their way a la Rio Tinto or… do they have a darker purpose in mind? I’d probably pick ‘all of the below’, since ‘above’ is not their landscape, even if they have the planes and weapons to prove the sky ain’t no thang. 

There are old stories about powers on Earth making war on Heaven. The new movie Thor, which wasn’t half bad, except in particular elements of casting for the need to be exposed, you can see that someone thinks other realms make their wars on this one. In my particular, wide angle, world view there’s too much coincidence. Why would those who rule this plane, seemingly, destroy so much of it when they have to live here? Maybe they have The Terminator gene and like devastation or maybe they think ‘on the ground’ weapons can pierce the heavens. Heck, they’ve already convinced themselves that they control the skyways but are they free of the chains thereof. It’s never worked out before so their trying again means they enjoy failure or it’s just proof that evil destroys itself. I can live with the results because I’m not with that program.

It’s a curious thing that in all these obscure and ancient spots where they go after plunder, they always seem to protect the energy haciendas, while the museums get looted in the meantime. They’re into mean time. They like their time hard. It’s why they build so many prisons. It’s why they keep fucking with the laws to make sure they have more people in jail than even the most repressive countries in the world. That’s what being in the land of the free is all about. “You’re coming for a sleepover”? “Great, just remember to bring the whiskey and smallpox infected blankets”. I’m guessing these people have their own solstice celebrations. I played at something like the 20th anniversary of Woodstock. I don’t know if  Ritchie Havens went on before or later. I remember doing an accapela of my song Alcohol because there were drunken keg fights going on out there in that crowd of about 30 thousand. Afterwards, I’d have people come by and yell, “Alcohol” at me. Behind the stage I remember all these New York City members of The Tribe pulling their bankrolls out of their pockets like it was their dicks and comparing them under the pretense of something stupid but just showing off. Don’t tell me different because I was there; was at least a dozen of them.

How stupid do you have to be to believe what they tell you? It’s like American Idol and I think Scotty and Hailey are the better pair and nations operate in a similar fashion, only it’s with real blood sweat and tears. Every day that comes is like a lifetime and a lot of us are not doing our part.

That’s the thing about ‘awakening’. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not. I see a lot of myself in Steven Tyler and the rest but I’m on mute with that sort of thing because of the culture of corruption. If you aren’t willing to bend over then they just hit the refresh switch.

Surface activities and long, lying dead events are closer in time than they know and far more vulnerable than they think. It takes two to tango and that means you and whoever you are dancing with should all take a closer look at yourselves so that you don’t turn into someone else; someone you didn’t intend to be. I deal with that every day. It’s a harsh curriculum in some ways but I do know one thing and that is that the longest route is the shortest certainty, absent grace, miracles and whatever.

So I have to ask if you share my suspicion that these people, whoever they are, are after more than just your physical world. We don’t pay enough attention to the connection between bad history and the covering of tracks but we should because we are what’s for dinner. I could tell you that the whole thing… from way, way back is all about the fact that we eat each other to survive, one way or another because well, the serpent has it’s tail in it’s mouth; “Honey, where did you get that belt”? I could do that and it would answer all your questions and explain that Jesus Christ thing about, “this is my body, this is my blood” That kind of thing is only important to people who appreciate good wine, metaphorically speaking.

TPTW are out there looking for something. I get that feeling and I get the feeling that no matter what, they will never find it and they will destroy themselves in the attempt. It’s the published excuse for Israel, which happens to be Palestine. It’s the one thing that is the greatest enemy of all and that is the fabrications of history according to what did and did not happen. I can tell you with true sincerity that Germany is not a bad place, nor are Germans bad people. They’re too intelligent, industrious, honest and organized enough for their own good sometimes. It’s because of the language. German is the language of business. You would all be much improved by looking to the mystery of languages and the interesting phenomenon of which countries drive on which sides of the road and which countries read left to right or right to left. It explains a lot. You’ll have to get someone else to explain it because that’s not my department.

The reason people want to control the historical record and plunder ancient realities is in order to control the perception of what is and is not. It is the essential veil that hides one world from another in order for it to operate or you can use a Mobius Strip if you like.

So what have I told you? Things are the way they are because essentially we are eating each other because everything is essentially made out of the same thing. There can be no question that some kind of a God exists and there can be legitimate questions about any author besides randomnomitry; chaos takes the blame and Jeff Goldblum plays him in the film.

It all comes down to what you can live with, be seduced into or sell yourself off for. We all make some kind of an arrangement. It doesn’t work otherwise and with deals you get problems. That’s how it is down here. You might want to be on American Idol and you might want to find Shambhala. You might screw up your life on American Idol but you’ll have a nice bank account. You might want to destroy Shambhala but you will only destroy yourself. Certain things work certain ways. That’s why we are still here. Evil does indeed destroy itself because it would be ever so much worse otherwise; bad as it is already. In that case Pinhead from Hellraiser would be president visibly.

Obama is a sock puppet. Maybe Mel Gibson is trying to say something like that. There are some things I wouldn’t apologize for, famous or not. The people who understood would understand and, as for the rest, well, I’m not on American Idol. I don’t have to dance to their tune. I’ve got my own; “Still ringing the bell here Boss”.

It all comes down to what you can live with; wake up or uh oh.  You can just tell people what Lord Buckley once said, in character, “I didn’t get all these miles on my face in one lifetime”. It all comes down to you. You collectively are more powerful than they will ever be. Their only power comes from controlling your perceptions; like the elections aren’t rigged, the check is in your mouth and so on and so forth. If you turn away from their machinations and don’t participate they collapse. Get off the treadmill darling and hang out in the wide, high and deep lonesome with me. They are a house of ‘cards’. Treasure the insight.

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