Spanish city to remove anti-Zionist sign

Oleiros is a small town of about 30,000 persons in the northern Spanish region of Galicia. Like most towns and cities in the region, the people have a highly developed sense of social and human justice. This high sense of justice in Oleiros is often reflected in the types of campaigns that the town’s government often undertakes concerning global issues.

One situation that the citizens of Oleiros feel very strong about is the Zionist occupation of Palestine and the daily injustices that the Palestinian people have to suffer under the brutal Ariel Sharon and his Nazi like Likud Party. Recently the town, along with its mayor Angel Garcia, decided to undertake an official campaign to express their solidarity with the Palestinian struggle. As part of the campaign, the town sponsored an electronic sign that called Ariel Sharon a “Beast” and members of his political party “The New Nazis”. In addition, the town, in an effort to raise funds to aid injured Palestinian children, was selling t-shirts that said “Against the Genocidal Policy of Ariel Sharon” and “In Support of the Palestinian People.”

What happened yesterday to the sign is a testament of the immense and sinister global power and influence that International Zionism now has, not just in Spain but in the USA as well. After a Jew spotted the sign and alerted the Israeli Embassy in Madrid, the Zionist machinery revved up full speed to crush the town’s freedom of speech and expression, something it has not yet been able to do in the “First Amendment” land of America, though strong efforts are under way to do it here as well.

Yesterday Oleiros Mayor Angel Garcia was forced to change the wording of the electronic sign and stop selling the t-shirts. It looks like the Zionists put the screws on Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos in some way that deserves careful investigation. The incident is reminiscent of what took place in Mexico City on October 2001 when two Israeli terrorists were released after being arrested in an attempt to bomb the Mexican Congress. In this case, the Israeli Embassy also intervened with Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Relations George Castaneda Gutman and the result was the “sweeping under the rug” of the whole affair.

Also, the incident is very similar to when Mexico was forced to rescind its vote on UN Security Council Resolution 3379 that equated Zionism with racism back on November 10, 1975. The resolution had concluded that “…Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination” and Mexico was one of seventy two countries that voted to pass the resolution. The resolution infuriated World Jewry and they embarked on a campaign to rescind the resolution. Attesting to their international hold on the world economy and international political power, they where able to subjugate the economies of many of the countries that voted in favor of U.N. Resolution 3379. With Mexico, they were able to bring their tourism industry to its knees. Acapulco and Cancun became virtual “ghost towns”. On December 16, 1991, the United Nations was forced to have a new vote and Resolution 3379 was rescinded.

Perhaps it is time to revisit and read “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. This document, which Zionists refute as being legitimate, actually makes sense when the incidents in Oleiros, Spain and in Mexico City are viewed under the “protocols” lense. How else can these types of incidents be explained? How can Ariel Sharon who is known as “The Butcher of Sabra and Shatilla” get away with his crimes? How can the “Nazi like” Likud Party benefit from 5 Billion dollars per year in US taxpayers money?