Turkish Report Says “Israel” Is Expanding Role In Northern Iraq

The Turkish daily newspaper Cumhuriyet published on Thursday a report stating that since the summer of 2003, the Zionist entity “Israel” has been buying land and buildings in northern Iraq to facilitate its drive to separate the northern region from the rest of the country.

The story, summarized in the Thursday issue of the United Arab Emirates newspaper al-Bayan, said that Cumhuriyet had obtained a report drawn up by high level Turkish intelligence officials reporting on the Zionist activity in northern Iraq – an area of vital interest south of the Turkish border that has long been embroiled in the ethnic tension inside Turkey because of the Kurdish population on both sides of the frontier.

Cumhriyet said that high-level Turkish security agencies had prepared a comprehensive report on “Israeli” activity on the ground in Iraq under the US occupation. The report stated that the Zionist entity had been pursuing an active and energetic policy since the summer of 2003 to buy buildings and land in Iraq. The Turkish report specifically had data on Tel Aviv’s purchase of 6,000 dunums of land in Kirkuk as well as 500 houses in the province of Mosul and 2,000 dunums and 30 buildings in Irbil.

The Turkish intelligence report stated that “Israel” was pursuing this effort by way of Turkish Jews in northern Iraq. The Zionist entity was also pushing this effort financially, encouraging Jewish businessmen and pushing to increase “Israeli” trade with occupied Iraq by way of Jordan.

The report stated that “Israel” is pursuing a policy that aims at eliminating any possibility of an Iraqi threat to the Zionist colonial state arising in the future. There are many aspects of this policy, one of them being to ensure the political and economic power of the northern region of Iraq so that it can run its affairs independently of Baghdad.

To this end “Israel” provides political support for the drive by Kurdish chauvinist collaborationist parties to take on a central role in the puppet regime in Baghdad. The Turkish report states that “Israel” believes that the isolation of the northern part of Iraq from the rest of the country and the formation in Baghdad of a Shi‘i administration with Iranian support would constitute a threat for the Zionist entity and its interests. With this in mind, the Zionist leadership is using the Kurdish chauvinists as a means to counter both Iran and Syria, in addition to their guarantee that an oil pipeline would be opened as quickly as possible running directly from northern Iraq to the city of Haifa in Zionist occupied Palestine. Getting this into operation soon would greatly enhance the economic power of the Zionist entity.

The Turkish intelligence report says that the Zionists did not in fact begin buying land and buildings in northern Iraq after the fall of Baghdad in 2003, but before, when the northern region was effectively under the control of the US through its Kurdish stooges. America seized control of northern Iraq after the 1991 war of aggression it led against Iraq. The Zionist effort to purchase land and buildings in the north, the report states, began as early as 1993.

The report goes on to say that this drive by “Israel” to secure its presence in northern Iraq is based on a text in the Torah concerned with making lands “holy” for Jews and is not aimed at provoking a confrontation with Turkey. At the same time, the Turks note, “Israel” does not want to see the Turkish army present in northern Iraq and is trying to counterbalance its policies in this region.

Courtesy News Watcher and Liberty Forum