The Paint House of Illusion and Corrupted Light

Smoking Mirrors – May 7, 2011

‘May your noses always be cold and wet and your feet with a healthy sweat’.

I’ve noticed something that’s either tragic or amusing and that is, the tendency or propensity to feel the need to point out all the holes in the government’s waterwheel of lies and to construct arguments against them. We’re acting with less assurance than we deserve. We’re acting like the government has some kind of a case. If they have a case it’s a case of cosmic gonorrhea. The government of the western powers, with degrees of difference, are absolutely and totally corrupt with, as I implied, the variance of being only by a lesser or greater degree, absolutely and totally corrupt. The government is a collection of whores and junkies, pimped out by the central banks. They’re nothing more than a rubber stamp for a small cadre of psychopathic oligarchs. The government needs to be dissolved and the oligarchs need to be bankrupted and quarantined, either in a maximum security prison or on a desert island… or transformed by the cosmos into something finer but that is not my department.

Arguments about when and where Bin Laden was killed and massive holes and inconsistencies in the government’s shitstream of lies, are pointless exercises in futility. From O’Bummer down they are just empty suits and flunkies, who take their marching orders from bankers and corporations. What you are looking at, is the end phase of dog eats dog capitalism. Conversely you have the theoretical construct of false communism. On the one hand, the most connected and avaricious rise to the top and oppress those below. On the other hand you have a collective, where the same people occupy positions of power and accomplish the same result under a different aegis. It’s like the argument of right versus left, of conservative versus liberal. Neither of these facades are what they present themselves as. They are just conflicting winds that push the public in whichever way the oligarch’s desire, as if they were ranch hands on a cattle drive and the public was the cattle. There’s no free in free when free is no more than the appearance of it, at the hands of the slave masters.

Yellow is yellow, until it is undesired and made illegal and then blue becomes the new yellow. Given that, you can accurately project that the new blue will be green, just as soon as it is made illegal in its present state. Yellow and blue light do not make green however and there’s something of deep import to consider here. When you take the primary colors of light; red, green and blue, you get white light. Figure it out or go take some psychedelics. I’m not making points about physics. I’m making points about culture and the force of Maya, in culture and governing bodies. Possibly this may be called metaphysics, which is my area of interest. That’s my protection against ever buying into the bullshit of this world, as well as a primer for me on why the world is the world is the world. It’s always the way it is to a greater or lesser degree but YOU don’t have to be. You don’t have to stay as you are. However, arguing with the forces that appear to be, legitimizes them. They are illegitimate and have no real basis for existence as they are. They are parasitical entities. They are ticks. Here’s something for those who found this paragraph interesting.

The oligarchs are super ticks with expandable containment centers, the way a cow has six stomachs. The government is a gaggle of goose-ticks that squawk, act belligerently and drink blood in the form of currency, as do the oligarchs; currency being the lifeblood of the people and based on the wealth of the people, for which the oligarch banker-ticks and corporate ticks print money, based upon it and then charge the people interest for the use of their own resources, more or less; probably more, probably much more.

In any case, arguing about the minutiae of obvious lies and criminal behavior is pointless. There’s no fixing it and there’s no bringing it to their attention and expecting an epiphany. They know what they are doing even if, as Jesus said, “they know not what they are doing; that concerned a different matter, in which they were crucifying their own salvation and sustenance; par for the course.

The system at the present status cannot be fixed. It has to come down and the malefactors have to be rendered impotent toward the performance of harm; whether it is quarantine, guillotine or Vaseline, is up to them. The people who should be reading these words are not doing so. They are captivated by colorful bullshit of a carcinogenic nature; meaning whatever they are, is going against Nature (their own nature) and how that works out is up to them, individually and collectively as well. Even though they don’t read here, they may show up sooner or later, when the linchpins come free and the cart runs away with the horse, so I will state it again; armed resistance is not going to work and isn’t necessary in any case. The people must simply refuse to perform in the construct as it exists and the construct will have no power. It will collapse. Don’t work for them. Don’t give them any money, turn your back on them and the system will fall and another will follow. This will happen remarkably, because of spontaneous ignition of realization, or it will happen in the manner of small collectives of similar souls.

Personally, I’m not in the business of operating a community, only participating in it. I am in the business of virtual communities that precipitate into being in accord with a collective will. This isn’t my home office here, so my interest is geared in another direction, where the amenities are well beyond anything possible here, even in the best of times. That’s not my primary motive; amenities. They just come with the package. When the heart and mind of the people, turn away from their madness, conjoined with those oppressing them, those oppressing them are unhinged and detached from the power to continue their operations and activities. That’s just how it is and it’s coming, one way or another. That’s the key item for you to be aware of, whether you are reading here or not, it’s coming anyway.

Consider the feature of pain and suffering in respect of ease of passage. Here’s a good example. Many things pass through the kidneys at a certain size. After a certain size comes pain. Bowel movements can be effortless or much less so. Heat can warm until it starts to burn. Take these few considerations and extrapolate them out into all manner of permutations. A crowd of people can be excited and having a good time, with a lot of energy in the air. Given certain conditions, the crowd can panic or turn angry right out of their good time. All these things are relative and we had better get that, because it’s the difference between a touch on the shoulder that is responded to, or not responded to and a baseball bat across the back of the head that guarantees a response. It’s the difference by degree, of a twinge of sharp pain and being disemboweled. We get reminded. We get warned. We don’t pay attention. Degrees of force are generated by the cosmos to ensure that attention is paid and depending on the severity of the conditions needing to be changed, on that depends the severity of the force and the lasting impact of the lesson.

The essential light has been corrupted and always is to some degree, when it passes through the prism of the manifest world; it’s known as the false light of the world. Big things are coming. There’s nothing small about them and already, sensitive souls are being transformed around the globe. I am personally witnessing it. Grab a hand strap and lift off into a clearer and more refined version of yourself. Get with the program (grin). Don’t stand around arguing about pointless and useless details and whether who did what where, according to glaring evidence to the contrary. Those who are sick will be brought into an understanding of what ails them and reflexively ails the rest of us. This is The Apocalypse; make no mistake about that, which means that all other attendant verities and transformations are also operative.

It’s been a pleasure to be of use to you, if that has been the case and I look forward to many meetings and greetings, before, across …and beyond The Rainbow Bridge. Don’t wind up saying, “We are the people that might have been. You should have gotten in touch with us then.

End Transmission…….

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