The Case Against Kinsey

What, exactly, did Kinsey’s research reveal?

Funded by the prestigious Rockefeller Foundation and based on thousands of interviews, Kinsey had “discovered” that while American men of the World War II “greatest generation” pretended to be faithful and monogamous, virtually all of them – 95 percent – were, according to 1948 law, sex offenders. Specifically, Kinsey claimed that 85 percent of males had intercourse prior to marriage, nearly 70 percent had sex with prostitutes, and 30-45 percent of husbands had extramarital affairs. Moreover, from 10 to 37 percent of men had engaged in homosexual acts, according to Kinsey. In fact, the oft-repeated claim that one in 10 human beings is homosexual – a cornerstone of the “gay rights” movement – comes directly from Kinsey’s published research.

In endless and graphic detail, Kinsey painted a picture of Americans as being amoral sexual animals seeking constant gratification.

If Kinsey had discovered the cure for all diseases, his press coverage could not have been more extensive or enthusiastic. Time magazine, Life, Look and most of the rest of the mainstream press reported that Kinsey – whom they portrayed as a conservative Republican academic and faithful family man – had conducted the most exhaustive and scientific survey ever of Americans’ sexual habits. The previously unknown zoologist – whose only prior claim to fame had been his exhaustive and painstaking research into the gall wasp – was catapulted overnight to the status of national hero, in keeping with Americans’ post-war near-worship of science.

The revolutionary “Kinsey Reports,” as they came to be known – including his companion volume released in 1953, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female” – rocked the nation’s beliefs about itself. But perhaps most shocking of all were his “findings” on childhood sexuality: The Kinsey Reports came to the stunning conclusion that children are sexual from birth, and that youngsters as young as a few months of age have the capacity for a pleasurable and healthy sexual life.

Despite the radical nature of Kinsey’s findings, he was honored as a heroic scientific pioneer, pushing back the dark boundaries of ignorance and delivering new knowledge that would guide America in a brave, new world of sexual enlightenment.

That is, until 1981, when a sole researcher – a Ph.D. and scholar named Judith Reisman – came along and raised the question of “Table 34.”

Toddler sex

Warning: The next section is extremely disturbing and involves graphic descriptions of child sexual abuse on which Kinsey admittedly relied in tabulating his “data” on childhood sexuality.

“Table 34” in Kinsey’s first report purports to be a scientific record of “multiple orgasm in pre-adolescent males.”

Reisman wondered: How did Kinsey and his associates obtain this “research” that infants as young as five months of age enjoyed sex? Child sexual abuse is a felony – how could such research be conducted legally? Why had nobody raised this issue before?

Get ready for a shock. According to Reisman, whose heartbreaking findings were corroborated subsequently by other researchers:

Kinsey solicited and encouraged pedophiles, at home and abroad, to sexually violate from 317 to 2,035 infants and children for his alleged data on normal “child sexuality.” Many of the crimes against children (oral and anal sodomy, genital intercourse and manual abuse) committed for Kinsey’s research are quantified in his own graphs and charts.

For example, “Table 34” on page 180 of Kinsey’s “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” claims to be a “scientific” record of “multiple orgasm in pre-adolescent males.” Here, infants as young as five months were timed with a stopwatch for “orgasm” by Kinsey’s “technically trained” aides, with one four-year-old tested 24 consecutive hours for an alleged 26 “orgasms.” Sex educators, pedophiles and their advocates commonly quote these child “data” to prove children’s need for homosexual, heterosexual and bisexual satisfaction via “safe-sex” education. These data are also regularly used to “prove” children are sexual from birth.

Whoa! Wait a minute. This seems too horrible to be true. You’re got to be thinking, “Why haven’t I heard about this before? If this is true, Kinsey would have been arrested and locked up. This must be some hysterical anti-sex researcher jumping to conclusions.”

Sorry. For the sake of the children “experimented” upon, one wishes that were true. But Reisman is a world-renowned expert and scholar on this subject, has been a consultant to three U.S. Department of Justice administrations, the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services, and is sought worldwide to lecture, testify and counsel regarding fraudulent sex science. She is speaking the awful truth here.

Reisman reveals that in “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,” Kinsey defined children’s torment (“screaming,” “writhing in pain,” “fainting,” “convulsions”) as “orgasms” for infants too young to speak. Who sexually tested these children? Where were the parents? Among thousands of international reviews of the Kinsey reports, no one asked these questions of the man who, as Gore Vidal declared, was “the most famous man for a decade,” and who is the one man the homosexual and pedophile movements today thank most for their advances. Before we answer these questions, you need to know a little more about Kinsey.

As I said, Indiana University portrayed Kinsey as a conservative Republican and family man, and the press totally and uncritically bought into this image.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


Alfred C. Kinsey – the universally proclaimed “father of the sexual revolution,” the supposedly conservative family man, the objective scientific researcher and amiable academic – was a sexual psychopath.

To begin with, Kinsey was a bisexual who preferred homosexual sex. Summarizing “Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public/Private Life,” the 1997 biography of the scientist by pro-Kinsey author James H. Jones, Salon’s McLemee writes:

He did date a woman, once, and very shortly thereafter asked her to marry him, which she did. Consummation was delayed for quite a while, because of their mutual ignorance of the mechanics involved. At some point in adolescence, Kinsey developed a taste for masochistic practices of a really cringe-inducing variety. (Two words here, and then I’m changing the subject: “urethral insertion.”) He also had some pronounced voyeuristic and exhibitionistic tendencies. On bug-hunting field trips in the 1930s, he liked to march around the camp in his birthday suit, and he interrogated his assistants about masturbation. That his career was not destroyed by such behavior is, in itself, pretty remarkable.

As Jones, Kinsey’s key biographer, tells it: “On one occasion when his inner demons plunged him to new depths of despair, Kinsey climbed into a bathtub, unfolded the blade of his pocketknife, and circumcised himself without the benefit of anesthesia.” But Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy, who published another Kinsey biography, ”Sex, the Measure of All Things: A Life of Alfred C. Kinsey” in 1998, said the scientist’s gruesome self-circumcision was part of his ongoing exploration of the relationship between pain and sexual pleasure. Ah, always the diligent scientist.

Reisman adds: “An early adherent and advocate of masturbation, Kinsey suffered an untimely death due, at least in part, to ‘orchitis,’ a lethal infection in his testicles that followed years of sadistic, orgiastic ‘self-abuse.’ Kinsey’s obsessive, brutally masochistic masturbation methods appear to have assisted in his early demise.”

And Caleb Crain, reviewing the new Hollywood film, “Kinsey” – created to whitewash and popularize the father of the sexual revolution – wrote in the New York Times:

Mr. Jones’s book revealed that Kinsey had had affairs with men, encouraged open marriages among his staff, stimulated himself with urethral insertion and ropes, and filmed sex in his attic. But Mr. Jones did not feel he was debunking Kinsey. ”What I told myself, and I still think this, was that I was writing a biography of a tragic hero,” he says. ”It shouldn’t surprise us that pleas for sexual tolerance would come from a person who couldn’t be himself in public.”

“Both of Kinsey’s most recent admiring biographers,” summarizes Reisman, somewhat less euphemistically, “confessed he was a sadistic bi/homosexual, who seduced his male students and coerced his wife, his staff and the staff’s wives to perform for and with him in illegal pornographic films made in the family attic.

Kinsey and his mates, Wardell Pomeroy, Clyde Martin and Paul Gebhard, had ‘front’ marriages that concealed their strategies to supplant what they saw as a narrow procreational Judeo-Christian era with a promiscuous ‘anything goes’ bi/gay pedophile paradise.”

“OK,” you’re saying, “OK. So he was a sexual nutcase. But wasn’t his research still solid?”

Uh, no. Kinsey’s “research” team, reveals Reisman:

1) “forced” subjects to give the desired answers to their sex questions, 2) secretly trashed three quarters of their research data, and 3) based their claims about normal males on a roughly 86 percent aberrant male population including 200 sexual psychopaths, 1,400 sex offenders and hundreds each of prisoners, male prostitutes and promiscuous homosexuals. Moreover, so few normal women would talk to them that the Kinsey team labeled women who lived over a year with a man “married,” reclassifying data on prostitutes and other unconventional women as “Susie Homemaker.”

By now, you may have been wondering just how today’s vaunted “Kinsey Institute” at Indiana University explains things like Table 34 with its “data” derived from the criminal sexual abuse of hundreds of infants and children.

Here’s how the official Kinsey Institute website answers this seemingly unanswerable question:

Where did the childhood sexual data come from?

Reports of childhood sexual behavior were mostly from interviews of adults recalling their early experiences. Parents and teachers were also asked if they had noticed sexual reactions in their children, and some children were interviewed in the presence of a parent or teacher. Among more than 5,000 men interviewed for “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,” there were 9 who reported having had sexual relations with children.

One in particular, with an extensive sexual history, is the source of the childhood response tables in the Male book. Dr. Kinsey and his staff never conducted experiments with children.

Although Kinsey claimed the child-sexuality information came from multiple sources, in 1995 then-Kinsey Institute director John Bancroft insisted it all came from serial pedophile Rex King, speculating that Kinsey might have “invented” the other purported sources for his child sexual response data as a way of protecting King.

In fact, not only did Kinsey use data from Rex King – whom Kinsey encouraged, in writing, to continue with his “research” – but also from Nazi criminal Fritz von Balluseck, who was arrested and investigated for the murder of a 10-year-old girl, and ultimately convicted of sexual abuse of up to 200 children. As a Times of London story notes, Kinsey and von Balluseck corresponded, with Kinsey once warning the Nazi pedophile to “watch out” so as to avoid being caught.

Today, writes Crain in the New York Times, as a matter of policy “the institute will not – to the frustration of defenders and accusers alike – answer questions about King, Balluseck or anyone else who may have confided in Kinsey.”

Obligated to deal in some way with Kinsey’s cozy relationship with child molesters, the “Kinsey” feature film – starring Liam Neeson as Kinsey and Laura Linney as wife Clara – includes a brief scene depicting Kinsey’s June 1944 meeting with the 63-year-old King, whose diaries included meticulous recording of sexual encounters with boys.

What isn’t shown in the film, however, is the letter Kinsey sent King urging him to send the diaries. According to Kinsey biographer Jones, on Nov. 24, 1944, Kinsey wrote to King: “I rejoice at everything you send, for I am then assured that much more of your material is saved for scientific publication.”


Rejoice at the sexual torture of hundreds of innocent children?

To this day, the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), the world’s largest pedophile group, credits Kinsey as its scientific standard bearer. “Gay liberationists in general, and boy-lovers in particular, should know Kinsey’s work and hold it dear,” says one NAMBLA publication. “Implicit in Kinsey is the struggle we fight today.”

So the “heroic scientist” – whose “research” launched the sexual revolution and provides the “scientific” basis for it to this very day – was actually a sexually depraved human being who “rejoiced” at pedophiles’ conducting horrifying, Dr. Mengele-like sexual experiments on hundreds of children.

Why no mass outcry?

“But,” you say, “something still stinks here. If all this is really true, how come Kinsey hasn’t been more widely discredited? Why is Hollywood making a feature movie glorifying him?”

To be sure, after almost a quarter century of Reisman’s tireless whistleblowing research, her discoveries on Kinsey have been corroborated and augmented by others. In fact, in April 2004, with Reisman’s help as science adviser, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an organization of 2,400 state legislators, issued a “State Factor” report titled: “Restoring Legal Protections for Women and Children: A Historical Analysis of The States’ Criminal Codes.” The No. 1 focus of this in-depth report was the fraudulent “junk science” of Alfred Kinsey.

But when it comes to America’s culture, law, beliefs and attitudes regarding sex, Kinsey is still king – revered to this day by the vast majority of academics and “experts.” Why?

In his book “Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control,” Dr. E. Michael Jones sheds some light on why Reisman’s research – even that exposing mass sexual torture and experimentation on young children in the name of science – has met with such a tepid response. He writes:

On July 23, 1981, Reisman delivered a paper entitled, “The Scientist as a Contributing Agent to Child Sexual Abuse: A Preliminary Study,” in which she brought up for the first time in the 32 years since it had been published, the material on child sexuality in Tables 30-34 of the Kinsey Male volume and wondered how this data could have been obtained without involvement in criminal activity.

Before giving her report, Reisman had written to Male volume co-author Paul Gebhard to ask about the data in Tables 30-34. Gebhard wrote back saying that the data had been obtained from parents, school teachers, and some male homosexuals, including “some of Kinsey’s men” who had used “manual and oral techniques” to catalogue the number of orgasms they said they could stimulate in infants and children.

Virtually the entire sex industry/sex research establishment worldwide was in attendance at the meeting in Jerusalem, but the reaction to the talk was silence, stunned or sullen or otherwise, until a Swedish reporter wondered out loud why the assembled experts had nothing to say.

The silence was understandable. Just about everyone in attendance had cited Kinsey as their mentor, and some even knew about the criminal activity involved in Kinsey’s research. They all knew that Kinsey’s research was the basis of their “science,” which is to say, the legitimizing basis for everything they did. Kinsey was the foundation of that house of cards. If what he had done could be discredited, it threatened the sexual empire that had been built since his death and upon which they all depended for a livelihood.”

“Sexual empire” is right. Indeed, Reisman documents Kinsey as the inspiration and mentor for two men that carried forward the torch of sexual liberation: Hugh Hefner and Harry Hay.

In high school, Hefner had written an essay bemoaning the lack of explicit discussion of sex in 1950s “Ozzie and Harriet” America. A few years later, he read Kinsey’s “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” and praised it in his college newspaper. Fortified, liberated and turbo-charged by Kinsey’s newly discovered “scientific truth” about human sexuality, Hefner didn’t wait long before creating Playboy magazine, the clubs, and most of all, the “Playboy philosophy” that has so profoundly influenced the American psyche.

When Harry Hay, who was sexually molested as a 14-year-old boy, read Kinsey’s claim that 10 to 37 percent of men have had homosexual experiences, he left his wife and children and began the campaign to legitimize sodomy. He formed the Mattachine Society, urging that homosexuals be regarded as a 10 percent minority class. Hay was the father of the modern “gay rights” revolution that began in the 1960s.

To this day, Kinsey is still the gold standard in sex research. In fact, in the more than two decades since she first exposed the Kinsey fraud in 1981, Reisman notes that the comprehensive Westlaw electronic legal database has cited Kinsey positively around 650 times – “on issues from hate crimes and homosexual marriage to child custody and rape.” And the Social Science and Science Citation Indices, she adds, “reference Kinsey roughly 6,000 times over this same period. On the evidence, Kinsey is far and away the most influential sex scientist in the law. Fully 100 percent of the sex science citations in the original 1955 American Law Institute’s ‘Model Penal Code’ cite Kinsey’s bogus data on ‘normal sexuality’ – alive today in courts and legislatures.”

Changing America’s sex laws was exactly what Kinsey had intended, as biographer Jones revealed in 1997:

“He wanted to undermine traditional morality, to soften the rules of restraint. … Kinsey was a crypto-reformer who spent his every waking hour attempting to change the sexual mores and sex offender laws of the United States. …”

To sum it all up, today virtually everything having to do with sex – from attitudes toward extramarital sex and homosexuality, to the nation’s sex-education curricula, to the ways medicine, psychiatry, psychology, and even the criminal justice system define and deal with sex crimes – is rooted firmly in the ludicrously fraudulent “data” of Kinsey and his cult of criminally deviant sex “researchers.”

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David Kupelian is vice president and managing editor of and Whistleblower magazine.

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