Bad Ass Bozos on the Downtown, Hellfire Express Train.

Les Visible – Reflections in a Petri Dish May 5, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Michael Rivero had a photo of The Empire of the Damned politicos, monitoring the Zombie murder of the long dead Bin Laden (presumably now sleeping with the fishes), where these tone deaf, brain dead, walking heart attacks, were taking a glad-handing, serious bidness looking, poker up the ass photo op, sitting in front of turned off laptops, with a caption saying something like, “Perhaps they should have turned on their laptops first”. It sums up these Smegma Cum Laude, demon fluffers from life’s Fox News porn shoot; these ‘68’ junkies on the make for another machine gun spatter cum shot into darkness. What’s a 68? You blow me and I owe you one.

Joe Biden looks like he could use a blow job but he’s not the kind of man who would marry or be involved with a woman (or a man) who knows anything bout that kind of thing, or even which end of it he’s supposed to be on. Does it work the way things work for him politically? Man that sounds gay. Or does it work the way the people who work for him are pretending it happens? Joe Biden is the perfect Vice President for O’Bummer. One of them has shit for brains and one of them is shit out of luck. You make the call.

Hillary Clinton looks like she might know what a blowjob is, all she has to do is wax nostalgic and get into her voyeur bag; dream a little dream about Mossad agents bringing their knee pads to Washington. I don’t think she actually performs them. I know all about ‘the soul of a lawyer’ but as much as the act applies to the profession, they are probably the last plumber you want to call. It does recall the old joke about the lawyer who was paying the plumber for a house call and who says, “Geez man, I’m a lawyer and I don’t bill at these prices”. The plumber responds, “Yeah, I know, I used to be a lawyer”. You bite me now and I’ll claw you to death later.

O’Bummer looks like the human straw, shit siphon that we know and despise. His ass has been in hock for so long he doesn’t even know what it looks like anymore, or even what it’s like to have one, which is why it’s so easy for him to be one. The only hard decision you ever have to make about Biden and O’Bummer involves the torturous effort of having to determine if they are Hall of Fame assholes or just shit for brains incompetents. There’s one thing they’re not incompetent at and that is following orders from their Israeli paymasters, presently scoping one more colossal fuckup in an attack upon Iran. I hate to say that one of the things I look forward to as much as an interdimensional shift in consciousness, which would preclude feeling this way, is anticipating the country of Israel melting down to the hot, liquid center of the Earth. It’s a contradiction but it would be the equivalent of a long awaited bowel movement, juxtaposed with an orgasm to end the ages, juxtaposed with a hot shower, while coming on to some real MMDA.

Some of you believe in an interpenetrating divine presence that makes everything out of itself and is all of the actors and scenery, as well as the beginning, middle and end of existence and some of you don’t. That’s not a concern of mine, if it’s no concern of yours but… all of us believe in karma. No matter what we say, instinctively we know, ‘what goes around comes around’. We comprehend obvious karma and inexplicable karma, as in, “Yeah, I can see why that happened to me. I did the same thing to someone else more than once” or, “Why the Hell did that happen to me? It doesn’t make any sense”.

My point is… even though a good portion of the public has the status of being stupider than a serf from The Dark Ages and nearly as brutish, the movers and shakers; the ones we’ve mentioned here …and their counterparts around the planet are, ultimately, stupider and more brutish. Why are they stupider, since they are running the world, feathering their own nests and taking a dump in everyone else’s at the same time? It’s because of karma. I would not… and no sane person would, want to be one of these Bozos on the cosmic downtown train. The operative word is ‘down’. Why are they more brutish? Duh.

Sometimes I wonder why I like Putin so much. It could be just more of my Sai Baba, Jacque Fresco Syndrome but I do like him. That’s strange given the way he came up through the ranks but he’s done some pretty spectacular things and he is a heavyweight when it comes to oligarchs. What other world leader has had the sand and the stones to accomplish such a thing. I’d love to spend a week at his Black Sea dacha and study the cut of his jib.

Most of the rest of the world leaders, sell their ass for filthy lucre and the illusion of world-shaking influence; these pathetic power junkies, who have no power because they work for The Bank of Satan, Israel. I’m patiently awaiting the return of Jesus Christ, under another name, of course, with the hammer of Thor. I envision it as something like a nail studded baseball bat, though scalpel blades will do, if it’s a finesse mode scene in search of human remoulade.

Its karma, people and if you do comical, the image is of Lord Shiva as Porky Pig, saying “buh buh buh buh that’s all folks” and then comes The Tandava. Truly clueless is a mysterious state, scripturally it’s mirrored by the line, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his only soul”? Well, the soul would be the critical item but the mind, the heart and the ass get their portion too.

I feel like I spent considerable lifetimes getting to where I am, wherever that is and I’m not disappointed by the promise of it and hope I won’t be disappointed in myself but, apparently, these fools also spent considerable lifetimes getting to where they are and I have to ask, “What’s the point? Where’s the payoff”? Like I said, it’s mysterious. I can get, in it’s real form, everything these psychopaths think they possess at most any time, experientially speaking, even if only as metaphor and I don’t even want it. There is surely a wide, wide margin between different parts of us collectively. I can only liken the mindset of those under discussion here, to a fever or a state of possession. Nothing else makes sense. They’re all sitting around the campfire in The Treasure of Sierra Madre and they all think they’re Humphrey Bogart. The windstorm is coming. Reality…? I don’t need no stinking reality.

It’s the same thing top to bottom and the relative hallucination percentages are similar in every sense. You know that a good portion of people looking for a job at the TSA are into some strange sexual things and that’s their motivation for employment. The motto is something like, “To offend and serve… myself.” They’re all on that downtown Hellfire Train. Some are sitting in first class with the Pullman option and some are in the cheap seats but they’re all on the hot seat, with no liquid cooling to be had. It just gets hotter and hotter as they travel along, until the train morphs into a microwave, covered dish, Tandoori pot. No matter what happens, they can’t die and there are cannibals waiting outside the windows with garden shears.

What kind of Bozos are these? How does one measure the level of denial and ignorance? You cannot. It is as limitless as light in its own way. One is lighter, cooler, freer and airier and the other is denser, darker, hotter and more confining and they talk about free will? That’s the tragic irony of it all. Maybe there is no free will but I suspect there has to be. There has to be.

When you hear about horrible things and trust me, I suspect many of you have not heard about some of the truly horrible things that can afflict and come after one on this plane of existence. When you hear about the atrocities of the war torn Congo, Rwanda and the gamut of historical events, what you are hearing about are the varieties of experience reserved and given to those who acted like the Bozos in today’s Petri Dish. These lives repeat again and again. There is no reason not to feel compassionate about their state. It is what makes us different but… there is no injustice anywhere. Everything is exactly what it should be, which is why it is imperative for us to be exactly what we can be. Pain and suffering are the guides along the length of the great road of awakening and a wise soul will turn all their industry to giving an ear to the source of their torment and recognize the intransigence in us that makes us suffer and the following torment that informs us we are alive at the same time.

I’m learning not to hate these people. The more I understand what awaits them, the more truly sorry I am for them …but too often we are in a ‘pearls before swine’ modality in which the pearls aren’t even seen in the first place, much less a provocation for turning again and rending you. It doesn’t come up in their windshield and forget the rear view mirror. Yes, it would have been better if they had turned on their laptops. They might have learned something, if they knew where to look. All aboard!!!

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There is no Injustice


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