The Amazing, Rotating, Glow in the Dark, Bin Laden

Smoking Mirrors – May 4, 2011

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‘May your noses be hoses for the substance of truth, whether it be roses or shit, the smell of it is a wonderful thing’.

Is it funny or just pathetic? The comments string, complete with homemade misspellings, is largely written by one person. Then you go to the article on The Twisters. You note that Wrangler Corp. is making sure their employees have; food, water, gift cards and other critical supplies. Once I saw they were providing gift cards, I knew that they had to be following federal guidelines. The whole article is an amazing work of gifted stupidity, provided by a think tank composed of whoever wrote the comments string in the other article. We have officially entered False Flag Central. The tales on Bin Laden and the Pakistani neighborhood, the government details about the hit, are a little southwest of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

We are living in a cartoon without the laugh track. You can’t tell what’s funny any more because people have lost the ability to laugh in a timely fashion on their own, or to spot the places where it ‘might’ be appropriate. Objective reasoning and sequential logic tracking have slipped the rails on a gone dead train; “USA! USA! USA! It’s an anagram for ‘u stupid anachronisms’ or something like it. ‘Wrap me in the corporate flag, poison my land and imprison my family. I know you’ve got my best interests at heart. The Gospel of Wealth is my mantra for health. I can plan my future in the real estate section for Mars, drinking boilermakers and watching Dancing with the Stars’.

Lao Tzu said it, “a country is best when they barely know their leader exists, worse when they fear him and the very worst when they ridicule and laugh at him”. That’s not verbatim but the thought is the same; fear in the mountains and death on the plain.

Well, the monsters are up to something. They’re bombing the New Madrid Fault Line that Dublin Mick’s been Haarping on and they’ve got the new and improved dead guy as a rallying point for the in house Al Qaeda dirty bomb squad, courtesy of Mossad and the CIA, WHO WERE THE AUTHORS OF 9/11, 7/7 (help from MI6) and the Madrid Train Station; not to be confused with the New Madrid Fault line.

I may use some bad language today. Of course, whatever bad language I use will be no comparison for the efforts of a legion of trolls at all the mass media shit speak and comments section. It won’t be as filthy as the inside of Obama’s psychotic mind. It won’t be insidiously pornographic, like the astral bodies of your Israeli masters. It’s just going to be something along the lines of wondering what these motherfuckers are going to get up to next.

There used to be these old psychological tests, which are different from the psychological tortures that replaced them. One question was about a bear in a field under a tree. Did you try to make your way around the bear? Did you wait in the woods until the bear left? Or did you march forward and confront the bear? The bear can personify the libido or the sum of your fears; possibly the two are connected (grin) or the bear can represent evil. So there’s another possibility; you go back the way you came and wait for the bear to die of old age, because the bear actually symbolizes evil and as we know, evil eventually destroys itself, possibly once it has run out of everything else to destroy. Please pardon the sarcasm. I can only hope it is recognized as such, given the incipient trend around here sometimes, where the people who wrote those MSM comments come around in their free time to keep us on our toes.

I’m not going to let it get me down. The most heartbreaking sign of full on disaster ahead is the mind numbing stupidity of a significant portion of the public, which was unable, across the course of ten years, to suss out that Bin Laden had already been dead all that time. The New York Times, famous for “all the news that Israel wants printed” has been lowering the bar for awhile and has now gone into an unlearning curve that resembles the stock market graph for 1929. The public just dug a trench under the limbo bar of lowered expectations and is now tunneling its way to China in search of daylight. On the plus side, understanding Chinese has got to be easier than understanding government doublespeak.

How does it happen? How does it work? The whole government is lying and everyone reporting the news- distinguished journalists all –are lying. Businesses are lying. Corporations are lying. The courts and enforcement agencies are lying. Educators are lying. Religious leaders are lying. Lies should be and are currency. This is how the rich have gotten so much richer. The lies have gotten infinitesimally larger. They’ve worth more even though the money is worth less or nothing at all but all of that, like the stock market rests largely on belief and that explains how important the lies are.

I struggle to imagine how such a number of the public; tens of millions of people can have reached a level of Dumb and Dumber that definitely doesn’t need a laugh track. We know who’s laughing; who wrote the copy that gives them such a chuckle. What we need and don’t have is a tears track, some way to follow the tracks of our tears, given how people say you’re “the life of the party, cause you tell a joke or two”.

Today, I took the tea strainer out of the tea and set it on the sink. I went back down for another cup and found it had been replaced in the teapot, ruining the tea. Susanne was out of the house. How did it happen? Susanne parked the Touran in front of the house on a flat road. She went back outside and found the car had rolled 50 yards to a fence where it stopped 2 centimeters shy of it. She went to the bank and got distracted getting a couple of hundred Euro out of the bank and wandered off. Then, remembering, she runs back to the bank and finds that the Bancomat machine won’t work because it gagged on the returning money. The bank gave her the money but… things like this are commonplace now. I’ve had things happening that are the stuff of Twilight Zone.

I think I’ll digress a moment because; what am I going to say? You know, I’ve never seen an article about what happens to all the valuables sucked up by a tornado. I’ve never read a story about money raining out of the sky. I never read a single report about valuables washing up on someone’s front yard from Katrina or any related disaster. I heard about a boy that got sucked up into one of the tornados. He got back okay. I’ve heard of cats and dogs traveling hundreds of miles home. There appears to be some kind of vibrating veil that closes off all the things that we would expect to logically occur and which confines us behind a view screen of manufactured appearances that serve some agenda whose point and purpose are an eternal mystery. Depending on your karma, you can see through more gossamer samskara scarves, into the real world; mostly the scarves are opaque and one group of people can’t reasonably or logically talk to the other.

It seems that there are as many worlds as there are people and the look and feel of the common world contains only those elements that have been collectively agreed on but they don’t exist, anymore than the tales that circulate as road markers for what it is; whatever ‘it’ is, whatever ‘is’ is.

This transition thing is very real. My days are haunted by it and it has adjusted the fabric of my reality so that I am once again sitting on a Persian carpet and pouring paisleys out of a teapot, the way I used to do on a white light or window pane acid trip. I keep expecting one of the dogs to start talking just like you and me. Susanne hasn’t slept in days and doesn’t seem to need it. Her cheerfulness is a contagion of childlike delight. I am between worlds and as strange as it is, it doesn’t seem strange. What seems strange is the cosmic stupidity and pernicious opportunism of the Obama’s and whatever inhabits those host bodies. We are in a time of epic change and on one side it’s all confusion, fear and sorrow. On the other side it is the opposite. Which side are you on, as the song goes?

I can’t imagine what comes next but I think it’s really bad and really good simultaneously, depending on who you are. We have entered the time of myths and legends. There are no borders and the barriers are crumbling. The veil is dropping, dissolving and light is breaking through on one end as darkness pours in on another. Quo Vadis? Indeed.

So, if I’ve seemed strange a time or two lately, it’s because of all of this. I feel like a snake that has just shed its skin, with all of the attendant dangers, resident in the reactive mind. Stilling that side of myself seems to be job one. I apologize in advance for anything I may say or do today (grin). I just need a little more light, that’s all.

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I Need More Light


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