Vanunu Siezed!!

This morning at 09 am local time, a group of 30 armed security men stormed the Anglican church compound in Jerusalem and arrested Mordecai Vanunu, the nuclear whistleblower, who was released after 18 years of captivity just a few
months ago.

Bishop Riah told me that the Israeli security personnel disregarded sanctity of St George Cathedral, brandished their machineguns, scared the pilgrims and the clergy. The bishop demanded from them to respect the church and remove armed men, but they refused. Vanunu was taken to Petach-Tikwa for detention, the Bishop was told.

The arrest came when the attention is drawn to death of President Arafat; actually an Israeli member of Knesset Yuval Shteinitz demanded to re-arrest Vanunu who continued his demand for opening Israeli nuclear arsenal for international inspection. Vanunu gave a few interview recently, one of them is available on given to Johannes Wahlstrom, a Swedish journalist. He also gave interviews to British media, including a live one.

Please intervene immediately, contact the Anglican Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury, your governments and church leaders. This breach of sanctity of the Church comes two years after the siege of Bethlehem Nativity by Israeli troops. This is the time to express solidarity with Mordecai Vanunu, to demand his immediate release from captivity!

Courtesy Israel Adam Shamir