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E-Cat To Be Official Launch Name

Free Energy Blogpot – April 29, 2011

Yesterday during a question and answer session, Andrea Rossi confirmed to me that his cold fusion technology will be officially named the “E-Cat”.  

Up until this point we have known his technology by many names – such as the energy catalyzer, e-catalyzer, Rossi Catalyzer among others, so it was good to finally settle on something the world can agree on. I posed some other questions to Rossi to which he gave quite concise answers.

The single most important development in recent history, but it’s not worthy of mention.”

I asked him if he had “made any agreements / partnerships with official govt agencies eg: DoE to facilitate the rollout / distribution of your technology?” to which he replied NO.  It had been previously postulated that the agreement “of tremendous importance” he recently signed in the USA was a collaboration between his company US based (Leonardo Corp) and the Department Of Energy. Now we know this to be untrue.

Amazingly, (and we say deliberately) Rossi confirmed that he has not been asked for an interview by ANY of the major media networks.   It is blatantly obvious that there is an ongoing deliberate and orchestrated attempt to stop the public becoming aware of Rossi’s E-Cat, which when you set it against the backdrop of the recent Fukoshima nuclear disaster, makes the media silence all the more stark. The single most important development in recent history and in a time of crisis, but it’s not worthy of mention.

I also asked Rossi if he could give an indication of when the e-cat units would become available for purchase to those in industry who would benefit from the installation of this technology.  His answer was October / November this year.

I posed this particular question due to the volume of emails we are getting asking where and how you can buy an e-cat.  Many of the people interested have their own factories and communities that would benefit from going off-grid. At the moment it is still unclear how the e-cats will be sold and in which countries they will be available, although it is expected that Greece will be leading the field in free energy as we approach 2012.

PR Watch: “Media Ignores Energy Breakthrough”

Free Energy Blogspot – April 28, 2011

Free Energy Truth are not the only ones to notice how the stunning E-Cat energy breakthrough made by Andrea Rossi and his team is being deliberately ignored by the mainstream press. 

Ann Landman of The Centre for Media and Democracy’s site “PR Watch” has recently written a fantastic article exposing the seemingly deliberate silence. We congratulate Ann for her courage to speak up and tell it like it is in a world filled with corporate backroom deals and corporately controlled media. Our Fifth Estate ceased to be a check and balance a long time ago and now does not answer to the public, but serves it’s money masters.

The silence by the controlled mainstream press is particularly noticeable and also inexcusable given the dramatic loss of life and ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan which now dwarfs the Chernobyl Event in terms of seriousness.

“The mainstream media has all but bypassed a truly remarkable development that could potentially be the biggest breakthrough in energy production since the discovery of fire”. – Ann Landman

Ann sums the situation up perfectly here:

“The American media seems either unwilling or unable to grasp the significance of the Energy Catalyzer, or is omitting discussion of it for other reasons. The absence of news about the Energy Catalyzer, we could postulate, might be because it poses a threat to powerful American corporations that both control big media outlets and are vested in the energy production status quo. (Think General Electric, which both owns NBC and manufactures traditional nuclear fission reactors.) There would also appear to be motive enough to continue this news block as climate change pushes more policymakers to reconsider the more dangerous traditional nuclear power, and as corporations that benefit from recent huge price hikes in fossil fuels continue to rake in fabulous wealth with no end in sight.”

Read the full article here: 


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