Voice of the White House October 25, 2004

In recent past issues, we have carried comments from a very well-iniformed source inside the White House. Some of these remarks, most especially one about Bush’s physical and mental problems, drew an enormous number of viewers and hundreds of inquiries, most especially from foreign press entities. Our source was the first to expose, and we were the first to make public, the accusations that the President of the United States was a man that suffered from serious psychological problems. He also revealed ongoing plans to attack Iran. Since our initial publication of his postings, there has been increasing interest in the subject and herewith, we present additional input from inside the White House. If you have a weak stomach, do not read the following material. Not being able to either confirm of deny any of this information, we present it without comment or endorsement.

October 23, 2004: “The story now making the rounds in the White House is that your evil informant might not be a reporter after all. They have been conducting intensive investigations into every member of the media with regular access to the White House. They seem to be unable to locate anyone who has access to so many confidential sources. Terrified lesser staff members assure the questioners that they never, never talk to the press. They are forbidden to do so and this has been in place long before I cut loose. All staff members, from the highest to the lowest, have to sign terrifying promises to remain loyal to our beloved President and never, under threat of serious prosecution, discuss anything they may learn in the course of their employment. Well, if I am not a lowly reporter, who could I be? I looked at myself this morning after my shower and decided that I could not be George W. Bush. I have testicles and he does not. All good natured humor aside, who ever I am, believe that what I can lay my hands on is original. How long have I been sending articles to you? And how long have you been publishing? Believe me, if I was wrong, at least twenty “very reputable” media types (all in the White House pocket) would begin to attack you with a great fury. The fact that they have not would indicate either that they do not wish to bring undue attention to you or that I am simply a figment of someone’s fevered imagination.

Now on to other matters. The business of Cheney’s daughter is in bad taste. I have met her and she is an intelligent and decent young woman. Her sexual preferences, insofar as she does not drag children out of day care centers, is strictly her own business. On the other hand, I feel that if a very senior member of the White House was a secret gay with a long and sordid background in concealing it, this is something the voters ought know about. If you do not agree with me, you can delete this.

In my second-to-last communication I talked about a male ”escort service” [read gay brothel] operating in DC for the edification of the very senior Beltway people. I have, locked up in my office safe, copies of the credit card receipts with names, card numbers and signatures of: two Supreme Court and one Appellate Court judges {Have you heard about the two judges who tried each other?} eight Senators, five Congressmen, two former and one current White House aides, [the latter a very senior policy-maker] a number of very prominent DC lawyers, several senior members of the RNC, four general officers and one Admiral, three of whom are still on active duty [one in the Pentagon], five local newspapermen, eight ministers, high level employees of: State Department, Commerce Department, Justice Department, HEW Department, DC police department, NSA, DIA, and most especially, a number of pundits from Georgetown University and a nice collection of CIA people. The proprietor of this stud farm was one Todd Blodgett and there was a front-page story on one of his male whore establishments in the Washington Times. Blodgett was a Reagan White House aide, was fired from both the WH and later, the RNC, for aggressive homosexual behavior and then tossed out of the University Club in DC.

Information that has been kept very quiet at the highest levels would indicate that George W. Bush was heavily involved with gay groups while at Yale, had a significant affair with another man while at HBS, was a “very close friend” of a black drag queen and, according to three different inside sources, is no more a Pentecostal Christian than Saddam Hussein.

The sex material about our pure, God-intoxicated President, comes from one arrest report and several “counseling” reports now sequestered (by order of Karl Rove) at Yale (Bush’s records there have been sealed) There is the temptation to run with this but there at least has to be something factual here. The Republicans are trying to plant obvious lies on everyone in the hopes that others like the nutty Rather will take them up and make Bush look like a wonderful but persecuted man. According to one report, made long before Bush was Governor of Texas, he could not have any kind of sex with women unless at least half drunk and was a practicing advocate of physical abuse. He likes to beat people, according to this. But not be beaten in return. Some of this is not only difficult to believe but downright repulsive. “Caligula’ is not that far off the mark when applied to our sainted leader. You can see small traces of these accusations if you talk with Bush for any length of time. He has succumbed entirely to the outrageous flattery his staff smears him with and he now really believes that he is always right and that anyone who dares to contradict him is guilty of treason! Or sedition! I have actually heard him say that and, of course, his nodding and sucking staff goes right along with him. “Oh yes, Mr. President! How wonderfully clear, Mr. President! You are always right, Mr. President! Certainly, Mr. President; your enemies are enemies of America!” Bush cannot, or will not, read any current news, not even well-crafted intelligence reports, and refuses to listen to any kind of criticism and the White House has assumed the oppressive, hothouse atmosphere of a Byzantine imperial court at its worst.

Bush was always odd man out as a child and youth. He was constantly being compared with his successful father [and now he subconsciously hates GHWB] and he took refuge in drink, kinky sex and, to a lesser degree, drugs. His younger brother, Jeb, was the successful [and much more normal] one and George was always told “Jeb doesn’t act that way, George. Can’t you at least try to act like a normal human being and stop humiliating your family?” [such as pissing on White House carpets during the Reagan years] Bitterness, frustration and a strong sense of personal worthlessness are the building blocks of our President’s formative years. I have seen him when he is letting his mask down and believe me, he is a very bitter, petty and vindictive man. Now, as President, he is sucked up to by everyone around him and he has become a classic victim of flattery of the weak by the manipulative.

I have seen enough of him, and heard more than enough of him, to believe that George is not a Pentecostal Christian at all. I firmly believe that this is an act to get votes from what he and his really Christian Karl Rove, see as a powerful economic and voting bloc. And from what I have heard, Pat Robertson has become aware of this phoniness and is trying to distance himself from Bush to protect his reputation…and income.

Part of me can feel sorry for him but I do not want to see him, or anyone even remotely like him, in the White House ever again.

After that nice bit of pleasantry, let’s consider something far more serious as far as world peace is concerned. This concerns the US activities in the Caucasus. The Chechen rebel organization, led by Shamil Basayev, (long supplied with money and explosives by the CIA), that slaughtered 170 children and 130 adults in Beslan is about to be obliterated by Russian special military units. The Russian government has been demanding that leading members of this CIA-controlled group, Akhmad Zakayew, now hiding out in London and Ilyas Akhmadov now safe in the US, be turned over to Russia for planning and conducting the Beslan massacre. This will never happen, believe me. However, that having been said, someone has told the Russians where these two men are living and it would not come as an unwelcome surprise if aggressive burglars killed both of these child-killers and anyone else in their homes. Not that they wouldn’t deserve it.

The Russians should realize that through the request of the CIA, Ilyas Akhmadov was quietly given political asylum in the US and receives a Reagan-Fascell monthly paycheck, full medical insurance and office space, paid for by the US government, from which he engages in political propaganda for the Chechen rebels ( The Fascell Foundation is funded by Congress through the US State Department) ed

In short, the US government is trying its best to force Russia out of the Chechen area and to seize control over current and past Russian territories.

This is only a small part of the US government’s design to chase Russia out of the oil-rich Caspian Sea and Caucasus area, set up puppet governments obedient to US and British oil interests and cut Putin, whom they both view as a dangerous enemy, from the world’s oil markets

The Neocons and raging Likudists, the ultra-rightists who hate all Russians as former Communists and the greedy world oil cartels are out to neuter Putin whom they see as an impediment to their plans but they are also afraid that Russia might implement the Eurobloc plan to only accept euros, not dollars, for their oil. If this current and growing movement gains widespread acceptance in Europe (excluding England) and especially in the Arab countries, the dollar is finished as a world reserve currency. Although senior elements of the CIA are now feuding with the Bush White House and releasing more and more accusatory documents, reports on the Russian oil problems still continue to flow into the White House where they are read by a number of staff members but never by the President whom I personally know has no knowledge of them…by choice on his part.

The US is, in effect, sponsoring terrorists who slaughter a school full of little children, solely to implement their policy of controlling Russian oil and discrediting and hopefully forcing Putin to resign to be replaced with one of the usual pathetic broken down CIA front men. We have one of these in Georgia now and another in Iraq.

In essence, what the crazy Bush people have done, are doing and will continue to do is to divide not only the United States but the rest of the civilized world into two camps: Them and Us. I have read numerous intelligence reports that indicate a rapidly escalating and very determined animosity against the new Bush American Empire and where once there was nationalism and disunity, now there is a growing sense of common cause and that cause is to topple the United States from its self-proclaimed position as the New Rome.

The CIA has almost no agents “on the ground” anywhere in the world and the Rumsfeld new Super Intelligence Agency with Dirty Doug Feith is as completely useless as the pathetic Homeland Security farce. Fools say: “Oh, George Bush has kept America safe! There have been no new attacks here because he has shown the world’s terrorists that he is at the helm of our ship of state.” This is complete nonsense, believe me. The Arabs, or more aptly, the militant Muslims, have chosen not to launch any domestic attacks because no one [Muslim fundamentalists, Swiss bankers or just about anyone else of note.] wants the lunatic Bush and his gang of religious fascists in power and such an attack, before the election might accomplish this. The only entity that avidly applauds a continued Bush reign is the state of Israel and that’s because they see the U.S. as the monkey that is pulling their chestnuts out of the hot fire.

Everything I have personally seen on this subject indicates that if Bush gets reelected, the fun will really begin and there is absolutely nothing that the useless Ridge people can do to stop it. The attacks on the United States are considered by everyone involved to be twofold: Militant [i.e. explosives or BW of various kinds to include small atomic weapons or smallpox now being considered by them] and Economic which consists of interdicting oil shipments to the United States by various means. There is also, as I have indicated earlier, a strong global movement to dish the dollar as a universal medium of exchange and replace it with the euro. This has met with some resistance with many banking systems but it is being pointed out that a large percentage of their own dollar holdings are in worthless counterfeits [courtesy of the very clever Iranians] so that if and when this becomes public knowledge [it is already well-known in international banking circles] confidence in the dollar will immediately collapse and even America will have to pay for whatever small amounts of oil it can get in euros!

If the public was aware of the sometimes-glacial but very deadly progress of this economic war, they would worry like hell and stop listening to the blatantly phoney “terrorist alerts” that have been waved in front of them to deliberately panic them into continued support of what is, in essence, a badly failed and very deadly Bush policy.

In all of this, the role of the American media is sickening. Our ‘heroic, free press’ is completely controlled, not by ‘evil Jews’ but by corporations who completely integrate their policies with those of any Administration in power, Republican or Democrat. Editors, reporters and even publishers are well aware of the seriousness of the disastrous problems Bush has instigated but they will say, or do, nothing to “rock the corporate boat” while media executives buy homes in Costa Rica or the Upper Yukon. Just to be on the safe side. It might be instructive to learn where Rupert Murdoch of FOX News has a new home.”

October 23, 2004: “This is probably the most corrupt Administration on record. Unlike the Grant tenure where the widespread corruption did not touch the President himself, in the present instance, Bush is grabbing off all the siphoned-off campaign donations he can. In Iraq, and even in the US, the corruption in the prosecution of the war boggles the imagination. Everyone has to be especially careful not to go after Halliburton because Dick Cheney has such a big hand in that pie and asking pointed questions is not considered either prudent or safe.

Money allotted by the Pentagon for armored vests for the soldiers in Iraq was swiped by an Administration-friendly contractor, over billing is the order of the day in Iraq and the private contractors are absolutely the worst. They all have made hundreds of millions of dollars off of the American public since the war began in Iraq and it is so bad and so blatant that senior US military officials are getting really outraged. Of course, it is known that for, let’s say, an Air Force General in the field to file a complaint against an Administration-friendly [read a kickback cooperator] contracting firm is a certain guarantee of career inhibition. In one case, <>very<> outdated military small-arms ammunition was bought as surplus-to-be-destroyed by an enterprising firm in New Jersey for pennies and then resold as new to the military. Half the time, the rounds don’t fire and men get killed. Complaints never get out of Iraq on this one and threats of reassignment to the North Pole rumble around like summer thunder.

The Pentagon itself is not involved in this filthy thievery but there is very little they can do about it. Feith and Pearle, two of the worst congenital liars I have ever met, are certainly not getting poor over this war. Richard Pearle was so bad he had to get out of the spotlight lest the Democrats made a campaign issue out of him. Doug Feith spends most of his time faking up intelligence reports at the request of Rumsfeld to flummox the President and his band of ideological ninnies.

Cheney claims that he has no stock in Halliburton and therefore has nothing to gain from their massive, and very successful, swindles. True he has no stock. Also true is that Dick has huge <>stock purchase options<> and if Halliburton’s income and stock go up, he can buy stock cheaply and make a huge killing. It’s very well-known here that if Cheney doesn’t have another serious heart attack that Bethesda doctors say will certainly kill him, he will leave the White House as a multi-millionaire many times over.

George W. has been tapping the “soft money” till ever since he has been in the Oval Office and he is not the only one. Sometimes some of us more informed ones here in the Monkey Palace think the Iraqi war was just a convenient excuse, and cover, for wholesale lootings…”

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