Alert: Whistleblowers Are Disappearing…Again

Zen Gardner – Before Its News April 24, 2011

It’s been in the news a lot recently. It’s a pathetic statement of the state of affairs of today’s cryptocracy.

It seems whistleblowers are not only being discouraged, and demonized, but disappeared.

Actually, what’s new.

Forcibly removing any “dangerous opposition” has always been a fact of life in an evil, controlled world and extremely sad for the rest of us who witness this expected response. But despite today’s Orwellian dystopia the word is getting out, fast and furious.

It makes a difference every time any one of us blows the whistle on these controllers and their schemes. Truth will win out in the long run. And once you know it you gotta tell it, and live it.

That, or you’re in for some serious karma constipation. THEN you’ll have real problems. 

9/11 Witnesses Being Taken Out

This is outright upsetting. The brave folks who personally witnessed the true horrors of 9/11’s planted bombs and could have officially testified against the lies about the cover-up operations following that fateful day, AND had the guts to speak out against the monstrous lies the regime has since perpetrated…are being picked off one by one.

Take it for what you will. Doesn’t surprise me one bit. The 9/11 first responders who witnessed many “anomalies” regarding this event have now been targeted as potential terrorists, similar to ex-military who have witnessed first hand the atrocities being perpetrated by the aggressing controllers.

Then There’s the Gulf Oil Disaster

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