Ironies, Epiphanies and Satya Sai Baba

Les Visible – Visible Origami April 24, 2011

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Satya Sai Baba, the man who used to materialize a jade lingam out of his mouth on Easter, passed away on Easter. I don’t know if he continued with that in later years but it was certainly a feature earlier on. I never met him. There were people willing to take me to meet him and one recently, I should have gone but I didn’t. I was told I would be taken right to him because I am tall and from the west; whatever that means.

I liked Sai Baba and always thought well of him, despite things I heard, which I happen to understand what the underlying reality was, because I was not without confidants in regard of him. He once had to climb out of a window to escape assassins. He had an interesting life and that he was a man with powers that he used for good is beyond doubt. He healed people of all sorts of distress and he built hospitals and schools for the poor of India.

Claims have been made that Sai Baba was the Kalki avatar but he never made those claims himself. He said he was the reincarnation of another Sai Baba who had been around early in the last century. Sai Baba’s world was rocked by caustic allegations of child abuse. I tend to believe this version here.

Claims are made that Sai Baba was a trickster but, as has been seen in the legends and tales of all of the masters and actual deities, they all had some portion of that and I think trickster is less relevant than that he had a mastery of certain magics. Generally most of what we like to call bonafide holy men, shy away from this sort of thing but then you get all the miracles attributed to them too and how were those accomplished? Was it grace in every case or was it the result of the siddhis that all of them possess? I’m not concerned with these things. I’m not in the league with these other men and I’ve been accused of the same things; not the kiddie stuff but inexplicable happenings, sure. A lot of what I manage to do gets done under the Sub Rosa act of 1452 (grin). Yeah right, got look for it.

Everyone who is engaged in trying to help others, regardless of capacity or efficacy will find that the slanderer lurks and is usually, often, someone whose past behaviors throw a glaring and exposing light on their veracity. They don’t measure up to the ones they accuse. None of Sai Baba’s detractors did anything remotely as fine as he did and none of them drew hundreds of thousands of ecstatic chanting devotees, whenever it was allowed. The great Sri Prabhupada comes to mind. When you come across such a fellow, or occasionally a lady, for there are some of them too, you know you are in a presence.

It might be that not everything Sai Baba did was correct, according to formalized western understandings but formalized western understandings are now murdering the unknown and unnamed in more countries, including their own, than I care to itemize. Men like Barack Obama (rhymes with Osama), in a position to do more good that Sai Baba, simply due to their temporal reach, do little, if any good at all. They do significant harm; these Obama’s and Sarkozy’s, Blair’s and Bushes and all the rest. They are murdering thugs who could be everything brighter and more wonderful and they must, in any case, kill at the command of their Zionist masters.

A man little heard of in contemporary western media, loved by millions, passed on today and we are all poorer for it and more poor if we’d never known about him and the sincerely generous work he did. You can tell what someone is about by the legacy they leave. Money never got in the way of Sai Baba applying it to the greater good.

People less informed about the man than I am will have their moment to cast aspersions and parrot rumors, of which they have no informed connections to the provenance and intent of these things. Let them speak as they like, to their own diminishment. I will speak as I like too and say that I am much saddened that he didn’t linger longer that I might have had a chance to meet him. I believe it would have had a real impact on me. All the rest of them did.

I expect that I will have an email reach me shortly from my friend Roy in Cochin-Kerala. We’ll meet up at the solstice this year as we do every year and we will talk about Sai Baba. Many of the people there will talk about him because most of them are seekers and a seeker knows about Sai Baba as they do about others whose names are generally unknown. I live in a small micro-world that touches the worlds of others at a distance and seldom in a close space kind of a way. That’s just how it is. My world gets touched by others. My world touches others but they rarely overlap.

When someone like Sai Baba passes, a great light goes out of the world. It is to be hoped someone else gets promoted quickly, because we have so little light in these times. Most of the world may not think well of these men and women, consider them odd, freakish, off the beaten course, frauds and more. It’s easy to make vast generalizations at a distance and then check the football scores and head off on the hunt of whatever you have mistaken for love. Men and women like this give people hope where they had none before, bring light and meaning into their lives and I am pretty sad right now that I didn’t take the opportunity to meet Sai Baba when he was here. That’s my fault. I guess I thought he’d be around for the Kumbhamela but maybe not.

I had a chance to go and see Lennon at The Dakota and Muhammad Ali in LA and others of that stature along with Somerset Maugham and T.S. Eliot, all heroes of mine and I never did because I always reasoned they had enough people pestering them and it didn’t make the people offering to take me very happy with me either but I figured I did the right thing those times, except perhaps with Ali but with Sai Baba I feel like he wouldn’t have minded being pestered. He would have welcomed me and made me feel at home. I really believe this. Now he’s gone. Let that be a lesson to you. Don’t wait till someone is gone before you regret having missed the opportunity. Don’t fail to tell those you love how much you love them because one day it will be too late.

If you have a beef with someone and you can make it right, do it while you can. Don’t let it go too long, on into another life. Take the left hand side of the bargain if you can; whatever it takes. Do the right thing. It might cost you but you will not regret it in the long run though you might question your sanity in the short run (grin). Sometimes there isn’t anything you can do. Giving in can be a mistake in those cases because it just supports someone’s belief that they can do whatever they want and then lie about it. It’s a delicate balance.

Sai Baba was one of the great teachers to come around. It was less about his teaching than his presence, which seemed to be all that was needed. How fine is that? I’ve seen videos of him and I like him but that’s just me. You can see a lot more if you want to. There’s plenty of video including people exposing his tricks. I tend to believe that if all he was, was a trickster then how do you reconcile the highly intelligent people I know who would have none of that; who had personal experiences enough to make up their own mind and how do you reconcile all the good he did, all the tens of thousands and more that he helped, whose lives he changed, who gave them lives they would not have had?

So… I want to take this time to say good things about him. I want to be on that side of the argument. If I’m wrong, so be it. When I compare him to everyone else, he comes out smelling like a rose. He did a lot of good work; let’s just leave it at that. A great soul passed on today, wish him well in his continuing work because he hasn’t gone anywhere except out of the range of mortal eyes.

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