Are US and Israel Preparing to Strike Iran?

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Regarding “Insider says US & Israel ready to attack Iran Nuclear sites.” Scary indeed. But the situation is actually much worse than that.

Since what the article doesn’t mention, is that Iran is also hosting Russian-manned Sunburn missile sets. Nuclear-armed, supersonic stealthy cruise missiles, targeted on Israel. Iran doesn’t need to ‘develop’ nuclear weapons, because it already has sufficient, courtesy of Russia’s close relationship with Iran. This is why the US and Israel have been in such hysterics about Iran lately. It is also why the White House has been taking so long to work up to the strike on Iran they have been itching to make for a long time now. Must be hard to convince yourself that you have located every single camoflaged mobile missile launcher, and all their defensive support sites.

The big problem for the USA, is how to destroy all the Sunburn (and other Iranian missile sites) in one quick strike, before the Iranians can launch any of their nuclear missiles – at Israel, and US forces in the Middle East. Its the old cold war ‘first strike’/MAD scenario again, only on a somewhat smaller scale. Initially. And this time there really are madmen in power, both in the USA and Israel.

There were reports late September, of a US war games simulation which “… predicted unfavorable consequences of a U.S. pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. …. The war-games were unsuccessful at preventing the conflict from escalating.” See War-games find Iran strike unfavorable

By ‘nuclear facilities’ I read ‘Sunburn missile launchers’. I see in the article below that the planned US attack plan admits missile sites are at the top of their target priorities. Still not admitting they are nuclear missiles, of course.

I read “unfavorable consequences”, and “escalating” as meaning that Israel would cop some nukes, plus the nuke-tossing would go global as the Russians honoured their defense agreements with Iran.

If the White House and Pentagon are serious about trying this on, they must now think they can achieve total and almost instant destruction of the entire Iranian (and Russian, in Iran) missile capability, and its chain of command. Also Iranian capability to strike back at US carrier groups in the Gulf, using Yakhont/Brahmos anti-ship missiles which Iran also possesses.

Which is a lunatic assumption. But then Bush, Sharon and the neocons clearly are lunatics.

They have been building up to this one for a while; see: U.S. to transfer high-tech arsenal to Israel. Strike against Iranian reactors is feared.

What the consequences of all this will be, I fear to consider. Though it’s certain that when the Iranians get wind of this plan (as they have, now its on the net) they will be a different set of consequences from what the White House imagined.

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