Is the Ocean Sinking?

Zen Gardner – Before Its News April 20, 2011

 Here’s something you may not hear every day….as the story goes…. 

And for good reason. It totally contradicts the global warming scam. 

Hundreds of new islands have been discovered around the world.

The Earth has 657 more barrier islands than previously thought, according to a new global survey by researchers from Duke University and Meredith College in Raleigh, N.C. 

The researchers identified a total of 2,149 barrier islands worldwide using satellite images, topographical maps and navigational charts. The new total is significantly higher than the 1,492 islands identified in a 2001 survey conducted without the aid of publicly available satellite imagery.

Not only that, but the moving plates we hear about so much may not be ‘subduction zones’, but separation zones. 

Separating seafloor guides magma up to mid-ocean ridges such as the East Pacific Rise, where the molten rock erupts, fans out along the ocean  floor and cools to form new crust. Cooling allows sound waves and electrical currents to travel faster. But scientists thought this cooling – and the resulting changes in the rock – would be gradual.  Source 

“About two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is oceanic crust – and it is all formed at ridges,” Forsyth said. “So this work helps us better understand the basic processes of how this crust is formed.” 

Hmmm. Volcanic additions. You mean we’re still expanding? That’s new… 

Something to think about. Never believe the “party line”…investigate for yourself. It makes a difference…bigtime. 


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