The Governor of Oklahoma Frank Keating has a brother, Martin Keating, who also happens to be a writer. Four years BEFORE the Oklahoma City bombing actually occurred he submitted a manuscript for publication. The manuscript, now published as “The Final Jihad,” tells the story of a group of terrorists based in Oklahoma City who decide to bomb a federal building there. However in the book the bombing never occurs because the terrorists are stopped by a highway patrolman for a broken tail light; in much the same way that Timothy McVeigh was stopped for speeding whilst leaving Oklahoma City.

Stranger still is book’s blurb which claims that: “Martin Keating is a master storyteller with unique access to government intelligence agencies and clandestine terrorist groups. His brother Frank Keating, currently governor of Oklahoma, is a former FBI agent and assistant secretary of the Treasury who supervised the Secret Service, U.S. Customs, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Keating’s uncle, Barney Martin was a career intelligence officer who headed the U.S. Navy’s worldwide foreign intelligence collection operations and counterintelligence activities.

Introduced to the intelligence community through generations of family involvement, Martin Keating knows intimate details of what the rest of us can only imagine.” But get this: the villain of Keating’s tale is not called Tim McVeigh but . . . Tom McVey.