Man Contracts Foot and Mouth

July 2001

Bobby Brewis was found to have the first confirmed case of human Foot and Mouth disease nearly 35 years ago. Dr. Rex Arnstrong was the first to examine the weals and sores on the agricultural machinery salesman in 1966. Dr. Armstrong’s son, Dr. Angus Armstrong, told BBC Online that his father “was the only person who had seen it at that stage, it was only one case and by the time the blood tests came back, it was better. It was a very mild disease, there, transient and gone in a few days…” Source:

As Dr. Armstrong’s son points out Foot and Mouth Disease is “a very mild disease …transient and gone in a few days.” The same holds true for animal livestock as well as humans. In addition further information has come to light from a source within the EU’s commission on agriculture. According to them the ultimate goal is to eradicate livestock production from the UK entirely and replace it with arable production only, with other areas of the EU being devoted to specific types of agricultural production.