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Visible Origami – April 15, 2011

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There’s something that goes through my mind a lot and I don’t think I have to be Maynard Keynes, John Stuart Mill or Milton Freidman to understand it. Certain things have happened in the United States that caused serious problems for the general population and for most of the countries they interacted with and it was all about Wall Street being able to run roughshod over all legal and moral strictures, with the assistance of the veiled operations of the bloodsucking Federal Reserve. You look at the names of the players from both of these Crime Syndicates and you’re almost surprised when you find a gentile name. If this is not true, I want the dissenter to give me a list that proves otherwise. We’re talking only top tier here and only the US, though the same is true no doubt, in The Crown Colonies.

I don’t like having to point the finger at the same suited hoodlums all the time but… since they are behind most of the troubles in the word, where else should I point? This is less about these predatory pirates than it is about how the system works and what happens when the system is compromised. The Petri Dish is a kind of wide net, Profiles in Evil so this is a good place for this because it’s all pretty horrifically evil. The same way that so many things are made out of petroleum and rely on it from manufacture to transport, in the same way, the manipulation of money and equity touches every life except the lives of those perverting the system. It touches them too but in a profit making way.

Years ago I looked at the situation in the Middle East. This is probably before I ever got in front of a computer and I saw what Israel was doing to the Palestinians; killing them, stealing their land and ritually torturing them whenever the libido demanded it. I used to say to people that the solution was simple and I would get endless arguments about how complex it was. I said it wasn’t complex. All that was required was for Israel to give the Palestinians their land and create a border. Then I would get loads of brainwashed, “What ifs”, to which I would reply, “I don’t do hypothetical”. Hypothetical is the last refuge of the uninformed.

It’s the same thing with economies. A successful economy is a simple thing and I dare anyone to prove otherwise. You know what makes it complex? Lawyers working for people who want to steal more than what is fair permits. Whenever lawyers are included, it nearly always involves someone looking to steal or defraud someone else, unless someone is reacting to it happening to them with lawyers. I know there are patent attorneys and estate attorneys and various attorneys who work along the line of hammering out contracts but all of that is based on protecting the client from theft and related matters. Theft is vin ordinaire of this kind of system when it decays and even well before that.

There is one key reality that guarantees a successful economy and that is a prosperous middle class; including good social services, a nation wide safety net, it works marvels and I’ve seen it at work in Europe. I’ve seen it really working. Here I am referring to retirement, medical and related common concerns. It’s much less expensive to make sure that the poor have somewhere to live and food to eat than it is to make it a police matter, and a corporate handout to the private prison industry, by denying them (as they do in the US) and it militates toward quality of life for all.

The thing is, once the rich and rapacious have stolen everything they can get their hands on, with the assistance of their busy lawyers, they look to change the laws, so that they can steal what everyone else has as well. They lobby to get oversight and protective laws removed and then, who’s to stop them?

Just like in The Great Depression, which was orchestrated by the same people who are doing the same thing now, the present depression was also orchestrated so that people’s homes and property could be stolen. The manufacturing base went offshore so that the cost of raw materials and unions could be eliminated or radically reduced. These middle class, blue collar workers were redundant, considering the profit margin for the predatory rich, once they could head off to Sweat Shop Heaven and Hide and Seek Tax Haven Heaven. Then it became too much of an expense for them even to pay their taxes so the middle class had to do that too. There’s not that much of a middle class in the US any more and therefore it is doomed. It is only a matter of time. The predatory rich don’t care. They’re planning to strip the carcass and move to Brazil.

Young, dumb and full of cum soldiers swear dubious oaths to something that doesn’t exist and go off to die in wars for profit. Hypocritical politicians salute the flag and then sell the country out from under the inhabitants. When you consider how feckless and stupid the inhabitants are, it’s almost like they deserve it. They don’t seem to care what the rich get to eat as long as they get their seat at the table in the common man’s tent. What they don’t tumble to is that the rich are eating them; they might as well butcher and barbeque them. How much difference would there be?

The single most treasonous and unpatriotic act any person or organization can engage in is to make war on the middle class. That IS the country. You know a country is in its death throes, when this is permitted through the agency of those elected and appointed to protect them. This is a capital crime. Let’s put it in perspective. Let’s see it as it is. It’s not just funny math and creative book-keeping, its murder and treason. These are the very scum who parade around on the holidays and mouth sanctimonious platitudes about patriotism and sacrifice. Animal Farm was on the money in more ways than one; certainly a ‘character driven plot’, if I’ve ever seen one.

These are not just criminals; these bankers and brokers, politicians and judiciary whores, CEO’s, lawyers and lobbyists are guilty of treason. They have collectively destroyed the country and sold it into slavery as a hedge against rebellion. Millions of people lived and worked and died for two centuries for nothing. The people who do talk about these things are ignored or slandered. The people who spin the lies that support the policies of treason are respected pundits, laden with gravitas and… lathered with lard. What a load of shit. What a cheap song and dance of another word for something truly ugly.

The Middle Class IS the country. Everything is supposed to be geared toward making prosperity for them a given, dependent on personal industry and an intelligent understanding of savings and investment. You’ll hear the vampire clowns say, “Well that’s what we do”! Sure buddy. Morality is the province of the middle class. A nation’s awareness of what that actually is should be based on the tastes and preferences of the middle class.

I’m not trying to imply that the middle class is some enlightened force of wisdom and good. What I know is that when they are generally pleased, most everyone else is too, except the predatory rich. As for the morality clause, they’re the ones who make the most importance out of it. The poor are confused about what that means and are forced to cut corners concerning it and the predatory rich don’t possess any, so give what applies where it resides. I’m mentioning this because laws come out of this and the laws should serve the interest of the middle class first. I recognize that this is not the way for me to go about getting the drugs that I prefer, over the unpleasant crap the pharmaceutical companies make, made legal and acceptable. But as far as I’m concerned, the middle class shouldn’t take drugs anyway. They’re not bright enough to appreciate them. They’re the kind of people who smoke pot and think getting the munchies is what it’s all about. They might as well just drink themselves to death.

I’m not a fan of the middle class because their bourgeois and pedestrian tastes are not my cup of tea but I recognize their importance to society; you don’t have one without them and I recognize the truth of reincarnation and understand that eventually you evolve out of the middle class but hopefully not into the company of the predatory rich.

The predatory rich, the banks and the politicians, along with a collective of bought and sold judges and media mouthpieces killed your country. They raped and killed it and the country watched it on TV. They buggered their children and ruined their future and they still think the enemy lives in a cave in the Hindu Kush.

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By the way, I have nothing against the rich except specifically the predatory rich. Rich comes to everyone dependent on karma. You want to be rich? Keep working and don’t be stupid. You’ll get rich. I’m going to be rich shortly, at least according to my standards so… heck, you know what I mean. I’ve met a few truly wonderful and philanthropic rich people. People are people, except when they’re not.


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