The Voice of the White House October 4, 2004

In previous issues, we carried comments from a reporter assigned to the White House press corps. Some of these remarks, most especially one about Bush’s physical and mental problems, drew an enormous number of viewers and hundreds of inquiries, most especially from foreign press entities. The reporter advised us by email that there was rampant fury in the White House and security was becoming very tight. As a result of this, he decided to lay low for a few weeks and see how the wind was blowing. Yesterday, he sent us the following material which we are now posting. Some of it is outrageous in the extreme but to date, no one has proven him wrong.

September 30, 2004: “Like most of the people connected with the White House, I watched the first debate. I know from the inside that Bush was heavily prepared by his staff but they cannot overcome his chronic inability to react to any hostile questions. Kerry is a polished speaker and Bush is not. He may come across in Iowa as a forceful and brave leader but to me, and I do not like him at all, he came across as a very petulant man who had become used to having his way and goes into a snit when he is crossed. Also, it’s known around the Monkey Palace that Bush carries a small prompter, cunningly disguised as a hearing aid, so at press conferences his handlers, comfortably behind the scenes, can whisper answers to him.

Sometime, for technical reasons, their answers are garbled and that is one of the reasons he says so many unintelligible things…he didn’t understand his handler’s instructions. However, considering how much gets leaked from around here, one source told me that the Kerry people were aware of this secret prompter and electronically blocked it, causing Bush to shake his head because all he was getting was static as his frantic aides tried to slip answers to him. If this is true, Bush and Rove are being paid back in their own coin! (Redacted) told me and (redacted) that when the debate was over, Bush had to be medicated, he was so angry. He was shaking so badly he spilled the contents of a cup of coffee. It’s a given that I don’t like Bush. He is not all there most of the time and simply cannot think quickly or effectively and, in truth, I can feel sorry for him. He knows what to say but it is impossible for him to say it! He struggles to find what he knows is a good answer but the words will not come out. I understand that when he was drinking, he could be entertaining and quick but now that he is off the sauce (and rumors that Bush is boozing it up again are false. He is medicated but I am positive he does not drink) he has a real problem with responses. Anyone who saw Fahrenheit 911 and watched his reaction to the news of the WTC attack will recognize this.

On a personal level, I certainly have the capacity to sympathize with Bush but his stubbornness, inability to admit error coupled with his piss-poor reaction times do not make him an effective leader, especially in such dangerous times. He is incapable of cutting our losses and getting out of a totally unproductive Iranian venture. His gross hubris and inability to admit error precludes this. The draft issue is continuing to boil up but no one here wants to get within ten feet of it. Will there be a draft? everyone asks. All of the machinery is right in place but Bush can’t have this unless there is a serious national emergency. It would be the kiss of death for Congress to push this through, especially in an election year. One of Bush’s top aide’s secretaries said that Bush is praying “real heard” for another Pearl Harbor so he “can take real control over the destiny of America” and achieve Manifest Destiny, something that McKinley tried over a hundred years ago and failed to accomplish. In an age of global cooperation, Bush is dragging us back into the McGuffy Reader Era of Isolationism and Jingoism. And we will all pay for it. Through a front, Bush bought a tica or coffee plantation in Costa Rica where he can retire and not worry about being shot at. Around here, everyone is really scared that the Arabs will blow up the White House with them in it. If they tried, there would be damned little to stop them. Our intelligence agencies and law enforcement groups are as useless as tits on a boar pig and spend most of their time grabbing for more power and dissing their rivals to worry about the rest of us. And we will pay for that, too…

October 2nd, 2004…orders have gone out from here to the Pentagon mandating the use of “swift and maximum force” to at least get back one of the centers of resistance from the militant Iraqis. This means, according to my source, that “we bomb the living shit out of them and occupy the rubble.” The problem is that many civilians will die and their infrastructure will be even more interdicted and destroyed. Bush has to do something to try to convince the growing doubts in American voters that he actually knows what he is doing. Which he does not. The military are afraid that if they fail, before the election, Bush will blame them for the failure when they know that a really significant victory there is completely impossible. Oh well, what are a few hundred dead Iraqi children and hundreds of homes flattened if it means the Bush will be back in power for another four disastrous years? Cheers!”

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