Foot and Mouth and Biodiversity

The Ultimate Game Plan

“The US Department of Agriculture in Greenport, New York, carried out a series of tests that were reported on September 7, 1982. These confirmed that in a solution of 1:10 grapefruit seed extract “Citricidal” was completely effective within 2 minutes against the pathogens of the dreaded Foot-and-Mouth disease (MKS virus), as well as the African Swine Fever(ASF virus). The pathogens of Swine Vesicular (Erysipeloid) can be eliminated even with a dilution of 1:100 within 2 minutes. Since grapefruit seed extract is a natural product and doesn’t leave any undesirable deposits in tissue, its use is not subject to any limiting regulations, as is the case antibiotics or any other medications. Negative effects such as a reduction of meat quality have not been observed.”
The United States Department of Agriculture, Greenport, New York, USA. Citricidal Effective Against Three Animal Viruses:Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), African Swine Fever (ASF), Swine Vesicular Disease (SVD)”. Client: Dr. Jacob Harich, Lakeport, CA, USA. Completion: September 7, 1982. From: The Healing Power of Grapefruit Seed.

So Foot and Mouth is not quite the scourge it’s been made out to be, there is a vaccine against it and as the quote above shows there is also a cheap, natural and effective way of treating the disease. As we’ve already pointed out in the short to medium term the first beneficiaries from Foot and Mouth will be the trans-national Agri-busness combines. In the medium to long term though FMD has implications that are more serious and far more sinister.

One of the central parts of the Illuminati agenda is an overall reduction in human population, largely by disease and war. Both of which they also happen to profit from, via their interests in arms manufacture, drug companies and pharmaceuticals.

According to some observers their final goal is a total reduction of the world’s population to around 1 billion; with the Illuminata ruling what would essentially be a global slave state, with their privileged positions of rule protected and imposed by their own security forces.

Meanwhile vast swathes of land would be returned to pristine wilderness; the sort of lands where the medieval aristocracy once held sway in hunting lodges, whilst their vassals laboured and rule was brutally enforced by the aristocrats armed minions.

It may sound a little far fetched but according to some observers we are heading for exactly such a scenario and this is being done in the name of quite noble ideals: wild life preservation, conservation and environmentalism. In themselves all quite laudable but which are now being used to further the plans of a global ruling elite. A good example of this is the proposed United Nations Biodiversity project; a plan in which areas of wilderness would be set up, areas that ordinary people would be denied entry to.

Below is a map setting out where the areas of wilderness in the UK might be under the UN proposals.

Source: with thanks to Cutting Edge Ministries.

Below is an official map of the distribution of Foot and Mouth cases across Britain, note the intriguing similarity’s between the two maps. In itself it may be no more than coincidence but in view of all the ‘spin’ that has been played out regarding the FMD outbreak we think that it’s worth bearing in mind.

“The loss of sheep from the hillsides as a result of foot-and-mouth epidemic may be good for the rural environment,” says Morgan Parry, head of the Worldwide Fund for the Future (WFF) in Wales. Speaking from his home in Wales, he told reporters: “The sheer numbers on many hills reduced the landscape and wildlife values dramatically. Many formerly common birds…are near to extinction in Wales… The cost of keeping the sheep is equal to, or greater than, their sale value. If sheep were to be removed tomorrow, the loss to the economy would be insignificant.” The Herald, April 19,2001, Rural Viewpoints Section.