The Avatar is within You

Visible Origami – April 12, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

“In Hindu lore, Bhairava, a door guardian, is a fearsome canine deity. One of the forms assumed by the god Siva, he is often portrayed either as a huge black dog, or as a human riding a black dog. Terrifying to behold, Bhairava has many arms, three eyes, long matted hair, and sometimes has a serpent entwined around his body, with a collar of skulls around his neck. Food sellers plying their ware outside Indian temples dedicated to Siva sell tiny dogs carved out of sugar, which can then be presented as an offering to Bhairava. In northern India, a canine deity was formerly worshipped by certain Dravidians. So too were dogs in Nepalese villages, during a special festival called Khicha Puja, in which a garland of flowers was deferentially placed around the neck of every dog in each village.”

Today is the birthday of Lord Rama who came into incarnation to dispense with a powerful demon called Ravana. I’ve heard it said that he was around in the fifth millennium B.C. and I’ve heard he arrived in Treta Yuga. Unless the yugas are shorter than I’ve heard, there’s something off about the timeline. There are so many legends about this avatar that you might as well read about them here, if you have the interest, because there’s no space here for that kind of thing.

Here is a short blurb about the coming avatar, which Swami Jyoti also calls a prophet; “WHEN THE PROPHETS COME, they trigger or accelerate karmas. Then whatever is inside a person will expose, either good or bad. That which was previously suppressed or hidden is exposed. In Krishna’s days, He brought out both the virtuous and the evil, exposing people as they had never been known before. Krishna knew each soul already and so will Kalki. The Prophets create situations—time, place and opportunity—which bring forth both the angelic as well as the devilish.” I consider this significant and it dovetails with what I’ve been saying about the high exposure of the evil ones among us in their words and acts at this time. The rest of what the Swami has to say can be found here.

Second guessing the divine is a human industry that exists for the purpose of proving us wrong. If we knew how little we knew and how much of that was also wrong, we probably couldn’t function at all. We manage to function, according to the confidence of the ego, with the assistance of the mind and we have whatever degree of confidence we have, to orchestrate the height from which we are destined to fall. Confidence in the personal self is a recipe for disaster. It may not look like it and it may not come at any given time. Sometimes it takes several lives for a person to scale some puny mountain of individual achievement, or gain a particular degree of power but… it all eventuates in an Icarus situation, more or less, sooner or later, when the force of individual pride and arrogance meets the cosmic resolver.

Some say the avatar has been and gone. Some say it was Osho and others have their pet enthusiasms. That is an event unlikely to be overlooked by anyone present, during the occurrence. I seriously doubt that the avatar has been and gone, or that he was any of these other people. In consideration of the avatar, you have to keep in mind that what you hear is almost certainly metaphor and allegory. Saying that Kalki comes on a horse, means there is a conveyance associated with him. Saying he comes with a sword means that he comes with force. It also implies divine discrimination, which is imperative when separating the wheat from the chaff.

My feeling is that the avatar is here but not yet profoundly visible, except to a few. The state of conditions is dire, direr than most people might suspect. Keep in mind what was said above, which I will repeat because of its importance; they trigger or accelerate karmas. Then whatever is inside a person will expose, either good or bad. That which was previously suppressed or hidden is exposed. This all melds very tightly with the features of The Apocalypse, which gets mentioned around these blogs, often (grin) and to the same end.

An important feature of the avatar, which you can read about in the extended text about Lord Rama, is that he can appear to and in many people at the same time. I believe that Lord Krishna was being referenced in the example. There are no limits on the power of the divine; none whatsoever. There are limits upon your imagination but, as far as what can be accomplished by The One, upon appearance or from some point of seeming distance; there are no limits whatsoever, period. That’s something to convince yourself of and to keep in mind. The reason being that the power of planetary Maya is extremely great at this time; nothing at all by comparison with the divine but powerful, none the less. Of course, this power of Maya is made possible by The One, increased and decreased at will for the purpose of testing the metal of those exposed.

The avatar has advance agents, just like any president or world, religious figurehead, who show up ahead of time and take care of certain groundwork. The avatar has publicists and other flacks (grin), not to mention the most powerful army in the universe, all made out of himself. The stories and projections, concerning those things the avatar has come to accomplish are general and sketchy. One of the things not mentioned is that he will restore the feminine principle to her rightful station as co-equal. She’s always there in the better times but she’s the first thing to get dominated, manipulated and abused in worsening times. If any man understood what the consequences of the abuse of the feminine principle were, he would shake in his arrogant boots. Something I like to say, when the opportunity provides itself, like now, is that you had better be very careful about the way you treat women because your entry into this world, is always facilitated by one and there are some harsh gateways to be sure.

The truth is that diminishing and perverting the divine feminine doesn’t actually lessen its power. It simply makes that power an antagonist to your best interests. Nothing else on Earth can see your propensities and weak points like she can and as a protector you could want for no one better. She is a true Hell Bitch for those who trouble her acknowledged children and THE power itself, insofar as we experience it here. You can call that ‘shakti’. The potencies and powers of the feminine principle are measureless and there are any numbers of things you can ONLY get from her, without which you are in a canoe up Shit River, without a paddle.

Of course, we are talking only about projections here, because words are projections of thought and thought is a projection of something else and that is a projection too. We can’t transfer essence in this medium but we can indicate it. Some things can only become real through experience and experience can only be had through persistence and fearlessness. Otherwise you’re going to exit right off of the highway with a case of the trembles. That’s why having a true guru is of incalculable importance and that is a matter of karma and occasionally grace, which, for all I know, is also a matter of karma too.

The point I want to make is that present or not, the avatar is still present, certainly to those who have put themselves in the way or have been put in the way of that power. There is no difference between the divine and the avatar. The avatar is just a form taken by the divine for the purpose of demonstration. We get lost and submerged in material consciousness and… if this is not confronted and adjusted by the divine; we are toast, individually and collectively. Many of us may be toast anyway but there’s still something resurrectable, depending on the mercy and determination of the ineffable and your efforts in respect of it.

Act as if the avatar were already present and present within you. Greet the world as a manifestation of the will of the avatar for the purposes of the avatar. Look at every situation and condition as an expression of something the avatar has constructed for your edification. Go about your day as if the avatar accompanies you wherever you go and ask that all of the shortcomings and personal hindrances to the presence of the avatar be removed. When you eat, bless your food with assurance that it is the very being of the divine entering into you, which builds the presence into your being and also expels everything that is retardant, inimical or resistant to the presence. Look at your life as an expression of your relationship with the avatar, with all other possibilities of thought and perspective way off in the distance.

It’s all about imaging. You have to live it as if it were real, whether you believe it or not; doing it will make it so. You are the sum total of everything you have been and done that has brought you to this point. You can go anywhere from here and that is dependent on the degree of your intensity and commitment to whatever that goal is. As far as I’m concerned there is only one goal but we each have to sort that out for ourselves. Worst case scenario; pray that the avatar personally destroys you (grin). That’s actually a blessing,

Happy Birthday Lord Rama!

End Transmission…….

Hare Krishna


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