Soundtrack for a Petri Dish

Reflections in a Petri Dish – April 11, 2011

One of the readers was kind enough to post the link to this piece of cultural brilliance at my Zio-book page yesterday and I know how culture starved the reader is, here in these grim ass-end moments of the Fall of Empire, so I thought I’d use it as a sort of keynote icon for the totality of all we receive from the coffers of the gifted and inspired, who rightfully keep us from among their ranks, because otherwise, there goes the neighborhood.

You’ll note that this trenchant and masterful work of neo-Renaissance poetry and music has nearly a hundred million hits on Youtube and who can say that is undeserved? Who can doubt that The Aquarian Age is at last in bloom? Not only are the lyrics and music woven together like Damon and Pythias, but the presentation by one of the coming vocal impresarios of our time, wants to cause the soul to leap from the body and throw itself in front of a Peterbilt, ghost lorry on some level of the astral plane. The soul must die in the face of such awesome artistry. That is the destiny of all life, when faced with penultimate expressions of what is possible for us, when celestial powers channel through the human form.

It’s things like this that grant me true humility and the recognition that my own efforts and those of the other poseurs, presently operating here, are like dust in the face of eternal sunlight. It is so much easier now, to let go of my own pretensions and embrace the essence of what the world actually seeks and gains true satisfaction from. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before Pavarotti rises from the dead to offer his own, mean effort in respect of this stunning statement of deathless beauty and enduring hope. We are all of us, peasants in squalor before the wonder of this work.

This seems to be the new trend with hip hop producers finding Wonder Bread non talent because that’s where the money is; witness Justin Bieber, the animated wax works. I want to say something here about the nature of evil; you can call it ‘milking the de-evolutionary trend’, if you prefer, because one is a force and the other is a process of it. The point is to retard your progress to a higher understanding by the undertow drag of a reverse pull. They do it with entertainment, most media, diet and whatever lazy forms they come up with for your daily workout; power walking in the mall comes to mind. I don’t know if they call it that; doesn’t matter.

This is the nature of evil in our times and it all has to do with attention and what it’s given to. Haven’t you heard that this is the information age? So, you control the information and you’ve got the consciousness; a sort of ‘grab the gonads and the mind will follow’. Youth worship has always been a factor but genuinely stupid youth worship has made amazing strides. What this does is put youth into a lockstep toward confinement, in simple newspeak, double-speak prisons of contradictory terms that appear perfectly rational given constant repetition.

What they do is shoehorn the unformed consciousness of pre pubescent youth into molds of actuated desire, which kills the higher instincts and promotes, simultaneously, license and guilt. They’re formulated into bite sized treats of scrumptious possibility and this works on the adult mind, to create even more guilt and myriad workings out of entrapment scenarios that contain no bite sized treats. This feeds the private prison industry, along with the use and sale of euphoric substances that put the usual pharmaceuticals to shame. In the meantime they make the world such a dreary place that escape becomes an imperative.

As I’ve said many times, the reason that alcohol is legal and socially approved, is because it panders to the lowest passions in the human estate. It also feeds the violent side of the psyche, while promoting incredible amounts of guilt that shackle the human soul in a morass of despair. You might think this is all about soulless corporations and the dark side of the controlling mechanism but this is as old as time and it’s been engineered and operated in cultures long forgotten since. There is a war on for the possession of the most enduring of human treasures. That’s all it is about.

When it gets to the point it is at now, here, or at any other time, the cosmos steps in because the general population of genus humanus, is off to the races in the worst of all possible wrong directions and everything then; culture, Nature and every other attendant force or condition you can think of, goes out of balance. Balance is the absolute concern of the cosmos. Balance includes both the good and the evil, often masquerading as each other, but a point comes where dark industries begins to predominate over and swallow the light and that means trouble, big trouble is coming, in order to restore that balance. Just like it says on that bus kiosk map, “You are here”.

The reality of this is as plain as day to the impartial or objective viewer. It’s even becoming evident to the subjective consciousness. We’ve only been playing patty-cake up to this point. The hammer is going to come down big time shortly. I can see that song playing out of street reinforced hummers in some kind of Escape from New York scenario; oh yeah, they don’t make hummers anymore. Well that means they’ll be making another version soon enough.

Silver is about to kick J.P. Morgan’s ass. J.P. Morgan, as you probably know, is a Rothschild front bank. All kinds of interesting acts and operations are going on behind the curtain at the moment and the most self assured and arrogant minds among us are plotting the future, from out of the wreckage of the moment. If only everything else would cooperate, surely they could get it together and stage a new revival of The Gospel of Wealth. What is coming though, is more accurately titled, The Gospel of Pain and Loss.

Oh well… no signs of a massive transformation in the general consciousness yet. Glenn Beck’s been axed from his Fox show but that was from a Little Georgie Sorrows move. The audience at Fox, for their demagogic lineup, is steadily dropping and that’s got to mean something. Are people waking up? A reduction in the audience at Fox Industries would surely be a sign.

Like you, I go through my days with an eye on my own thoughts, words and deeds and an eye on the big picture show. Passover is coming and that most definitely means that Israel is feeling particularly bloody at the moment. Whenever a religious holiday comes up, they get in gear to kill a lot of people. You see, it’s a religious experience for them. That’s why it happens on their religious holidays, because they can get into the things that take them to their most transcendent states. The killing of women and children is not the result of accidental or even callous disregard for life. You can say it’s not hard to hit someone in the most populous place on Earth; made that way by the relentless theft of their former living spaces. You can say that collateral damage is inevitable, when you squeeze human beings into an ever shrinking ghetto but the fact is that they enjoy killing women and children. They do it for pleasure and they do it for sport and they have proven this many times.

Well, all sorts of things are coming up now and every day brings us closer to them; acts of bestial insanity against whoever, wherever, acts by Nature in a Jack in the Box sort of a way, acts in finance that manifest unendurable pressures upon the majority or the planet, acts of immeasurable hypocrisy and boundless cruelty are inevitable given the state of the world at the hands of the shapers, who are only shaping for so long as they are allowed to and that clock is ticking.

I’m wishing all of you good fortune in riding this out; this amusement park ride called Push to Shove. Inevitably, pressed beyond endurance, major forces activate the globe over and then we’ll see what’s what and what is not. Well, we won’t actually see what is not anymore because it will be gone.

End Transmission…….

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