The King of Hell and ‘points in Hell’ for the Damned.

Smoking Mirrors – April 10, 2011

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I’ve been hearing about this for a couple of days. It’s more than passing strange that there’s no mention of it in the internationally controlled Zio-Ogre media. If it’s there I haven’t seen it. I guess there’s always a chance I overlooked it at all of the sites. Since another AshkeNazi, false history holiday is coming up, it stands to reason that Israel will launch another Palestinian bloodbath and hope someone else interferes too, because they get points in Hell for body count and ‘points in Hell’, when you are headed there directly, are of great importance. Of course, whoever the King of Hell may be, he’s not going to honor anything, because that’s what Hell is all about but… for those on the blind-believing other end, it’s what they think at the time that counts, in terms of actions taken.

Another day, another delay; meaning we trudge forward, while going backward and looking for all the things predicted to get into full swing. The fallout from Japan is on time release, so that’s further up the road; the vertigo-challenged dollar keeps teetering on the edge, war and revolution are contagiously spreading to more and more new points and revisiting older points like Egypt, the coming flotilla is gearing up but it’s likely another vicious and murderous act of genocide from Israel will happen first. Goldstone has greeenlighted the thing and he’ll be able to repent at his leisure later on. My thinking is that if your old friends don’t want you because of your inconvenient association with the truth, even when you threw mud at both sides of the conflict, where only one side deserved any, then you need new friends. If you insist on keeping company with people who think lies are the bread of life, then there’s something wrong with you and you needed to show it to the world and Goldstone… you have.

At the moment Israel is taking batting practice. This means killing children and anyone who gets into the way, while you test out your new armaments for the coming slaughter. It’s Cast Lead 2, coming to a disinfo center near you soon. This is the thing I’m waiting on, the day the opinion of the whole world shifts and sees Israel for what it is; Murder Incorporated. I don’t know how much time Israel has and since they are already exercising their Samson option at places like Fukushima and everywhere in the world that they can kill, maim, defame and do away with, well, the clock is ticking and the noose is tightening and the truth is revealing and the fools keep grandstanding to an increasingly doubting and suspicious world. Even potatoes can wake up if Lady Nature intends it.

In certain Christian literature they talk about a state called ‘quickening’. This has parallels in all religions because all religions are just variations on a single theme, where the external churches are mass control oriented, hypocritical business operations and the internal realities are timeless verities. Anyway, quickening has to do with ‘realization’. Suddenly the lights go on inside your head and you can see things as they are, not according to the dream dust that is routinely sprinkled- and mainlined- like the chem.-trail planes provide, as their own portion of the war upon humanity.

Last Spring I came into contact with what I can only refer to as ‘bad aliens’. Some of them operated forms of conveyance and some of them were more organic in nature and resembled what you might call ‘mind parasites’, ‘space mold’ and assorted malefics who slipped into planetary nature and seek to enter the minds of living things. These have a lot to do with the lockstep march of much of humanity and explain the lack of awareness to this point. Now I don’t know if what I was going through was real… a future projection or one of those dimensional fugue states that I get into, where it might mean something or it might have been playing out only in that dimension and not relevant to this one. All I know is that it looked pretty real and explains a lot of things that were confusing me before.

When you look at the behavior of world leaders and where they are leading, it becomes evident that they are not operating according to their own best interests, long term. They are busy looking for an entranceway into a vast and bleak desert from which there is no escape. It doesn’t make sense in any terms we are usually familiar with. I recognize that the Zio-virus is responsible for a lot of it, through the power of massive currency thefts and control of economies but… it still doesn’t add up. It doesn’t add up for the Israelis. They’re going to encounter global pest control, sooner or later and sooner seems to be on the table. The table is being set as I write these words.

It could be, as I have often said, that this is because it’s all scripted by the cosmos and we are approaching universal laundry day. The predator factors are not allowed to see the reality of their situation in order for them to arrive at their Gehenna; an object lesson, as I never tire of saying. One thing it isn’t is the result of random circumstances that result in what resembles portents and prophecies, too closely to be accidental. We’ve also got the histories, partial histories and occult histories of civilizations past that all went the same route. It’s obviously cyclic, redundant and predictable. You might not get the dates right but the process is routine.

I think there has to be something to the theory of alien intrusion and inter-dimensional influence because nothing else explains what I see, at least on my terms. Of course, it’s all scripted but there may be any number of other players who aren’t getting the press they deserve, who have a lot to do with present events. It’s hard to understand why certain powerful forces of self interest, would be so industriously employed in their own destruction, while they are busy at destroying everyone else.

I’ve seen alien ships and I have definitely seen inter-dimensional craft, so I know they exist. What I don’t know is who is who and what is what with them. The amount of things I don’t know is incalculable and I’m okay with that. The few things I do know seem valuable enough to me that the extent of my ignorance is not troubling. Anyway, that’s what ‘quickening’ is all about. The awakening feature of The Apocalypse is radiating a vibrational pulse that is acting on the awareness of those so prepared for it. It’s operating according to every faith, dimension and state of mind. It’s intensifying by the day and in some cases it’s having a pronounced, positive effect on the recipients and in other cases, it’s making people go crazy, because their denial is not strong enough to counteract it. If you insist that something is true when it isn’t and the truth has decided to make itself known to you, you aren’t going to be very successful in evading or dismissing it. You’re going to lose that one.

I wish I knew more and I’m glad I don’t. It keeps me focused on the simple acts and intentions I’ve come to recognize as useful and life affirming. I figure when I’m supposed to know more and do more, that’s going to take care of itself, through the feature of quickening. It’s an automatic result of heading in that direction, just as withdrawal and death await the junkie and discovery attends the efforts of explorers. Explorers often discover things they wish they hadn’t but that seems like some kind of personal issue (grin).

Today is another Sunday that begins another week. That is what they say but… in my mind, Monday has always started the week, so I might be a day late but I’m not a day early, which doesn’t sound so good when you think about it. I’d say we’re further down the road than we think we are and you never know when the next, like clockwork, Israeli bloodbath is going to be the one that manifests the chain reaction that’s also on the ‘sooner or later’ list. Obviously, a lot of forces are keying on these psychopaths and, being psychopaths, they’re going to continue to do whatever they please and then leave the media summation to their lie machines. They’re even putting together their own Al Jazzera so that those who want to have vicious lies spun for them will have somewhere to go. What happened to all the outlets they presently employ? I see, they want a localized version that might retard the expected reaction by all the people they haven’t gotten around to murdering yet.

We’re still in that holding pattern, looking for good news but realizing that’s mostly in limbo, until the people making all the bad news have been rendered impotent and hopefully inert. Radiate the love, people and hold on to what is true, so that the inferno of lies do not confine or consume you.

End Transmission…….

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